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Game Over! Battle for Gotham - Game Over!

Started by Bidoof FTW November 4th, 2015 11:28 PM
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Bidoof FTW

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Posted October 16th, 2019
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B A T T L E - F O R - G O T H A M

Gotham had suddenly become quiet.

Criminals seemingly had crawled back into the shadows of the city, and the police finally found time to spend with their families and straighten out paperwork. But after facing death time and time again from the likes of anarchist psychopaths and serial killers, one would be forgiven if this new silence had induced a pervading sense of paranoia that this was only the calm before the storm.

The storm arrived in Pauli's Diner at exactly 8:13 pm, when a customer interrupted Officer Owens at his booth to report another patron for violating the no-smoking policy. As Owens politely asked the man sitting in the back corner to finish his cigarette outside, an explosion of chemical gas flooded the establishment. When the haze had dissipated only a handful of people remained alive, some uncontrollably manic while others bore gaping wounds where they had clawed out their organs.

At 9:30 pm, the villain known as Scarecrow publicly claimed the event was an experiment of his latest toxin. He emphasized that the victims had only been subject to five ounces, and demanded that the city be evacuated else its whole population be subject to the poison.

Gotham grew noiseless once more as midnight approached. The Rogues Gallery had succeeded in its plan, unaware that a special group of police still remained in the city. As they plotted their sights to the eastern cities of the United States, a familiar hero surfaced.

And thus, the BATTLE FOR GOTHAM began.

R O G U E S ' - G A L L E R Y

- The Joker, the smiling archenemy.

His abilities are secret.

- Harley Quinn, his lovely assistant.

Her abilities are secret.

- The Penguin, the umbrella dealer.

Once per night may [GIVE AWAY] an umbrella. Not even the Penguin will know what it does!

- Harvey Dent, the schizoid criminal mastermind.

Whenever targeted, he will [FLIP A COIN] to decide the fate of that player. After all, the only morality in a cruel world is chance.

- Scarecrow, helping you feel your phobias.

Once per night, he may [POISON] a player, causing them to act strangely during the day phase. Any player that visits Scarecrow will also be affected. Your darkest fears will surface under Scarecrow's will.

- The Arkham Knight, the mysterious soldier

As a hired mercenary, he chooses a player to [GUARD] each night - if anyone attempts to kill that person, there's a chance the assailant will be killed instead. However, there's also a chance the Arkham Knight will "AWAKEN." What chaos will ensue then?

- Hush, the philosopher's student

Chooses a player to [HUSH] each night. That player cannot speak or vote in the following Day Phase. Evil will draw men together, even in silence.

- Bane, the venom addict.

Bane will choose to either [INJECT] or [REJECT] venom on n0, and will receive a role depending on his choice. He will be able to reverse his choice every three nights.

- Killer Croc, the mutant criminal.

His scale-like skin acts as a one-time VEST, which will protect him from all forms of death once per game. He also has SECRET ability.

- Poison Ivy, the eco-terrorist.

Can choose a player to [PROTECT] every night by surrounding them with a wall of plants. She is also immune to any poisons or curses.

- Mr. Freeze, the heartbroken cryogenicist.

Can [FREEZE] a player every night, blocking their Night Action. Sometimes the player will be frozen for longer than one night.

- Catwoman, the femme fatale kleptomaniac.

Each night she will go out and [STEAL] items from various companies and museums. She will receive the items during the following night and may choose to give it away for keep it for herself.

- Anarky, the dethroner of kings.

His abilities are secret.

- Firefly, the jetpacking pyromaniac.

His abilities are secret.

D E F E N D E R S - O F - G O T H A M

- Batman, the hero Gotham desperately needs right now.

Will [ARREST] a player every night. Batman also has a SECRET ability.

- Commissioner Gordon, the Chief of the Gotham City Police Department.

Can [INVESTIGATE] someone each night, learning the role and alignment of that player.

- Nightwing, the Hero of Blüdhaven.

Each night he can [DESIGNATE] someone with a keyword that will kill them if spoken. Loyal to Batman, he'll also [KILL] anyone who attempts to convert him.

- Robin, the aggressive sidekick.

Each night, Robin will [BEAT UP] one player, preventing them from using their Night Action.

- Alfred Pennyworth, the infallible butler.

Every two nights, Alfred can [Recruit] one player to the Defenders.

- Ragman, the wearer of the cloak.

He can [REUSE] the night action of one dead Rogue each night. He will have a limited number of times to use each role.

- Lucius Fox, the Midas Touch.

His abilities are secret.

O T H E R - P A R T I E S

- Batdoof, the hero Gotham needs right now, but not the one it deserves

Batdoof's abilities are secret.

- Rozuraider, Batdoof's apprentice.

Rozuraider's abilities are secret.

- Riddler, the obsessive trickster.

His abilities are secret.


- Ra's al Ghul, a god amongst men.

Will [KILL] a player every odd night.

- Talia al Ghul, his loyal daughter.

Will [RECRUIT] a player into the League every even night.

- Assassin, a recruit of The League of Assassins


- R.H. Orchard, head of the Court of Owls.

Will [KILL] a player every even night.

- Uriah Boone, the refined talon.

Will [RECRUIT] a player into the Court every odd night.

- Talon, a recruit of the Court of Owls.

There is an unspecified number of secret roles with secret abilities and alignments.

R U L E S - A N D - R E G U L A T I O N S

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the city of Gotham.

[tier=t3]Golgari[/tier] and [tier=t1]Collector Elwood[/tier] will be serving as your Game Masters, playing as The Wayne Parents. For those of you who haven't played Mafia before, the basic idea is that the players will be split into two teams: the Uninformed Majority (usually called the innocents) and the Informed Minority (usually called the mafia.) This game takes quite the paradoxical look on these groups, as the Uninformed Majority will be known as The Rogues Gallery and the Informed Minority are the Defenders of Gotham. There are some third-party roles that have their own win conditions as well.

Games are split into two distinct phases: During the Night Phase, this thread is to be considered "locked" and you shouldn't post here. The mafia members will talk privately to determine a person to kill during the night, and some players will use their special ability - called a Night Action - that either helps or possibly hinders their team. All Night Actions should be private messaged to [tier=t3]Golgari[/tier].

After a period of time the thread will "open" and the Day Phase will commence. Players debate who to execute, in hopes that they take out someone on the Mafia team. This isn't as easy as you might think however, as the mafia will be among the crowd convincing you to kill other innocents.

If you're still confused, you should check out the Newbie Snail's Guide and some of our completed games. You may also PM either Game Master with any queries.

  1. All Pokecommunity and Underground rules apply
  2. ONE vote per day phase, you will not be allowed to change your vote after the first.
  3. Please use EXECUTE [PlayerName] to confirm your vote
  4. Abstaining during the Day Phase is not allowed
  5. Missing two executions will result in your immediate execution
  6. For executions, if there would be a tie, RNG will break the tie.
  7. Unless you are a Defender of Gotham, a member of the Court of Owls, or a member of the League of Assassins, you are not allowed to PM anyone but the GM
  8. If you are a member of one of the aforementioned groups, you will only be allowed to discuss the game with your fellow group members in the appropriate Skype chat which will be supervised and created by Collector Elwood and Golgari
  9. All Battle for Gotham discussion should be kept here
  10. If you are DEAD, you are DEAD. Don't haunt the thread with your posts
  11. However, if someone dies, or gets lynched, they get to give ONE deadpost, that doesn't give any information about the game
  12. Getting caught posting during the night phase will automatically kill you
  13. Night actions should be sent to the appropriate GM by PM

P L A Y E R S - L I S T

[tier=t3]Golgari[/tier] as Mr. Wayne
[tier=t1]Collector Elwood[/tier] as Mrs. Wayne
Klippard of the Golden Sky as ???
[tier=t3]Davepetasprite^2[/tier] as ???
[tier=t3]Juno[/tier] as ???
[tier=t3]Rozureido[/tier] as ???
aeternum as ???
[tier=t3]White Mage[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]KetsuekiR[/tier] as ???
[tier=t3]Milotic[/tier] as ???
[tier=t3]Nakuzami[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]Etherion[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]JohnnyMustang[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]Earl Bidoof of Grey[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]Bardothren[/tier] as ???
Syndrome as ???
[tier=t1]Nimsy[/tier] as ???
Ash as ???
[tier=t3]jdthebud[/tier] as ???
Mana as ???
[tier=t3]Hopeless Masquerade[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]Archy[/tier] as ???
Universe as ???
TheCapsFan as ???
[tier=t1]Chesire Cat[/tier] as ???
[tier=t1]Fun Size[/tier] as ???
Wiicked as ???
GlendleYoung as ???
[tier=t1]Deceptio[/tier] as ???
[tier=t3]Nagi[/tier] as ???
[tier=t2]Spartacus[/tier] as ???
[tier=t3]Zehn[/tier] as ???
Netto Azure as ???
Aiden as ???
[tier=t1]Shak[/tier] as ???
kid as ???
Gimmepie as ???
desinishon as ???
Sun as ???
[tier=t3]Ice Goddess[/tier] as ???
Wizardman101 as ???
[tier=t3]Ullion[/tier] as ???


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jump into the abyss with me


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Excuse me, but why am I not already on the list as Harley Bae.

I will kill a *****.
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bring it

Bidoof FTW

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Posted October 16th, 2019
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Edit: Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out :)


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Me too please! :)


Threat To Survival

Hippy Hill
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Posted August 8th, 2018
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I'm currently involved in much more mafia than I can manage at the moment, between the game here, one starting soon on BMGF and a small nonmafia game over there....If there's a sub list for backup players, could you add me to that?
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Bidoof FTW

→ Bidoof is Pretty Rad

Age 20
the States
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Posted October 16th, 2019
3,551 posts
6.1 Years
Just going to place a cheeky note here, I'm going out of town this weekend and won't be able to update the playerlist until Sunday/Monday night. That being said, the cap for this game is 40. Any players that wish to sign up after the cap is reached will be added to a reserves list and will replace any inactive players or players that wish to leave the game.

If you wish to join after the game has started, please PM me and I will add you to the reserves list.

So far there are 23 players, meaning that there are 17 slots left! I'm happy to see it's filled up this quickly, keep it up ^^
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