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If you were a Gym Leader

Sweet Serenity

Advocate of Truth
If you were a Gym Leader, what type of Pokémon will you train, what will your gym challenge be, what order would your gym be in, what Trainer Classes will the trainers in your gym be, and what will your team consist of?

As for my gym:

Gym type: Water
Gym order: 8th
Featured Trainer Classes: Scuba Divers
Gym puzzle/challenge: Similar to Roxanne's gym in Rustboro City, Hoenn featuring a museum, my gym would feature an aquarium exhibiting several different species of Water-type Pokémon. For this reason, it would be, by far, the largest gym in the region. Immediately after accepting the gym challenge, your objective would be to dive underwater in the aquarium to tend to the exhibit. After coming across a certain Pokémon in the exhibit, you will be played an audio sample asking a multiple-choice question about a certain fact regarding the Pokémon in question. If you get the answer right, you feed the Pokémon a berry and move on. If you get the answer wrong, then it would get upset that you don't know anything about it and challenge you to a battle. Scuba Divers that are tending to the Pokémon in the aquarium will be directing them in battle. After completing all the trivia, you would then be able to face me in battle.
Gym Leader team: Kingdra | Ludicolo | Sesmitoad | Pelipper | Dracovish | Starmie |
Badge: Dive Badge (It would be a badge of a person in scuba gear. So cute!)
Prize: A TM for the move Dive

Do you think that you can defeat my team easily? Good luck!

I recommend rating the teams above you and commenting on if you would have an easy or difficult time beating the team as well!

Gym type:
Gym order:
Featured Trainer Classes:
Gym puzzle/challenge:
Gym Leader team:
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gym type: steel
gym order: i'd probably be the 5th gym leader?
featured trainer classes: ace trainers, super nerds, workers
gym puzzle: the puzzle would be similar to wattson's — you open/close metal gates as you go through the gym. but like volkner's, you also have to match the gates together to form a path to pass through. though this puzzle does sound convoluted the more i think about it lol
leader team: mawile, magneton, doublade, empoleon (ace)
badge: iron badge (it'll resemble a hex nut!)
prize: the TM for flash cannon

my team would never stand a chance against yours lmao


A lover of Foxes
I made a post in another thread where I said something akin to this, (though not in as much detail) but I've since given it some more thought, if I were to be a proper Gym Leader, I should build a team worthy of a proper challenge, not just a team of my favorites. So my revised team and Gym are as follows:

Gym type: Dark
Gym order: Final Gym (#8)
Featured Trainer Classes: Ace Trainers I suppose.
Gym puzzle/challenge: The challenger would get a choice between two paths through my Gym. Going along the left path would lead to three forced single battles, going along the right would lead to three forced double battles. Whichever path the challenger takes determines what type of battle with me they have. (single left, double right) I don't care for the whole weird Gym puzzle thing. In my Gym, might makes right.
Gym Leader team: #1 Tyranitar #2 Drapion #3 Pangoro #4 Weavile #5 Kingambit #6 Absol (my final Pokemon)
Badge: Hollow Badge (it resembles an Absol's dark horn)
Prize: I would give the Challenger the TM for Crunch. (since Night Slash isn't available as a TM for whatever reason)

Edit: I wouldn't feel right fighting an incomplete team of less than 6 Pokemon, though I do respect choosing to be in a spot other than the final Gym.
As for my chances at a victory against Serenity's team, fairly unlikely. Not really due to our choices in Pokemon, (as I honestly have no idea how that would go) but in terms of PvP experience.

Edit again: I would LOVE this as my Gym Leader music-> https://youtu.be/r2y7DMIGvkY
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Explorer of Time

Advocate of Ideals
Gym type: Ghost
Gym order: 2nd
Featured Trainer Classes: Mostly Hex Maniacs, with a few Ruin Maniacs who have the region's fossil Pokemon.
Gym puzzle/challenge: My gym's interior would look like a haunted castle, with switches that opened and shut sets of doors.
Gym Leader team: Frillish (Hex, Water Pulse, Poison Sting, Recover) Litwick (Hex, Flame Burst, Will-O-Wisp, Smog), and Gourgeist (Hex, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Trick-or-Treat).
Badge: The Haunt Badge, which is shaped like a triangular hourglass like the lower right badge like in this photo.
Prize: The TM for Hex, since it's a Ghost-type move that would work well on my team and wouldn't be too overpowered for a trainer to receive after the second gym.


No, you're gonna face ME first!
Gym type: bug

Order: 7th

Trainer class: ace trainer

Puzzle: venipede search, similar to brassius in sv but you would be in a big maze searching for venipede

Team: volcarona, scoliopede, Spidops, galvantula, Leavanny, and my ace, mega beedrill.

Badge: Spider Badge (looks like a Adorable Tarountula)

Reward: TM Megahorn

And that would be my gym!
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Gym type: Psychic
Gym order: 4th
Featured Trainer Classes: Teacher and Veteran
Gym puzzle/challenge: Asks you to take a test. Points you in the direction of books on the topics. Will not force you to look at them, however. May choose not to answer yet and look at your Pokemon during the test, also. Cannot reorder your team, however.
  • Question 1: Encounters a Pichu. Uses Charm on your Pokemon, harshly lowering your Pokemon's Attack by 2 stages. Assuming no other stat changes, how much did your Pokemon's Attack decrease by?
  • Question 2: What stat on [lead Pokemon species], your leading Pokemon, is boosted by its nature?
  • Question 3: Battles ten Avaluggs, a Pokemon known for its high Defense. How will this affect your Pokemon?
  • Question 4: Imagine catching two strong Noctowls in the wild with the same level and nature. Assuming no additional training, are they guaranteed to have the exact same Special Attack stat?
  • Question 5: What does the Iron Ball held item do?

Battles a trainer for each incorrect answer. Owns one Pokemon each. Pertains to the question, ideally.

Gym Leader team
Oricorio (Pa'u Style)
  • Level: 25
  • Nature: Calm (+Special Defense / -Attack)
  • Effort Values: 48 in everything.
  • Ability: Dancer
  • Moves: Feather Dance, Air Cutter, Quiver Dance, and Icy Wind
  • Held Item: None
  • Purpose: Debuffs the opponent. (Figures Bite, maaaaybe Crunch, will be the nastiest move this early.) Might do some damage or start Quiver Dancing. Originally put Baton Pass here instead of Icy Wind. Seemed too rough.

  • Level: 26
  • Nature: Quirky (Neutral)
  • Effort Values: 48 in everything.
  • Ability: Inner Focus
  • Moves: Trick, Stomp, Light Screen, Psybeam
  • Held Item: Iron Ball
  • Purpose: Swaps items with the opponent on turn 1. Generates flinches much easier. Gave it Light Screen over Reflect because of Feather Dance on Oricorio. Performs well against Ghosts. Brings some much-needed physical damage to the team too.

  • Level: 27
  • Nature: Bold (+Defense / -Attack)
  • Effort Values: 252 in Defense, 28 in everything else.
  • Ability: Synchronize (Enjoys Magic Bounce way more. Hates to punish people for trying to use status moves.)
  • Moves: Fake Tears, Yawn, Draining Kiss, and Psybeam.
  • Held Item: Sitrus Berry
  • Purpose: Encourages people to switch. Mentions Avalugg training if hit by a physical attack and not fainted.

Trainer items: Two Super Potions
Badge: Book Badge.
Prize: Trick TM and an Iron Ball.

Assures the player to not worry about remembering all the information learned perfectly. Takes time and experience to absorb for some people, especially given such a large subject. Welcomes the player back to reread the books or read through new ones at any time.

Other notes:
1. Tuned this team a little high, relative to normal Pokemon gyms. Could see Oricorio or Girafarig causing problems with Quiver Dance or flinches, respectively. Arguably made the ace the weakest, but with some potential.
2. Feels okay about Taunt doing well here. Means you care about non-attacking moves. Did not pack any Full Heals or status berries for the same reason.
3. Kept it at 3 Pokemon. Would consider 4 for the 6th gym, maaaybe the 5th.
4. Added a smattering of EVs. Never seemed right for them to not get any. Same with held items. Opted for more defensive natures to keep raw damage down.

Sweet Serenity's gym: Significantly harder than usual, for sure. Synergizes way better than any normal team the trainer would bring, on top of likely better movesets and competitive EV spreads. Certainly outperforms any gym leader's team.

Sees one main Achilles heel to this team: AI control. Presumably leads with Pelipper. Gave the other Pokemon Rain Dance, but not Pelipper. Handles the team best by putting up different weather, then setting up on Pelipper. Would not know that going in blind, though. Only brings weather via abilities and maybe in a monotype. Probably loses by a landslide on the first attempt.

mothman's gym: Pretty good balance of secondary typings. Fares pretty well with Ground and Fire until Empoleon. Works well as the ace. Outspeeds most of those Pokemon easily. Prevents the match from being overwhelming. Guesses medium-easy. Depends on movesets and the team going against it, of course.

Alex_Among_Foxes's gym: Imagines doing well against your team. Notes a lot of physical Pokemon. Loves Iron Defense + Body Press Pokemon a lot. Works better in singles, though. Probably would have picked doubles for fun, despite not fielding a team meant for doubles.

Explorer of Time's gym: Spots a Fire / Water / Grass team. Seems pretty solid with status-causing attacks on the first two Pokemon. Medium-hard for that. Hopes to have a Normal type.

VaporeonTrainer's gym: May struggle with the maze if you do not get a top-down perspective. Sticks the difficulty around...medium? Ideally sets up before the Mega Beedrill, which presumably comes in last. Might be in trouble if it goes from Volcarona straight to Mega Beedrill.
Gym type: Ice

Gym order: 8th

Featured Trainer Classes: Ace Trainers.

Gym puzzle/challenge: Features a big set of scales prominently in the center of a room. One side will have blocks of Ice in them, the other is empty and has to be filled with snowballs you have to roll onto it from several ledges at varying heights. You have to balance the scales to open a passage onward. Snowballs will be found around the room and have to be rolled towards the scales. Snowballs become heavier the further they are rolled and eventually become un-rollable. There are also Alolan Sandslashes in the gym that take set paths and will crush and reset a snowball if they hit them. There are three rooms like this and each room has at least 1 trainer.

Gym Leader team:

1) Alolan Ninetales, Timid Nature. Ability: Snow Warning. Item: Icy Rock.
EV's: 252 HP / 128 Sp. Attack / 128 Speed.
IV's: 31 in Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense & Speed.
-Ice Beam
-Scorching Sands
-Aurora Veil

2) Glaceon, Timid Nature. Ability: Snow Cloak. Item: BrightPowder
EV's: 252 Sp. Attack / 252 Sp. Defense / 4 Speed.
IV's: 31 in Defense, Sp. Attack & Sp. Defense.
-Shadow Ball

3) Weavile, Jolly Nature. Ability: Pressure. Item: Wide Lens.
EV's: 252 Attack / 4 Defense / 252 Speed.
IV's: 31 in Attack, Defense & Speed.
-Triple Axel
-Aerial Ace
-Night Slash
-Swords Dance

4) Galarian Darmanitan, Jolly Nature. Ability: Zen Mode. Item: Clear Amulet. Fire Tera.
EV's: 252 Attack / 4 Defense / 252 Speed.
IV's: 31 in HP, Attack & Speed.
-Iron Head
-Fire Punch
-Belly Drum

5) Iron Bundle, Timid Nature. Ability: Quark Drive. Item: Assault Vest.
EV's: 252 Sp. Attack. / 4 Sp. Def. / 252 Speed.
IV's: 31 in HP, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense & Speed
-Ice Beam
-Air Cutter
-Hydro Pump

6) Baxcalibur, Jolly Nature. Ability: Thermal Exchange. Item: Persim Berry
EV's: 252 Attack / 4 Sp. Def / 252 Speed.
IV's: 31 in HP, Attack & Speed.
-Dragon Dance
-Icicle Crash

Badge: Snowman Badge.

Prize: Blizzard TM
Gym type: Electric
Gym order: 7th
Featured Trainer Classes: Lady (BW)
Gym Leader team: Kantonian Raichu | Emolga | Pawmo (shiny) | Cinccino (Electric tera type)
Badge: Charge Badge (two electric bolts)
Prize: A TM for the move Shock Wave

I wish I could figure out my puzzle, but I'm honestly not sure since I lack creativity in that regard. Ideally I'd be an electric and normal gym leader combined but that wouldn't fit in the series well as well so I settled for Cinccino with the Electric tera type. :'D


Silence is Purple
Gym type: Grass.

I would like to be a Grass type gym leader. I love grass types, and my oc, Siorc, loves nature, so I could only imagine myself as a Grass type Gym leader.

Gym order: 4th

I don't think I'd want to be the last gym leader. I'd much prefer to be the middle of the road, the 4th. Even though this is pretty common, Grass simply just isn't the best type and shouldn't be a last gym leader, so I wouldn't have it any other way.

Featured Trainer Classes: Pokemon Rangers, Aroma Ladies.

These two trainer classes seem to mostly use Grass type Pokemon and wouldn't it just make sense for them to be in a Grass type gym?

Gym puzzle/challenge: Getting through a large flower hedge maze. To be honest, don't really care about gym puzzles.

Gym Leader team: Roselia, Gloom, and Grass Tera type Floette.

When I think about what Pokemon best represent flowers, these are the three I think about the most. So, these would be the Pokemon I'd use. (I know, not very creative tbh, I'm tired.)

Badge: Blooming badge. Would be a small flower that has just bloomed.

Prize: A petal dance TM.

Since all the Pokemon on my team can learn it, this is probably the TM I'd give since the Pokemon are all flower themed.
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Type: "Normal"
Order: 7th
Trainer classes: Any that fits into a casino
Gym Challenge: This gym is centered around the theme of Pokémon changing their types through different means. Upon entering the gym, all your Pokémon's types are randomized by a mysterious power. There are different roulettes scattered across the gym, and for each you find and interact with one of your Pokémon (randomly) will regain its real typing. Naturally, some trainers will be on your way when trying to get these roulettes, but it's up to you if you want to revert all your team to their original types, or if you can actually take tactical advantage of some of the changes.

Leader's team:

Color Change - Leftovers
Fake Out | Shadow Sneak | Foul Play | Stealth Rock

Imposter - Metal Powder

Noivern [Tera-Normal]
Infiltrator - Throat Spray
Boomburst | Shadow Ball | Flamethrower | Air Slash

Analytic - Eviolite
Psychic | Ice Beam | Conversion 2 | Recover

Intimidate - Normal Gem
Burn Up | Extreme Speed | Wild Charge | Psychic Fangs

Prize: Adaptability Badge + 50 Tera Shards of one type up to player's choice.
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