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By gawd, he's being killed out there!

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Poor Ed Sheeran.

Is this song good? I haven't listened yet.


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Agrees with most of what bobandbill wrote. Gives it a little more slack on the lyrics matching the video. Interpreted it as Pokemon making your life a bit more magical, especially when imagining Pokemon being behind some events. Distracts you from your troubles too.

Still felt like a stretch. Focused too little on the sky and space. Could have been used for plenty of songs just as well.

Sounded pretty generic. Thinks that about lots of songs, though.
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Poor Ed Sheeran.

Is this song good? I haven't listened yet.
Absolutely! I might be biased, but it's telling that I have it on repeat right now.

By the way, there's info going around that this song is going to be featured somewhere in the game itself. Anyone willing to make a guess as to what it might be referring to? Mine has to do with some leaks that were going around, but... I kind of want to be wrong about that, because I'm already antsy about the characters involved in the leaked plot point having this much protagonism. Instead, I want to have it be about the player's bond with Koraidon or Miraidon! I've been waiting forever for a Pokémon game in which the main character develops a special bond with the box legendary over the course of the game, especially after the last couple games (barring the Let's Go games, but Pikachu and Eevee weren't Legendaries) robbed us of that chance.

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Very nice. I enjoyed both the song and the video a lot. Keep up with great work with your articles. ☺️

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Not a bad song, I like it! The animation referencing movie 1 was pretty awesome too.. but I'm never going to get used to those monobrow mons lol. Some of them look funny and honestly pretty weird.


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Love the Trainer-fied Sheeran at the end, but throwing himself between Mew and Mewtwo's attacks like Ash was just cringey
Well, if it meant to be a reference to M01, I find that tolerable at least. What I cannot get behind is his scream overlapping with the song - it's really distracting when putting the song on YouTube. I had to go back to using Spotify to play the song without the cuts and the aforementioned scream. -_-


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This is where your bad habits will lead to Ed...

But really, I thought the song had a nice beat! Certainly enjoyed it more than I did Electric. He may have been paid big $$$ just to say he loves Pokemon but as an Ed fan, I don't particularly mind as the song and clip is all around enjoyable.