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This is fine.

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Is Zarude rude?


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You can see the overall top 30 and top 30 of each region here
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so how long before darude memes revive

or am I the only one who's first thought was that
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Phenomenally disappointing news all around.


the dream world
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zarude is ok. i don't hate the design, so there's that.

i think the top choices (aside from charizard) are pretty interesting tbh

Curly Brace

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(Damn I shoulda waited before making a thread myself)

Zarude is...a bit underwhelming? Typewise it's horrible, and there isn't much to salvage from its ability.

Also Greninja won a second popularity poll. How.


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This is the most horrifying Pokémon design I have ever seen in my life

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I love the top ten choices! Some of my personal favourites are on it (Sylveon, Gardevoir, and Lucario!)

I like Zarude’s design. It’s certainly unique! Although, it kind of looks like an oversized, evil version of Grookey. I also do like it’s typing as well. I’m excited to learn more about it.


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Zarude's pretty cool, actually. Dark/Grass is a nice typing. I knew it'd be a monkey from the start, so, yolo on that front.
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Cubie the Cube

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I'm disappointed but not surprised, both at the Pokémon of the year and Zarude. I actually like the mon's design, but it wouldn't hurt if we stoped getting monkey Pokémon for once, the Grookey line was enough.
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Dark/Grass sounds like funny typing. But that's pretty much it for positive stuff about Zarude. It looks so uninspiring and bland. Nothing about it feels legendary or mythical. If I would see it without the trailer (and knowledge I have about it) I would probably pair it with Oranguru and Passimian as regular Pokémon from Alola. Really weird choice to have tropical monkey/ape Mythical Pokémon in the very same gen with tropical monkey/ape Starter Pokémon and non-tropical settings.

I don't have words for the list. Guessed about 90% of the Top 10. But I have to say that Rowlet, Bulbasaur and Chandelure surprised me with how high they are as well as Eevee being pretty low.
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Not Summer

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Why is it another Grass-type ape-like Pokémon? Rillaboom & friends weren't enough I suppose



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Scrafty didn't make it to top 30 for Gen 5, cue small violin.

So another monkey Pokemon eh? I'm 90% sure a number of people are tired of seeing monkeys but at least this one's a jerk? Hopefully it's a jerk. It's better than Zeraora at least.

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the dream world
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personally i feel like the fact that this is another primate(-esque?) pokemon makes this slightly more boring and perhaps could factor why i'm not as excited as i could be. ._.


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Phenomenally disappointing news all around.
^Basically this. The mythical monkey looks very ugly to me, and the results for the favorite pokemon have me feeling very detached from other pokemon fans, since I can't understand why most of the winners are up there. To each their own, I guess.
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Am I the only one that didn't think of the Sandstorm song when it was announced?

I am not fond of monkys, so my initial thought was that I didn't fancy the design. However, I feel like it could grow on me.

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I personally like it as a pokemon, but not as a mythical. From what we know of it, it's more of a Oranguru/Passimian type pokemon which lives with others in forests rather than something actually mythical.
Otherwise, I quite like the facial markings - they're very effective at making it look evil and work well with the black colouring. I also think it looks pretty good on all fours (when it is bipedal though, it just looks uncomfortable).
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