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Old 1 Week Ago (6:48 AM).
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I know there are some great games out there, but some don't need a remake or a sequal. What games you think though that should? What about games that shouldn't have gotten a remake or sequal?
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    I think Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon deserves remakes or a port for pc one day, i had so much fun with them these days, i understand they aren't so great compared to the other titles of the franchise, but if they get a pc port one day, i will be pretty happy to be honest, and also they would fix so many flaws that made the games pretty unplayable or unlikeable.

    Besides that, there's no other game that needs a remake or a sequel that comes into my mind.
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    I want the long-promised The World Ends With You sequel even though I'm worried about how they'd implement it and don't want it at all if it's done wrong.

    Basically, Shibuya is done and perfect. A sequel should pick a new city and continue the life/death cycle's worldbuilding. New city, new characters, new reapers, new everything, but same overall world. I would accept very minor references to the original game, but I think it would be a disservice to the game if a sequel tried to emulate it too closely.
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      A sequel for Bully. Have been waiting:

      4376 days
      625 weeks
      143 months
      105024 hours
      6301440 minutes
      378086400 seconds

      I still enjoy every game by Rockstar, so it doesn't actually bother me that much when Bully is rumored but doesn't get announced.
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      I'd think quite a bit of people including myself would love a Crash Team Racing remake.

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      No, I'm not counting Xenoblade. I mean an actual Xenosaga continuation. Shame that has slim chance of ever happening.
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        I used to play multiplayer video game. I don't find any of the game that needs any remake.
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        I hope pokemon diamond and pearl are re-made. I duno if i'll get to own the re-makes, but I have friends who like sinnoh a lot and re-makes of the games would make them very happy :)
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          Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time.

          I can understand why they'd skip to Bowser's Inside Story instead and I am hyped for it, but there's been some interest in PiT lately thanks to ChuggaaConroy's fun playthrough of it last year.

          The game made effective use of the dual screens, but could do with more interaction with the bottom screen, like many mainstream DS games.

          I reckon it will come next just before the 3DS era comes to a definitive conclusion if it happens in 2021 at the latest.
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            Originally Posted by colours View Post

            No, I'm not counting Xenoblade. I mean an actual Xenosaga continuation. Shame that has slim chance of ever happening.
            For someone who never has played any of the Xenosaga games, and has an interest in the series I concur---mostly to make these games more accessible.

            As for my thoughts, I have already posted them here.
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              I really want Pokemon DP to get remakes
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                Pokémon Platinum I believe would be a great remake mainly because of Giratina and the Distortion World would look even more trippy with Switch/3DS graphics.
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                  I would love a sequel to Alan Wake, a very neat psychological thriller
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                    A remake of Etrian Odyssey III

                    It's so good and unfortunately it didn't get the Untold version that it deserved, it's the only one that doesn't have a version on the 3DS and probably won't ever get one. That being said it's the most solid EO game on the NDS so it's still good.
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