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My teen years ranged from bad to great to bad. It was a big emotional roller costar of a mess. From 13-16 I was really anti-social and also had many issues with anger, where I would have a fit over just about anything and never talked to anyone. There was countless amount of days where I skipped class or had a bad day in school and would have a temper-tantrum cause of my negative mood. I went to two high schools. I was at only only for freshmen year and then had to move to another cause the first one closed due to lack of funding. I really wanted to go to same school at least 80% of my classmates were going to, but unfortunately I got rejected. This made me so upset cause I wanted to graduate with the class I was with since 8th grade and I had only one other option left and I really skeptical about the school. I was accepted into the school but I had to go to the special education classes which took place at a school. The program was ran by nuns and I hated it cause they really treated us like little kids. In the fall of my sophomore year, I joined a Catholic youth group that one of my childhood friends was going to. At first I mainly went cause he was going and for the fun games, but it really changed me a lot. I became more social and less introverted and I grew more spiritually and became a more religious person. Soon I was attending the groups' retreats and got more into the discussions of the bi-weekly talks they had. I got more involved in my school's campus ministry and even lead some retreats there. The group really shaped me into the person I am today. At the same time though I was really dealing with lot of confusing things such as who really was my friends and stuff like who I as and what I wanted to be. At times I even dealt with thing relating to what my sexuality was. I was confused on what I was, but the youth group helped me realized I more of man and that strive me to be more manly and grown up. Junior year is one I'm embarrassed about. I went through a really odd phase where I tried to follow all of my friends and every trend they did. As I mentioned, before, I also had a lot of problems with who I was actually my friend and who wasn't. My childhood friend , the one who invited me to join the youth group, told me I was basically "hovering" him too much and that I should leave him alone for a while and let him have his own space. Basically saying our friendship wasn't as good as it I thought it was anymore. He told me this when I discovered he was having a 16th birthday party and didn't invite me. He also told em his sister and a couple of people I knew from the youth group TPed my house a few nights before. We became pretty distanced after that. It made me feel isolated, betrayed and like no one cared for me at all. So it caused me to force people to become my friend and to like me. One guy in particular at my school who I admired as person. I tried so hard to be his friend that he blocked me on Facebook and lead to him and his friends hating me. Senior year was a bit better, but there was still many things I was dealing with. I was struggling with grade and senioritis was really kicking my butt. I procrastinated many project and homework and tons of stuff I never finished. I was late almost everyday too as well. While generally my school performance was awful all four years of high school (I actually had to attend summer school junior year) , senior year was definitely my worse. I had no motivation to do anything and ended up actually failing senior year and didn't graduate with my class. It wasn't until I a year and half of tedious course work, that I was able to receive my diploma. I feel like I should explain that more later , but rather not now cause this post is already long enough. Overall if I had to rate my teen years, I would rated it a 5/10. Just mediocre and the only thing that made it better were the friends I made while at the youth group. They really shaped me into who I am today. I hope my 20s/college years are much better than my teens was and so far that's been true. Life could be better though.
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