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Four new Gigantamax Pokémon have been revealed! What do you guys think? =) (Check article for pictures!)
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Eevee and Charizard look superb! But honestly speaking, Kanto is getting a good massage now. Game Freak is again tending towards treating Kanto as the most important region.I mean.....that's where it all started, but other generations are getting ignored. Typhlosion could do with a giantamax, because Charizard has already got two mega evolutions. And Meowth, it has an Alolan form. Other cats like Skitty, Glameow and Delcatty could do with some new looks, it won't be bad.

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On the one hand, they generally look nice.

On the other... so far, Gigantamax is only for gen 1 and 8 Pokemon (and we know Lapras is to get one too from the one legit, confirmed leak). That's a bit sad imo.

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Oh yay, more Kanto rehashes. I am so happy.


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Finally, Gen. 1 after decades of being ignored... Oh, wait... 🤢


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i see that pikachu is going back to his chonker days now
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Expect the new Gen. 9 battle mechanics and regional variant 60% exclusive to Gen. 1...

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So I saw some trailer of it, and I guess Gigantamax Pikachu and Gigantamax Eevee might have to do with Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, iirc? While I think Gigantamax Meowth might be from limited-time Mystery Gift, if I can assume. And after seeing Champion Leon owns Charizard in some trailers back then, Charizard's Gigantamax addition makes sense now.

Even though it was not the kind of news I would expect with (was expecting something different like newer 'mons (Gigantamax doesn't count) or maybe more Gym Leaders/cities), but I still quite like it nonetheless.


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I was happy to see they were gonna reveal more and then they give us.....this. I was sooooooo....unenthustiastic about it.
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Why they have to give so much attention to Kanto when Johto and Sinnoh are more popular in the fandom?
That's a mystery for the ages. Come on Gamefreak at least move on to Johto pandering.
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That's a mystery for the ages. Come on Gamefreak at least move on to Johto pandering.
Johto is way cooler than Kanto.


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honestly, im getting bored with the kanto pandering. no matter how many angles i try to look at this from, i can't help but feel... unimpressed. not with the designs in particular, mind, but unimpressed because i feel like there's nothing really new that excites me. kanto is old news, and has always been old news for several generations at this point.

yes, they're marketable. i get it. Game Freak is hoping to pander to all the millenials with big fire dragon, cute multi-evolutional fox and electric mice. but that's exactly why im bored. charizard is ok (although my opinion on it is really starting to sour), eevee is cute, and pikachu is ok, but every time a new kanto 'mon gets another form, im just kind of like "oh..." at this point. i have this reaction because it's expected. maybe zigzagoon/linoone really are the lone exceptions (i damn well hope they aren't), and we're going to get majority kanto galarian forms.

and then gen 9 will come along and rehash kanto some more. maybe the old armored pokemon rumour would come true next generation and we'll see charizard in good ol' magma armour.

don't get me wrong, i'll likely still get these games because i've been without a new pokemon game for a while (due to skipping LGPE), but this kinda makes me long for the days where i was excited for past generations. the marketing for these games sure leaves something to be desired.


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At least Butterfree finally got some love, though? Charizard was expected considering it's Leon's signature Pokemon, so... Although
I'm hoping this is the last crap we'll see of Kanto. Knowing Game Freak, it won't be, though.
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That's a mystery for the ages. Come on Gamefreak at least move on to Johto pandering.
Gold and Silver turn 20 this November. Remember how people excused the Kanto pandering in Alola because it was the 20th anniversary of Kanto specifically? Good times. By that logic, all these Galarian forms and Gigantamax forms should be of Johto Pokémon. Calling it a shame is an enormous understatement.

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Butterfree, Pikachu and Charizard designs are awesome, Meowth is nightmare fuel.


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Charizard is pretty cool, too

However in general, I don't much for the Dynamax or whatever they're called, I probably won't even use that gimmick in game???

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ima need the pandering for Kanto to be over ASAP, but I understand why they're doing it