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VGPOTW #10: DualShock You To The Core

What is PlayStation's greatest IP series?

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El Héroe Oscuro

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Welcome to Video Game's Poll of the Week! Thanks to the permission of Pokemon General's moderator Brendino, Video Games will now be hosting a weekly series that pits certain video game characters, levels, and universes against other to see which one will come out on top! In last week's Poll of the Week, Marth hacked and slashed its way to PC's most beloved swordsman!
Expand on your answers! Tell us why you prefer one video game element over another! Posts that don't elaborate as to why specific elements were chosen will be deleted, and a warning may be given out through an infraction if it's a reoccurring issue.
Note: All options available to vote upon were determined by whether or not the game has a sequel to the series (with the only exception being Shadow of the Colossus as there was direct information that Ico was a sequel to it.) If you have a matchup that you would like to see, whether between video game characters or worlds/universes, send me a VM or PM and if your matchup gets chosen then an emblem will be given out as a reward!

Without further ado:

What is PlayStation's greatest IP series?

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Satoshi Ookami

Memento Mori
S-S-Sony poll
I'm touched.

I'm not gonna go for my personal favorite to be as objective as possible so... I choose Uncharted.
In my opinion this game and Nathan are exactly things that people think of if you say Sony/PS.
In terms of gameplay and story, the games are top notch. Its only downside might be that it probably doesn't appeal that to younger audience.


I voted for Kingdom Hearts, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, and "Other," that being Ratchet & Clank.

I just absolutely love Kingdom Hearts in every way, so that was a no-brainer. It's definitely one of my all time favorite series . . . it's imaginative, the worlds are beautiful and the characters amazing, and the story is absolutely glorious. I love it.

The other three I voted for have been in my life for . . . I'm not even sure how long it's been. I've grown up with them, and I love them to death. They've always been Sony's "Big Three" to me, and I adore them.

Of course there's always Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. They've been part of my life as long as the aforementioned trio, but I never kept up with anything beyond the games for the original PlayStation, and Crash Bandicoot is kind of . . . gone, sadly. Spyro is too, because I refuse to acknowledge Skylanders as a thing.


I eat shades of #radred.
Kingdom Hearts.

It's the game that made me stick with the Playstation (that is until KH3 was confirmed for the Xbox One), and the game that actually got me into the whole J-RPG style of gaming in the first place. The storyline was just so beautiful, I actually found myself pretty much close to tears at some parts of KH1, and the ending made me burst out crying. Kairi and Sora are just perfect for each other and if this isn't resolved by KH3 I'm going to write an angry letter to Square Enix then crumple it up and throw it away and play KH3 again.

KH2 was good, also. I loved how Jack Skellington was involved again, being a massive Nightmare Before Christmas fan that really appealed to me. But again, STORYLINE?!?!?! Absolutely fantastic. 10/10 games.
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Although I've played only one Kingdom Hearts game--which would be Re:coded--in general, it's still one of my most favorite series out there. I don't know which consoles this particular game was available to, but I found myself playing it on DS, and it seemed very addictive; smashing through foes, gaining experience, earning money, getting a hold of stat chips, upgrading yourself--it was all too fun.

If every other (well, at least most) Kingdom Hearts game is like this (including ones on PlayStation), I'm definitely sold. Am planning on getting myself a set of PlayStation 4 at some point in near future, which would be around December, I believe, and if there's any Kingdom Hearts game available for it--I trust there will--I'll definitely consider purchasing them before anything else.

Alongside above, I'm also pretty fond of Sly Cooper; have played couple of their games on my PlayStation 2 before, and similarly, things were pretty intriguing. Jak and Daxter is great, too, and also Ratchet and Clank.


I know it's technically not a Playstation IP any more, but not having Crash Bandicoot on the list just feels wrong :( I mean he's the classic Playstation icon.


I'm voting for Kingdom Hearts, because It's the only one that I've played out of all those games, and because I love it. But mainly for the first reason.


Blade of Justice
Voted for God of War. Out of them it's been the most enjoyable game I played and I really liked the intense action in it.

Didn't know we could vote for multiple ones : I'd also pick Killzone, Resistance and inFamous.
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I voted for Sly Cooper because the games are hilarious. I love the characters.

Does Kingdom Hearts still count as a Playstation IP since KH3 is coming out on Xbox One?
I like a fair number of those options, but I limited myself to 3 votes- Kingdom Hearts, LittleBigPlanet, and Gran Turismo.

The original Gran Turismo game on PS1 kept me busy for years, and was one of my most, if not, the most played games that I owned for the system. I remember there was one race that took nearly 4 hours to complete (75 laps @ 3 min. per lap), and safe to say I didn't touch another racing game for a long time after I beat that, haha. As for the other two games, I haven't played them a whole bunch, but I did like at least 2 or 3 games in each series, which is why I gave them a vote.
I don't want to skew the vote, since I haven't played a single game. Though, I plan to purchase a PS3/PS4 for the Persona 5 release, so there is definitely a part of me that feels compelled to check out some of these Playstation games.

Kingdom Hearts piques my interest most, and I can't believe I have put off playing it for so long! I didn't realize how closely the art-style and cut-scenes matched the actual movies...immersive atmospheres and art-styles are probably the most important thing to me while playing a game.

Also, Sly Cooper/Jax and Daxter have my kind of art style and atmosphere. I'd like to try these game out as well. Thick bold outlines and bold/toony colors just seem fun. The gameplay seemed interesting as well. 3D platformers are welcomed!

God of War has the fantasy element I enjoy, but I prefer the macabre art-style of Dante's Inferno if I were to play this genre of game. So, I would likely pass (I don't have too much time on my hands to play every video game.)

The first person shooters don't pique my interest at all, along with the racing game (Mario Kart is my cup of tea.)

If I were to vote, purely from watching gameplay videos, I would go with Kingdom Hearts, Sly Cooper, and Jax. With GoW as an honorable mention.

Question: Which Kingdom Hearts should I try first of the remastered versions 1 and 2?