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Self-explanatory title.
Let's hear it guys. What did you think of it?
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    I watched a 6 episode OVA series from 1996 called Master Mosquiton. It was stylish, funny, had some lovely animation and was generally a damn good time. Story was about a girl and her vampire slave looking for the mysterious 'o-part', an item she wishes to obtain in order to be granted eternal youth and beauty.
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    Finished or just watched parts of?

    Last two anime I watched were K-On!! Episode 1 and Princess Tutu Episode 1.

    K-On!! Episode one was comfy great rewatch feels and holy hell was it fun. I could probably just rewatch K-On! in a loop the rest of my life and be happy tbh.

    Princess Tutu episode one was fun but holy hell that animation quality is... not good lol.

    That's really the extent of my thoughts. I really don't think analytically when I watch anime and any thoughts I do have while watching, I tend to forget shortly after.
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    last anime i watched was the third season of tokyo ghoul. avoided it for the longest time since it didn't interest me back then. its good but there are moments that if you don't read the manga, you won't understand some parts of it. (im not personally interested in reading the manga, but i have a friend who is reading the manga and watching the anime with me).

    last manga i read is the part 7 of jojo (steel ball run). avoided it also since i wanted to just wait for the anime (which if i did, i would be waiting for a loooong time). its as good and bizarre as i expected. not yet done with it but i'll be finished with it. particularly interested with the "saint's" corpse
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    Last two anime I finished at roughly the same time were Akagi and Rascal does not dream of bunny girl.

    Both anime were pretty good in their own rights. I had Akagi on the back burner for a while since after watching Kakegurui I was urged to watch a gambling anime that was 'actually worth my time'. With all the other currently airing stuff and my free time dwindling it just got pushed further and further back until about 3 or 4 days ago when I decided to actually start it. Kind of upset that I took so long to actually get around to it since it was considerably more interesting than the other gambling anime. I wish it would have had a few more episodes, but oh well. Some of the scenes were rather awkward and had me looking down at my phone instead of them but other than that it was quite enjoyable.

    Rascal does not dream of bunny girl was another pretty decent anime. I don't think it's really a contender for anime of the year or anything, but it was an enjoyable watch nonetheless. There weren't any points where I really got teary eyed like I felt I should have, but it got a couple of quick laughs out of me. I'm interested in seeing what if anything the movie adds to the story when it airs.
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    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Well, just finished re-watching. I wanted to pick up on the stuff I missed in it before, or didn't understand, since it was a long while ago since I watched it. It was a very enjoyable series; I adore the amount of depth the series has.

    I have a new found appreciation for Kyon and Yuki.

    "I’m an angel keeping watch over the city at night...I’m the symbol this town needs."

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