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Tug o' War 9 - Breakfast (+1) vs Dinner (-1)

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tug of war game PNG Designed By 588ku from https://pngtree.com

Welcome to the Forum Games Tug o' War thread!

What is going on here?

Since the Gender Race has been retired to further our goal of inclusion, we would like to present to you our brand new Tug o' War game!

Awesome! But erm... what is it?
It works much the same as before, but rather than having a game involving binary identity where not everyone may be able to participate, we will pick a (friendly!) subject to race / battle and you will post for the side you want to win!

You simply join whichever team you like, and you can even change sides if you find your opinion has swayed during the game, but please try to keep any switching for genuine changes of heart.

The subject for the next game could be decided by YOU!
You are able to suggest new topics to battle over in THIS THREAD, so it's fully interactive!

Let's play! Gimme the rules!
Both sides of the battle will be assigned a role - up or down. If you want team UP to win, then you will simply ADD one to the number from the post above you. If you want team DOWN to win, then you SUBTRACT one instead!

We will start at 100. If team UP reaches 200, they win! If team DOWN reaches 0, they win! If neither team wins by the end date we change the subject to avoid it becoming stale

Scheduled End Date: 15th April

Remember to stick to the Forum Rules and try to keep the conversation flowing. You can talk about anything, such as the current battle subject, or even just daily chit-chat!

Round 1 witnessed Cats secure victory over Dogs!
Round 2 see the Anti-Pineapple-ists barely secure the victory!
Round 3 tea definitely didn't crush coffee in this one; nope, definitely not! :P
Round 4 The Legend of Zelda one this one over the Super Mario franchise
Round 5 Cake ended up being more popular than Pie
Round 6 Consoles beat PC's in the gaming debate
Round 7 Books secured a runaway victory over TV!
Round 8 Night narrowly triumphed over Day!

The subject for this round (suggested by Alex_Among_Foxes) is: Breakfast vs Dinner

Breakfast (UP)
Dinner (DOWN)

Let's begin!


Not open for further replies.