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Your first RP

Started by Ice June 5th, 2015 8:44 AM
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It died, even before I had made my first post. So sad...


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Like many other RPers, my first RP was PTA. It was a lot more active and still enormous and I loved that setting. I sort of drifted away from it after a while though, after I joined a few other RPs.
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My first RP was Pokemon Survival Challenge (not my second attempt, the first one) which is also the first RP I GM'd. I think it did alright all things considered, it did die much sooner than I'd have liked but it was a good experience and I had fun with the interactions I was part of.

I make much better RPs now thankfully though haha


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Posted July 18th, 2019
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My first rp was/is Gunpowder. It's still going, and I still nag Fox all the time about it so apparently I like it I or something. I don't know if I'd be interested in something similar though. It's one of those things that's like, a quota or something. You can only do so many western RPs, only so many zombie apocalypse RPs, only so many pokemon RPs and only so many giant fighting robot RPs before it just gets eh.


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My first RP was one on an entirely different site (The now dead PokeBattleCenter) called Tales of Unova. It was practically the only RP on the forum. And we were small. Very small. I think there was about 5 of us. But it was great. We had a Skype chat which we talked on daily while writing our posts, and all became very solid friends for quite a while. It lasted around 2 years, but died when one of PokeBattleCenter's admins deleted the entire site.

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Posted September 6th, 2018
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The first experience I can remember with the corner was in 2008, with Pokemon: Team Rocket Returns. That should take you the the OOC Thread ... I was playing Joey Dee, the nerd with the Chikorita.

If you'd like to peruse through my first official IC Posts: [ First Chapter ] [ Second Chapter ]

That was definitely my first time actually roleplaying ... although, that wasn't the first time I signed up for one. I did some research, and apparently, I signed up for The Warriors/Wizards Academy back in 2006 with this lovely SU: [ Flake, the "Blazeing Inferno" ] Sadly, the RP had died long before I came.

Well, technically, my first roleplays were back when the Art forum was more than just a graveyard for sprite comics. Back in the years surrounding 2005, PokeCommunity was a cultural hub for them. We had a type of comic called PokeCommunity Comics, which as you might be able to guess were comics that members other than the creator could submit personas that would join and participate in the plot. Most often these characters would exist on the website itself ... like, everything took place on the top banner. It's weird to explain, now that I think of it.

Although, I hesitate to dub these actual roleplays, since you didn't have a say on what your character did or said. But the roleplay section here was only really just budding into the thing it is today, so it was more popular to head over the sprite comics section (wait ... yes, I do believe they had their own section at one point since there was so many of them) and submit your characters there.

If you want a horrific example, here was mine: Click here, silly. Although most of the image links are broken now, it still gives you a pretty good impression of how one presented itself and how you joined. I'm a little lost of find the one that spanned over hundreds of comics that I was able to join, and the more I look for it the more I feel like I'm drinking arsenic as I view my ten-year-old-self's hideous misuse of the English language. So, I'll keep you guys posted if I find it, if any of you ... care? I mean, if not, at least you just got a free PC history lesson! :D

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I'm not sure what my first RP was. It might have been A New Professor in Town, a trainer RP that was set in Hoenn at the time. In 2010. I played some girl running away from home iirc.


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Posted August 11th, 2016
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For me, it was back in about 2004 or 2005. It was a Mobile Suit Gundam RP called Mobile Suit Gundam: The One Year War(real original, I know) on an invisionfree forum. It was a small RP that was advertised on the Mecha and Anime HQ forum. Never RPed before then, was only14, and had the same terrible typing habit all teens had during AIM's heyday of typing like a moron.

I will say that constantly pushing myself to break the leet-speak actually helped in writing for high school because the more legible you are, the more your fellow RPers can react with your character. Another cool side effect to RPing that I found was that the more characters I had control of (at one point I had three main characters, control of six faction specific characters, and was the one in charge of entire fleets of mook giant robots and battle cruisers) the easier writing essays became since one post would be about a page long...especially during battles.
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I used to roleplay on this site years ago on a different name, and my first roleplay was the original Pokemon Odyssey. It was a blast getting into this kind of roleplaying, I've always loved writing. But yeah, I look back at that and think, "Wow, I was actually terrible at this. I wrote like that?" I hope I have improved at least somewhat.

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Posted April 2nd, 2019
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I think that Legendary Rebels was my first RP here on the site, and boy would I rejoin it now if it would have a reboot. It's in the Hall of Fame! I may have posted once or twice before time constraints and other commitments made me withdraw.

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I can't remember the name of my first RP, but it didn't last very long. It was called Tainted Water or something. I really like the concept of, but it just never made it out of the first week or two.

It was the return of Team Rocket with Silver leading it or something. Suicune had disappeared and all wild pokemon had because extremely aggressive toward humans and other pokemon. Team Rocket had tainted the water and captured Suicune.

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Posted March 1st, 2018
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I recall the first RP I ever joined was one back in an incarnation of Super Skarmory Forums. I don't remember the name of the RP, but I do recall that it was a medieval fantasy style one that involved stones of various powers.
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I think it was Experiments. It was about a group of teens who were taken and experimented on to receive superhuman abilities, and called them 'Experiments'. They were then placed on an island, where they quickly got the upper hand and had to be put down, so they made another set of teens called the 'Materials' to fight them. I joined as a Material, had no idea what I was doing because I've never roleplayed before, and have been having a blast ever since.

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Posted June 26th, 2016
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My first rp was years ago when I was 11? I had to wait a total of 10 ten days and accumulate a minimum of 13 posts to get access to the rp board. It was all very exciting. When I was finally allowed access I jumped in on the first RP I could. It had a total of three people, including myself, and lasted about 30 odd pages. It was so bad, I can't help but giggle when I think back. There were one liners with a pinch instant love plots and splash world ending twists... ah good times ;)

There was only one way up from there, though I don't think I've gone too far from my roots ;)

(my replacement while a new sig is made :P )

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Posted August 31st, 2018
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I don't remember what my first RP was. (I think it was an email chain actually back in 2011? Something like that.) It wasn't a big deal, and although I remember what it was about- Greek mythology- I didn't really care much to remember the timeframe.

I think I first RP'd and was aware of it here on PC if not on some chatroom with a few friends [they happened concurrently] back in 2012. My first was Pokemon: Revolution or something? I played a guy who was fighting against Team Plasma, haha. Looking back on it I'm proud of starting off with semi-decent writing and description, but I think I've come quite a bit from there. [Found the OOC:]

Also, if you look closely, the SU contradicts itself. Thank you, dramatic writing.
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Years and years and years ago, I joined an RP called Dragon Knights. It's gone now, with the site it was on. It was about a resistance movement and I played a child who'd lost his body in a horrible experiment and he was a sort of electronic spiritform that could take over machines... Rotom! But years before Rotom was a thing. He 'died' stopping a bomb timer just as it was about to go off, allowing his friends to escape the building. I miss that RP. I miss that site...

I don't think I've ever roleplayed on PC.


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I don't think I've ever roleplayed on PC.
It's okay, that's easy to fix ;)
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