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Randomized Challenge Ultimate Challenge Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame X Completed on December 19, 2019:

Bart the Simisage Lv. 68
Ability: Gluttony
Item: Amulet Coin
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Fury Swipes, Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Lick

Yolanda the Golduck Lv. 70
Ability: Cloud Nine
Item: None
Nature: Docile
Moves: Zen Headbutt, Strength, Waterfall, Surf

Roxie the Arbok Lv. 60
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Toxic Plate
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Sludge Bomb, Coil, Mud Bomb, Toxic

Chocobo the Chatot Lv. 67
Ability: Keen Eye
Item: Sky Plate
Nature: Mild
Moves: Fly, Hyper Voice, Chatter, Roost

Elsa the Vanilluxe Lv. 58
Ability: Ice Body
Item: Icicle Plate
Nature: Naive
Moves: Uproar, Mirror Coat, Acid Armor, Ice Beam

Gloria the Bisharp Lv. 71 (MVP)
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: King's Rock
Nature: Careful
Moves: Iron Defense, Swords Dance, Iron Head, Night Slash

Hall of Fame Sun Completed July 3rd 2019:

Amon the Decidueye Lvl 56
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Decidium Z
Nature: Rash
Moves: Spirit Shackle, Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Brave Bird.

Frida the Alolan Raticate Lvl 53
Ability: Gluttony
Item: Silk Scarf
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Crunch, Endeavor, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch

Lucy the Mudsdale Lvl 57 (MVP)
Ability: Stamina
Item: Groundium Z
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Mega Kick, Heavy Slam, Double Kick, Earthquake

Luxbris the Sylveon Lvl 58
Ability: Cute Charm
Item: Amulet Coin
Nature: Hardy
Moves: Swift, Moonblast, Light Screen, Misty Terrain

Peter the Lumineon Lvl 56
Ability: Storm Drain
Item: Mystic Water
Nature: Bashful
Moves: Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, U-Turn

Josephine the Salamence Lvl 56
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Dragonium Z
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Crunch, Zen Headbutt, Fly, Dragon Claw

Hall of Fame Platinum Completed March 19th 2019:

Ignacio the Garchomp Lvl 56 (MVP)
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Dragon Fang
Nature: Bashful
Moves: Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Crunch, Rock Climb

Richter the Altaria Lvl 56
Ability: Natural Cure
Item: None
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Dragon Dance, Take Down, Dragon Pulse, Fly

Beetleborg the Magnezone Lvl 56
Ability: Sturdy
Item: Razor Claw
Nature: Relaxed
Moves: Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon

Rupert the Octillery Lvl 56
Ability: Suction Cups
Item: Never-Melt Ice
Nature: Naughty
Moves: Ice Beam, Psybeam, Hyper Beam, Surf

Jenkins the Absol Lvl 55
Ability: Pressure
Item: None
Nature: Rash
Moves: Swords Dance, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Slash

GOD the Bibarel Lvl 44
Ability: Unaware
Item: Fist Plate
Nature: Calm
Moves: Rock Smash, Waterfall, Strength, Rollout

Hall of Fame Black 2 Completed February 25th, 2019:

Dexter the Sunflora Lvl 55
Nature: Serious
Moves: Cut, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Giga Drain
Item: Miracle Seed
Ability: Solar Power

Majin Buu the Muk Lvl 54
Nature: Gentle
Moves: Minimize, Mud Bomb, Toxic, Sludge Wave
Item: Black Sludge
Ability: Sticky Hold

Logan the Arcanine Lvl 56
Nature: Mild
Moves: Extreme Speed, Leer, Reversal, Fire Fang
Item: Shell Bell
Ability: Intimidate

Helga the Stoutland Lvl 58
Nature: Serious
Moves: Retaliate, Strength, Work Up, Crunch
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Sand Rush

Jessie the Flygon Lvl 56 (MVP)
Nature: Quirky
Moves: Fly, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Earth Power
Item: Dragon Fang
Ability: Levitate

Requiem the Vaporeon Lvl 58
Nature: Gentle
Moves: Waterfall, Ice Beam, Quick Attack, Surf
Item: Splash Plate
Ability: Water Absorb

Hall of Fame Alpha Sapphire Completed January 19 2019:

Tsundere the Linoone Lvl 57
Moves: Strength, Tail Whip, Double Edge, Cut
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Gluttony
Item: Sitrus Berry

Lil Lass the Hariyama Lvl 56
Moves: Rock Smash, Smelling Salts, Focus Energy, Wake-Up Slap
Ability: Guts
Item: Black Belt

World the Torkoal Lvl 58
Moves: Iron Defense, Body Slam, Heat Wave, Shell Smash
Nature: Gentle
Ability: White Smoke
Item: Expert Belt

Braydon the Flygon Lvl 58 (MVP)
Moves: Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Fly, Dragon Claw
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Levitate
Item: Soft Sand

Katana the Golduck Lvl 54
Moves: Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Damp
Item: Sea Incense

OM NOM NOM the Glalie Lvl 55
Moves: Freeze-Dry, Crunch, Ice Fang, Headbutt
Nature: Brave
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Glalitite

Hall of Fame Crystal Completed January 8 2019:

So I never saved all the stats for all my pokemon when I did this and I lost the save file a long long time ago. So this is at least all the information I have for them.

Natsu Lvl 60 (MVP)

Cushion Lvl 60

Kingpin Lvl 55

Fwoof Lvl 50

ToohTooh Lvl 50

Ophiucus Lvl 50

Hall of Fame Firered Completed December 13 2018:

Jeff the Nidoking Lvl 60

Sneezy the Parasect Lvl 60

Grouchy the Arcanine Lvl 60

Doc the Porygon Lvl 60 (MVP)

Happy the Dodrio Lvl 60

Dopey the Lapras Lvl 60


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Monotype Challenge

Documented on the Monotype Challenge Thread
  • Fire Red - Blastoise, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Lapras
  • Crystal - Feraligatr, Slowbro, Corsola
  • Platinum - Empoleon, Whiscash, Tentacruel
  • Black 2 - Samurott, Swanna, Jellicent

SOLO Challenge

Documented on the Solo Challenge Thread
  • Porygon - Red, Crystal, Sapphire

The Ones that Got away

Documented on the The Ones That Got Away thread
  • Renegade Platinum - Magnezone, Dusknoir, Hitmonchan, Slowking, Tropius, Muk

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