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  1. Enpatsu Shakugan
    3 Days Ago 3:37 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Done, finally! (made it work)

    How is it?
  2. Enpatsu Shakugan
    3 Days Ago 9:59 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Hey, haha.

    I guess the Avatar series has that vibe. It's actually a villain from Book 3 of Legend of Korra! My favorite character. I'm going to be working on some sort of sig later on; if I can manage...
  3. LilyGardy
    5 Days Ago 7:06 AM
    Hello VisionofMilotic. I hope you are well.

    I watched both Pokemon films. I watched Pokemon 4ever first and enjoyed it. Celebi was portrayed suitably as a cheerful Pokemon and had a good relationship with Pikachu. I was surprised the film touched on the concept that Pokemon can die. Of course the Celebi was revived by a host of other Celebi but I was still surprised the film touched on death. The Tree monster CG whilst a bit conspicuous by today's stamdards was no doubt great CG for the time.

    Whilst Sam's identity as a young Professor Oak may have been obvious to older viewers (Especially those who know his first name) I liked the final scene where Oak more or less revealed to the three he knew Sam would be happy. Also earlier in the film Oak stated he had only seen Suicune once...

    I really liked the Italian setting in Pokemon Heroes and the large amount of focus that Latias (One of my favourite Legendaries) got. In this film they did not just touch on death but Latios actually died which surprised me and I liked how the Soul Dew was tied into the lore.

    For some reason in Pokemon Heroes only Tododile and Pikachu were shown of Ash's team and Tododile only at the start. One would be forgiven for thinking Pikachu was Ash's only Pokemon although I did like their personality in the film.

    Overall I liked both films and may rewatch the first movie (Which I saw in the Cinema many years ago) again.

    I am currently playing Fire Red and my team is (4 Badges earned) - Charmeleon, Vaporeon, Pikachu, Butterfree, Nidorina and my favourite Gen 1 Pokemon Vileplume. The star of my team so far is Pikachu who impressively swept Surge's team including of course Surge's Raichu. My Pikachu knows Mega Kick, a powerful if inaccurate early Gen move. Vileplume is as reliable as always and I always use one in Gen 1 playthroughs. :)
  4. Epilogue
    6 Days Ago 7:33 PM
    Well said! Very well said, there. ^^ Even through all that darkness, your light managed to shine with brilliance. I'm still incredibly grateful for that inspiring PM you sent me—I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't reached out. There must be others who feel the same way, too! :D

    Aww, you are too kind! ;__; Thank you so much, Sam! As long as we have fun-loving people like you keeping PokéTrivia full of spirit (and mischief!!), that's more than enough to make me happy! I really apologize for not posting as much lately... If I can make it through just one more week of intense schoolwork, I should hopefully be good to go!

    Originally Posted by VisionofMilotic View Post
    This birthday isn't over yet. Cue the choir!
    A meloetta, primarina, Jigglypuff, Clefairy and lapras chorus appear singing your favorite songs. Vanilite drives an icecream truck to your doorstep with a birthday ice cream cake in the back of the truck and the words Revise 22 written in frosting. Its your favorite flavor too! Frozen Castelia cones and rage candy bars rain down on all of the guests. Delibird uses present and in the box is a shiny bulbasaur with 4 special event moves. Kricketune are playing music. Cubone use their bones to beat on drums. The radio plays and DJ Mary wishes you a happy birthday live in air and let's you know that you just won an all expense paid trip to your favorite region. Voltorb leaps into the air and uses explosion triggering fire works that spell your name. Twenty two litwicks show up as your birthday candles and spell out happy birthday and many more.

    Make a wish Revise! Rayquaza heard your fervent wish! Your wish came true!
    Oh, goodness...!

    I'm at a loss for words, haha! This is just too surreal... it's like a PokéTrivia dream come true! :D You really made my day. Once again, thanks a ton for such an amazing birthday wish!! =) I'll gladly cherish every bit of this celebration for as long as this dream can last! <333 Well, exceeeeept for maybe the Casteliacones, because I know better than to trust ice cream! xD

    *closes eyes and makes a wish* I'm counting on you, Rayquaza! ^^
  5. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 4:33 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    I replied in full to you.

    But keep in mind, there's a backlog of a dozen or so texts too. :/

    Anyway, you take care of yourself, whatever happens.
  6. Lycanthropy
    1 Week Ago 11:40 PM
    Likewise. :D
  7. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 11:26 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    It's like you can read my mind on when I need you to come back. :p

    And as much as I want to reply to you right now, I can't. I'll keep these messages on the back burner for now, as well as your future PM reply, but I need to discuss something important before any of that.

    Can you send me a new PM in about 6 hours just asking what's up and wait for me to get back to you? I'll explain there. And it'll be short, so if you could also reply back soon, that'd help.

    Just, something has come up...
  8. Epilogue
    2 Weeks Ago 8:14 PM
    I totally know how you feel! ;__; I almost believed it was all over, and just that thought alone left me in shock. But you seriously should have seen yourself, though! You were standing really strong during that time—the positive influence you were spreading re-energized this place more than you can imagine! =)

    Aaaaaa thank you so much!! I almost forgot it was gonna be my birthday, haha. xD
  9. Enpatsu Shakugan
    2 Weeks Ago 2:37 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    By the way, reply to either my profile or our conversation. You posted this on YOUR profile, so I got no notification of it.

    Ah, After Earth. It truly deserved its own cinematic universe. Such rock hard sci-fi and lore, and deep character and universe building, where not only did everything make sense, but it was expertly crafted...

    Complete opposite in actuality, if you couldn't tell, haha. :-!
    The only good thing to come out of AE are the hilarious reviews about it.

    Still too much work. :P

    I remember beating every rank but I don't recall a prize like that. I knew I wasn't going to keep those games, so any prize stuck solely in that cart were worthless to me.
    I do think I did beat Lisia at least once though.

    Ha, I just realized, you're obsessed with Milotic, yet it isn't even a dragon. It really should be. It's more dragon than Kingdra.

    Haha, whoops. Please don't think lowly of me for that! I was curious though since, wow, that must be pricey. So obviously you're doing okay. :P

    Not like I've never done something like that with clothes either, haha.

    Ooh, nice! That short messy look is actually a very strong favorite of mine! Can you wear it down for your picture? I kinda think I want to see that look the most!
    And you still think you can top my hair even when you're not that much fuller than me?? Tsk, tsk, overly boastful, much??

    The fact they obviously got someone who didn't even understand the narrative to continue it is the worst part. There are plenty of adaptations that differ from source material, but you can tell the people behind it still respected and GOT the material to stay faithful.
    Unless the show writers are just THAT inept. With all those literary flaws, I don't doubt that either. Either ineptitude or laziness (resort to tired cliches to make it easier to consume and watch and work in more tits and action!)

    I'm trying to imagine Miura stopping Berserk and then another inept author trying to continue it. At how horrible that would be. So I can only imagine the pain of essentially falling out of love with it. You're hardly in the minority.

    Actually I wasn't even meaning that. I meant it literally. Humans are literally monsters in Berserk too. And it falls in line with losing your humanity too.

    Yeah, children are not excempt in Berserk. But all the worst things happen to Guts early on. At least that stuff is quick though.

    Yeah, but... Why? Haha. I didn't see any mention of that character or show. Why did you show her? Did I miss something you wrote?

    By the way, I forgot to mention it in the PM I sent you: my offers to help you, both in money, writing, and just making you happy have nothing to do with pity. Far from. I felt an undying urge to prop you up from deep respect and just, really, caring about your well being.
    I just wanted to clear that up, if you misread it. Just in case. I didn't want you to think I had pity for you. Never, my friend. I don't pity people I like this much. :)
  10. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 1:36 PM
    I never saw the film, so I knew next to nothing about it,other than it had Will Smith and his son in it, and way never a real Will Smith fan.

    You don't have to water the berries 3 times a day, if you water it reguarly you increase the volume of berries the tree will produce,but if you water it just that once then it will still produce berries, you might get 3-5 but that will still quickly multiply.

    I'm glad to hear that you liked the contests too. Did you complete all of the ranks in every type and get that special rainbow animation for your pokeball? It really meant a lot to me to have a shiny milotic make an even more dramatic entrance from her pokeball. I also liked decorating my base and really wanted that gorgeous candelabra thing so that gave me incentive to defeat Lisia.

    I was taught that it was the height of bad manners to ask someone paid for something, be it a present or the clothes they are wearing ;) The Pyramid Collection does have inflated prices, but they are worth it because their designs are beautiful and unique, and the quality is very good. I have bought clothes from them for years and I have never had 1 product tear up, not so much as a button has fallen off. In an era where even high profile stores and designers are using really bad materials this shop sells well-made clothes nice, velvets, handwoven cottons and wools.

    My hair is enough to bull into a bun at the back of my hair. Its not long righfin its just kinda average to shorter with a lot of messy curls, sortas hort and wild like Sakura Kinomoto, Rei Ayanami or Melfina. But as I mentioned those days are at an end, so I don't see myself cutting it. Its just gonna grow now and I will only trims the ends. If it ends up growing 4 feet that's fine. I'm just gonna let my hair do what it wants to do.

    Even though you don't watch Game of Thrones you've spoken more common sense about what to do with the series than the producers seem to have between. If they had the sense that the Gods gave a fish then they would have done exactly as you said-- take their time and adapt Everything from the books. There are major plotlines they never addressed, characters they wrote out who still had stuff to do, they composited the actions of multiple characters, and just raced ahead to finish line and then they had truly no idea what to do, people going completely out of character, inventing characters we never heard of want to, silly deux ex machina, it is one of the worst falls of a good series I have seen like Heroes was and I just turned it off midway through season 6. It looked like each episode was being past around to a new fanfiction author.

    On Beserk, though I haven't watched it yet, the sense I came away with is exactly what you said, how the real monsters lie in the human heart. I appreciate you giving me a straight answer and trigger warning on the violence so it doesn't take me off gaurd. I am becoming more of a softie these days. Last week I was going to watch the movie Farewell My Concubine. The title comes from a Chinese Opera about a consort who kills herself after the fall of her lord. The Chen Kaige film is about a Chinese opera star in the roaring 20s and this is the play he is best known for performing with his childhood best friend. In the beginning of the movie the kid who is our hero is being sold by his mom who is a prostitute. The little boy has a sixth finger and his mom saws off the finger so he will look more appealing. I had to honestly fastforward over that scene, violence directed at kids is especially hard for me. I have a feeling that this a tame scene compared to Guts' life so I feel like I probably should really fortify myself for this one. But it does sound like it is an epic for a reason. And I could always tell that the violence was there not for shock value but to understand the man that the character becomes.

    The picture is Haydee Tambelin from Gankutsuou, the count's beautiful, mysterious companion from another planet.

  11. Enpatsu Shakugan
    2 Weeks Ago 12:43 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    When I watched CB every week on Adult Swim, it was my favorite. Production values were great, music, and so varied and fun. I loved it.

    I began loving it less when I kept seeing, everywhere, BEST ANIME EVER, OMG NUMBER 1 NO CONTEST, etc.
    Huh? Really? I thought. That fun series that was thin on plot? Sure it's great, but not what I'd call best. No hidden themes, ongoing narrative, and purely episodic. I didn't get it.
    So just recently I bought it on DVD to watch it in Japanese and English. And... I got it even less.

    It was still fine, but not nearly as fun, and just... Episoodic.
    I don't know, I guess I like epic ongoing stories. That takes effort. Something like Berserk or Shana, or even YYH at the time. Episodic though, that's easy.
    Everyone tries to say Spike and Julia and Viscous is the story, but I disagree. It's the longest one, but it's still only Spike's story.
    It was an ensemble show, not the Spike show. And still, 5 episodes out of 26? So 5/6 of it is filler?
    And sad to say, while the characters weren't bad or anything, they weren't anything too special for me either. I can't say I really grew to like or care about any of their stories. It was interesting Faye is from the past and had to live a while new life thereafter... But did I care when she found her old home and remembered the rest of her past? Not really.

    So like a said. A fine, very fun anime. 7/10... I just don't get why this is considered a masterpiece by so many people. Production value or just the music? If it was the same story without the music, would it be just as popular?
    Somehow... I doubt it.

    I assume you mean Asuka as the other kid with issues, given that Rei is completely blank?
    The worst thing about Eva was the religious symbolism that was out of control at the end, and how Gainax keeps making more series of it.
    It's easy to hate it now :-!

    Are you kidding? Next Gen is one of the finest shows to ever be made. Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I put it on that and always get invested.
    I haven't seen as much Trek as I want to, but I love both Next Gen and the original movies, specifically 2-4.

    And... So, McCoy is your favorite character too? :p

    Deforest was always a joy to watch. I loved his Spock dynamic too the most. Polar opposites, haha. I think you like Trek WAAAY more than you're letting on if you want to write McCoy fan fiction... Like you've gone to conventions in uniform before level :p

    But you know I'm interested to check it out!

    And about SW, the overblown hype has made me sour to it as well. Did fun science fantasy films for kid, nothing amazing, people.
    The fact this franchise that was for children, that is so simplistic, and lean on content gets obsessed over to such a level, where every minute detail is examined in full is ludicrous.

    I loved them as a kid but grew out of them. Originals are still fine, I guess, but come on. I think some people view it as a religion or something, or that they'll destroy their childhood by saying they're not as good. You're allowed to grow past things.

    I can't explain it, but it's sad.
  12. Enpatsu Shakugan
    2 Weeks Ago 12:01 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    You didn't know that?! Haha. Wow, see what I mean?
    I thought it was pretty common knowledge he was the brilliant director behind that masterpiece, haha.

    But even THAT is a pain; yeah they were all in one place, but you still had do it 3 times a day for just a couple. I didn't even want to do it more than twice. You got a lot more patience than I ever will!

    But yes, the EV reducing berries were great to finally start do proper EV training when you couldn't get the right Pokemon. I used those like crazy in Gen 4.

    Nothing wrong with that though. If you liked contests and had the BP to spare, then it wasn't worthless.
    If you made Pokemon remember bad moves just because you felt sorry for the moves or something, or had a finite amount, then I'd worry about you, haha.
    For contests though, I can dig it. I got a bit obsessed with winning contests in the Hoenn remakes; that was about the most invested I got during those games!

    How pricey would that ensemble be? Are you sure you're not just rolling in money? It looks pretty expensive to me! :P

    Speaking of your hair, how is it now? I hope it's not super short, because I actually like mid to longer length myself. I'm okay with your hair, haha, but I also want to see you try and best me in the crazy hair contest as well. Longer hair is definitely a preference on women though.

    For awhile, before I realized how much I loved red, I was actually too afraid to wear it. I hated the attention it brought, like all eyes were on me. For awhile, even red boxer shorts (ie, underwear) was threatening to me, even though no one could even see it. So I was definitely afraid to wear what I liked for quite awhile.

    I get the whole adaptation thing. I've seen the same thing with movies vs books or even, more commonly, anime vs manga.

    What baffles me about the GoT series, however, is that they're so desperate now to make their own material when they ran out of book, why not take their time adapting EVERYTHING from the books?
    Time constraints? Pfft. Such things shouldn't exist in television. You have any number of episodes you want. If I had to write my own stuff for fear of running out of material, I'd be damn sure to include EVERYTHING from the books.

    It's the same treatment some of the worst shonen anime get. Naruto, for example, gets literally every single inkblot of manga adapted and then 2000+ episodes of filler.
    How come some shows get everything or too much, whereas others barely get what they need? That has always irked me so much.

    I'm still hesitant to get into that series, just because it won't conclude, but I know I'd probably like it for sure. It's just my style and reminds me a whole lot of Berserk.

    And yeah, sometimes an actor can bring a whole new level to a character. You'd be surprised, or something they can ruin one of your favorites. It just depends!

    And the true irony in Berserk is that the most terrifying creators, demonic or not are humanity themselves. Be it those in power or the ones who have become literal monsters in and of themselves.
    And there's a whole long complicated backstory behind Guts' of causality, a man-made god that gives reason to suffering, etc. It's so layered, it's an amazing read.
    Along with the top-tier artwork and characters, you won't regret it.

    And yeah, the animes are pretty bad. The original 97 one did a decent job capturing it, but the new ones are all CG embarrassments. WITH bad adaptation as well. Steer very clear. The kind of anime literally everyone hates these days.

    Sadly, there's a lot of very graphic violence in it. Very. And it's made even worse that you're emotionally invested in the characters it's happening to.
    Volume 13 is going to be a hard read, but you'll be so invested, I doubt you can stop either.
    I read volumes 5-14 in one day my first time, simply because I couldn't stop.

    But it has to be; it's not just violent for spectacle, it's violent for a reason. If you don't understand what Guts has been through, then his motivations and how it shapes him have no weight.

    It doesn't bother me, because I can separate reality from fiction, but it is still disturbing, especially the context. That's the worst part. But give it a try. As I said, the violence in it is directly for its story and characters. It's not torture porn like the Saw movies.

    Keep in mind though when you check out the first 3 volumes, it's going to come across a lot different. Those volumes are canonically volumes 14, 15, and 16, with volume 3 being the true volume 1. Miura opted to tell the story that way for a reason.

    And believe me, the first 3 volumes the very first time and after you've read the next 14 volumes are two wholly different stories.
    Like the best stories, you see past events way differently with future context. But even those have some very graphic violence, so see what you think.
    I'm also saying the story may seem a little different than what you're expecting at first.

    So... what's the picture you posted? Some elf character in a white dress?? :P
  13. Enpatsu Shakugan
    2 Weeks Ago 5:12 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    I guess all that's left now is the other reply and if you saw that Berserk video, haha.

    Seriously though, I'm like literally itching for your opinion on it hoping you'll get just as excited for it as I am! :p

    And whoops, sorry I forgot to mention CB and Eva in our last PM; kinda got overbloated. I can do it here!

    Cowboy Bebop is a fine, fine series, but not the best anime ever. I can't believe people think that. I did see Evangelion as well, and yeah... it's really nowhere near as good as everyone makes it out to be. By the end, I was clamoring it to end.

    I liked that it wasn't actually about Angels, giant mechs, etc, but instead about, essentially, a damaged protagonist thrown into those extraordinary anime plotlines; but that concept alone doesn't excuse everything else that's wrong with it. Which is a lot.
    End of Eva (the film) was a bit better and I was at least invested, but yeah, I stopped past there. No interest for more.

    If you really want to know what I love in sci-fi, Star Trek. And I don't mean the new JJ Abrams action garbage. I like things like Trek because I love those complicated morality plays and hard questions masked in a sci-fi skin.
    No simplistic good vs evil like in Star Wars, but complicated ideas and a true look into what such a future could actually be.
    Almost any Trek from the past 40 years embodies these elements to some extent.
  14. Enpatsu Shakugan
    2 Weeks Ago 12:39 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    I'll guess a combination of both. :)

    Haha, Travis is pretty solidarity by nature, with zero interest in any deeper romantic connections with anyone, girl or not. So he doesn't care, yet ironically a lot of girls HAVE fallen for that indifference nonetheless!
    Years ago, I basically lamented to him, "You DON'T want female attention, yet you get it, while I'M clamoring for it and can't catch a break... :'("

    What a strange film, haha, since that's about the only shot of Monroe I've seen where I'd see she's my kind of attractive!
    Her type of the fake bleached blonde is generally very uninteresting for me.

    Will you still be on during your vacation? You did say things get easier in June!
    You could also just with a bit of tape, set it on a wall, flip the camera and set a timer too, haha, but whatever works for you! I'd love to see more photos of your family too if you're offering. I like your family a lot already from all you've told me about them!

    Yeah, I actually eagle eye on a lot of homey (or homely as some people would even say) plain girls that normally aren't on anyone's eye. But that's what I like.

    As I said, nice and cute and average is best. I really dislike bleach blonde, over makeup, too much perfume, fake body enhancements, etc. They don't feel like a person, but a thing, and I want to be attracted to a PERSON.
    What I meant by costume too is to not over think and cobble together something you'd never actually wear to please me. Don't dress up in a costume, just really be you, was my point.

    And did you see? I'm now a supporter! A mod, out of sheer kindness (I still don't know why) donated for me on my behalf. I was shocked.
    Since you can apparently even do that, do you want me to do it for you, so you can as well? If you don't care about the perks, it's at least to more of PC.
    Let me know! I don't mind!
  15. Enpatsu Shakugan
    2 Weeks Ago 11:06 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Ha, so you really would've skewered the contest in my favor that extreme? :P

    As I said, why even do the contest at all then, haha. Or did you want to gauge if I was worthy to enter the dragon's den? Or maybe you're just a super shy dragon despite initial appearances and need to keep up the challenging facade at first?

    Ha, I know you and Travis wouldn't click, but that's not a dragon thing unless all women are also dragons. Travis has a way about him that makes most females dislike him, and he's proud of it. :-!

    I still say that's a shame you feel the need to hide your glasses. If you like them, wear them.

    Don't make a costume for me, I just want to see average everyday you. Same with the glasses. What you would wear normally. Or what best suits the rest of it.

    And from your description, it sounds like just the person I want to see!

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