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So here is a thread where we discuss any stat distributions that bother you, and how you wish to change it, either with increasing any of the stats or lowering a stat a mon doesn’t need in favour of another stat.

I for one think it’s a sublime idea to just drop around 15 points of Samurott‘s physical attack and put it in speed. I know someone’s gonna complain “b-but it has swords”, I just don’t want to nerf Surf and Ice beam. Admittedly this is also looking through a gen5 perspective where there aren’t as many Water mons there as you’d think.

And as Samurott stands, it’s only really bulky enough to take about 2-3 hits on any average opponent but not fast enough to work around that, and that’s in a regular play point of view, not just competitive. And to be fair, it is really weird that a giant blade weilding sea creature can be considered ‘worst’ tier. It doesn’t even look slow, so why is it, base stat wise?

But that said I’m expecting most people here to bring up Vikavolt‘s speed. Or bring up Ledian altogether.
I… might put something interesting here eventually.

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Well, my choice for this Exploud. I will decrease it's attack by 37 and give it to defense, and decrease it's speed by 47 and give it to special defense. My reason is than Exploud doesn't use physical attacks and the same is for speed. Exploud is more for a bulky style gamestyle, so maybe this is helpful


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Most of the Pokemon that are coming to mind for me I'd rather give a new evo instead of a stat change, such as Delcatty, Kecleon, Castform, Spinda.

I'd gimp Seviper's Sp. Attack I guess and raise it's BST a bit. It's movepool is more Physical than special.
Lower Sp. Attack to 40 base. Redistribute the freed up 60 base points into Defense, Special Defense and Speed, raising them 20 each.
Up base HP by 7 to 80. Which would make it's new total 465. Add 10 points to attack and make it 110 base.

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There are a lot of final or single stages that could use some stats rework. Not necessarily increase their BST, but just shift the numbers around a bit.

Even supposedly strong Pokémon have sometimes pretty bad stat spreads (especially in the first three/four gens). Pokémon like Victreebel, Octillery, and Carnivine whose best stats are both their Attack and Special Attack, but are slow and fragile could use some extra bulk at the cost of losing points in their less relevant offensive stat, because being mixed attacker in Pokémon usually sucks, especially thanks to the EV system.

Also give more bulk to Pokémon like Meganium so that they can be actually good at what they're supposed to do, too many points wasted on Speed and offensive stats on a Pokémon that's meant to play a "Priest" defensive/support role. I mean, don't make it a Carbink, but at least give it a less mediocre spread.

And let Pokémon with too even stats stand out at something and have more purpose. It's hilarious to see Golduck, a Pokémon with 500 BST, not being really great at anything, while other Pokémon with lower stats can easily outclass it.


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My boy spidops got done dirty with his base stats, I'd give him an extra 76 base stats to make his total 480, preferably they go into hp, defense, and sp. defense.

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Begins by asking what Wigglytuff is meant to be. Could lean into Cute Charm and be more defensive. Alternatively, bump up Special Attack for Competitive. Competes with Clefable on the defensive side and Sylveon offensively and defensively.

Settles on something more physically bulky. Aims to punish Intimidate Pokemon (which lean physical?).

-20 Attack. Will not use that anyways.
+48 Defense. Survives some physical hits now.
+20 Special Attack.

Results in a base stat total of 483 (same as Clefable). 140 HP, 50 Attack, 93 Defense, 105 Special Attack, 50 Special Attack, 45 Speed. No longer holds the title of worst fully-evolved Body Press user too. (Seriously, why did a base 45 Defense Pokemon get Body Press?) Will not be super amazing, but more palatable.


Next, Tropius. Loaded it with great moves. Cries in a corner with its 68 Attack and 72 Special Attack, despite that. Chooses to keep its option open as a mixed attacker.

+25 Attack.
+25 Special Attack.
+5 Speed. Pushes it just a little higher in sunlight.

Becomes 515 base stat total: 99 HP, 93 Attack, 83 Defense, 97 Special Attack, 87 Special Defense, 56 Speed. Should not be overpowered at all. Offers less offense and Speed than Victreebel. Brings better bulk and boosting moves to the table.


And why not Sandslash too? Pales next to Excadrill between stats and typing. Carries similar moves too. Probably ought to focus on Sand Rush. Prefers to carve out a different niche.

+30 Hitpoints
+10 Attack
+38 Special Defense

Weighs in at 528 base stat points, 20 above Excadrill. Needs phenomenal stats to justify bringing a pure Ground type to a Sand team. Breaks down as 105 Hitpoints, 110 Attack, 110 Defense, 45 Special Attack, 93 Special Defense, 65 Speed. Left Excadrill a place as a harder hitting, faster option (+25 Attack and +23 Speed over buffed Sandslash). Could be tough to remove with a Swords Dance + Leech Life set.

Might have overbuffed this one. Shrugs.
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Stonjourner literally has 20 Special Defense. Because of this, practically any special attack can knock it out. Even weak special attacks that Stonjourner resists would deal massive damage. I would at least increase its base Special Defense to 60 if the goal was to make it weak in that regard. That way, it can be weak in this stat without seeming like it has severe brittle bone disease when hit by a weak special attack. This alone is the main reason Stonjourner is unusable. Not even an Assault Vest can help it. I would also change the stats for Kartana. Kartana has a very impressive Attack stat of 181, which is ridiculous. A Pokémon doesn’t need that much Attack under any circumstances. However, Kartana’s base Special Defense is 31, which is horrible. I would subtract 40 base Attack points from Kartana’s 181 and give them to its Special Defense, making its base Attack 141 and its base Special Defense 71. That makes it less risky to use in battle.

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Swap the attack and special attack of the Pidove line; it makes 0 sense to be a physical attacker stats-wise when you almost exclusively learn special moves.


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For Pokemon that had megas that no longer exist that have low stats without them like Mawile, I'd just permanently apply the +100 stats because this Pokemon could really use it.

I'd maybe boost Medicham's stats to 460 since its mega has also been removed. Although, maybe that'd be weird because it has an ability that boosts stats, right?

Maybe Beedrill to 450 since it no longer has a mega, too.

Permanently raise Sableye's base stat total to 480 since the mega is gone forever.

But, that's it. I'm not good with these sorts of discussions.


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Vikavolt has been done REALLY dirty with its stat spread. I'd drastically lower its Special Attack and maybe its defenses, and increase its Attack and Speed.

Decidueye, Incineroar, and Lurantis could also sacrifice some Special Attack for some extra Speed. Octillery could lose some Attack for some Speed.

As for Sceptile and Pyroar, I'd lower their Special Attack and increase their Attack.
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