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This is fine.

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(In here because we may have non-gaming news announced, who knows?)

9th Jan! Times for various regions in the article. 20 minutes, wonder how they'll fill it? Gotta talk about Home in it, surely...


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list of colours' expectations, in no particular order

1. i expect there to be more detail about Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sleep. i expect there to be details of how Pokemon Home should function and the release date of it. it'll probably be soonish because i expect that TPCi/Game Freak both want SwSh players to jump on the Home train as soon as possible.

as far as Pokemon Sleep goes, we've got a mention of that and nothing else, so this would be a good time to go into detail about what exactly people can expect.

2. announcement of a new spinoff would be cool, albeit perhaps unlikely. if anything, it'll be either a new detpika game or Pokken 2. out of the two choices, i'd much prefer Pokken 2 even if i haven't played the original/DX, i feel like Pokken sequel would be much more of an interesting reveal.

3. new content for SwSh. i heavily expect Masuda and Ohmori to make appearances thanking everyone for enjoying the SwSh games and that there will be announcing new content for SwSh. maybe new d-max raids or something as a wild guess, but who knows.

that's about all i expect. anything else outside of that would be a surprise lol



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I will riot if they don't announce D/P Remakes. LOL
All jokes aside, this is a smaller Direct so I don't think it will be too much information on anything super new other than like this years Spin-off or the mobile apps.
Still always exciting to see a new Direct though!


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I highly doubt this Direct will just be about Pokémon Home and Sleep, there has to be something big about to be announced, or something. But I do think it's way too soon to assume we're getting Diamond/Pearl remakes or Sword/Shield 2 or whatever. Maybe that'll be in a February 27th Pokémon direct?
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I really hope they don't announce DPPt remakes, because I have absolutely no faith that Game Freak can do a good job of them in their current state...but that is probably what we're getting. I can't not see a proper new game coming out of this Direct.

Whatever is in this, I expect it to make a lot of people happy, and an equal number furious. They've divided the Pokemon fandom up very neatly with the mess that is SnS and I can't see them healing that division this year.


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Honestly wouldn't be surprised if it's just Home, Sleep, and then maybe some upcoming things that have been promised in Masters by the producer's letters.

But I guess they usually always have a Big Game on the horizon, right? I'd rather they take time before announcing a third game for swsh or the next set of remakes. I was hoping if nothing else, the controversy over the last year would lead to slow restructuring over how often games come out but that's probably an impossible dream lol.

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Like many here, I am feeling depressed if they announce DPPt remakes. Even if I am amused by protagonist redesigns and seeing my favorite characters in HD 3D. Curious to know about whatever the heck Pokemon Sleep is supposed to be.
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It's been confirmed that this is going to be more SwSh information, so bets about this being a Sinnoh remake are out of the picture. With that being said, it's extremely likely that this is going to be some more info pertaining to Home. If this is going to be a 20 minute demo then it's probably going to be that Home will have a lot of functionality, a lot more than Bank.

As for Sinnoh, the most they'll probably do is merely tease it at the end, like Smash Ultimate was at the end of a certain Direct.

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I'd love if Pokémon Home turned out to not only be a transfer/storage app but also have features similar to Hey You, Pikachu! where you could hang out with your stored Pokémon in a home setting and do a variety of activities outside. I pretty much only play to spend time with my most-cherished Pokémon these days, so I wouldn't even be upset that most of them couldn't be transferred into SWSH if Pokémon Home worked like this.

Either way, I hope the app/service is free since we'll already need a Nintendo Online subscription to use it and would prefer if the Pokémon were stored on the Switch itself rather than a server (but with the option to back the data up on a server if desired).

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Maybe it's a long shot, but I'm wondering if spinoffs like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon Ranger or Detective Pika would make it to the list. If the new info is related to Pokémon Sword/Shield though, I'm wondering if it'll be about Pokémon Home, or (by little chance, probs?) addition of more 'mons in the way, if possible.

And I'm not sure yet if it's the right time for Pokémon Diamond/Pearl remake considering that Sword/Shield was released months ago, but hey, it's their call.


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I don't know, after playing Sword I'm just not feeling the excitement of this 20 minute direct, especially if it relates to the current Gen 8 games. As others mentioned, Home's got to be included somewhere in the direct. I also hope it's not a main game announcement (DP remakes, third version) but we'll see.

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Probably it won't be huge. But if it is, let it be sequels rather than alt versions :)


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Got my fingers crossed for a new Pokémon ranger spin off, but I don't want to throw all my bets in just yet.



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I'm hoping for Diamond/Pearl remakes! If those were announced I think I'd pass out from pure joy and excitement. I also would love a new Mystery Dungeon game or perhaps even a remake of some sort. Although the likelihood of that is quite low.

I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.
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Oh dang, i'll have to watch it later in the day because school and crap. So yeah, I want to hear about Sleep because all I do on the weekends is sleep. I presume it'll have some sort of functionality with Home. I want to hear more about Home too. Home and Sleep better be worth it. As for game announcements, why a direct so close to February (the Pokemon month)? I smell a Diamond/Pearl remake in the works.

Oh Gamefreak, if you're reading this....somehow.....please......BRING BACK THE NATIONAL DEX ON SWITCH...SOMEHOW....SOMEWAY.....PLEASE! *twtich*
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