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Anyone else who didn’t complete the first Pokemon game they played?


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And I mean on the first time you obtained your first game, did you complete it?

Because for me, I definitely did not complete Platinum on the first shot. Was stuck on the 3rd gym's puzzle, and as soon as I found out how to actually beat the puzzle, I had lost interest to play back then. HeartGold is the true first Pokemon game I completed, and then I completed Platinum a few years after that.
mines was firered and yeah i beat it. Oddly enough it was platinum i never could beat, got stuck at grass gym. Then tried again but with turtwig and got stuck at the ice gym. I wasnt very great at the games at that point. Wouldnt complete a gen 4 game til BDSP


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I know a lot of people who just aren't interested in finishing some games they play, but I've never been one of them. My first game was Diamond but I was incredibly determined to beat it and finish the Sinnoh dex and everything there.
I guess the closest thing I'd have is something like Colosseum or XD, where I knew a decent amount about Colo but had never played it until a few years ago, and XD was a game I kept having to replay as a kid because we didn't have a memory card, and I finally finished it right after I finished Colosseum.

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No. I made it very close to beating Sapphire, but I was never able to beat Steven and usually got beaten by Glacia or Drake in my League attempts. (I didn't understand that I was supposed to train more Pokemon than just my Sceptile.)

I did beat it eventually, but not on that cartridge, which I no longer have.
Oh yeah I totally did. It was Blue and I was super into Pokémon, everyone else in elementary school was, or almost everyone. But I couldn't beat GSC because the ice cave was confusing, had to lend my game to a friend so he could get through it for me ahaha.


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But I couldn't beat GSC because the ice cave was confusing, had to lend my game to a friend so he could get through it for me ahaha.

I had the same experience with Rock Tunnel in Red haha. I was stuck for days an getting frustrated with the game until my cousin came over and got me out of the tunnel in like 15 minutes . I think I never admired a person as much as my cousin that day lol

Eventually I finished the game but I remember the Rock Tunnel episode easily occupied like a third of my total gametime.
I loved Pokémon from its heyday. For my 7th birthday I got Pokémon Yellow. I played all of two minutes.
One day, some close family friends visited. They were pretty religious, and had moved around a lot. In their travels and social circles, they seemed to pick up that "Pokémon" stood for "Pocket Demon", and had a bunch of scary stories about it being... evil. Literally, like those jokes we all hear about.
But eh, I was seven years old, so needless to say I was downright scared to play for months.

At some point I fished my Yellow out of the drawer and dared to buy a Pokéball... and soon enough I got over my fears of eternal damnation and got back into it.

There were two significant snags in my progress through Yellow:
1. Brock
2. The Silph Co. Building.

I eventually beat Brock because I accidentally grinded my Nidoran high enough that it learned Double Kick. I still remember the rush of finally beating him, progressing through Mt. Moon and getting to Misty.
The second snag, Silph Co., was because of the location of the Card Key. I essentially cleared as much of the building as I could, but it took a ridiculous amount of time to realise I could essentially bypass a warp-pad by walking on it, re-warping onto it, and then progressing down the path.

In that time, I'd gotten my hands on Pokémon Silver, and managed to complete the story. Always remember my first time beating Lance and getting the SS Aqua to hear Vermilion City's theme. I would eventually beat Yellow of course, but I remember finding it cool that Yellow's league was significantly tougher than Gold's.


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Technically yes? The first ever Pokemon game I played was Yellow that I got as a gift from a relative, and I was probably 4 at the time lol. I never even got the first badge.
I remember finishing Red/Blue on the first time playing through it yes.
What I don't remember is if I had help from anyone or not =P
The first time I played Yellow was when I borrowed it during vacation from a friend. I only played it for few hours. So I never finished that run. But I later got Yellow on my own snd beat it.