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A lot of us are on a forum like this one because we're huge Pokémon fans; otherwise, we probably wouldn't have joined in the first place. However, would you say Pokémon is your favorite game series?

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Posted 21 Hours Ago
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I would not say so. I got way too late into Pokemon for that to be a feasible thing.


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Age 22
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Posted 7 Hours Ago
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10.7 Years
Well, I guess, yeah. I've been into Pokemon 12 years, and no other gaming franchise (besides idol games) has really grabbed my attention as heavily as Pokemon has, so it's definitely my favorite.
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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For sure, yeah. I am actually not that much into gaming outside of Pokemon. I've dipped into some other nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, etc. but nothing has grabbed my attention like Pokemon has.



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Posted 2 Days Ago
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my favorite pokemon games are emerald and crystal, but they're not at the top of my fave game list. however, i would say that as a whole, pokemon is my favorite gaming series. i don't go a year without playing at least two of them, even if it's just replaying rse (cause that...happens a lot lol). and it's not even really out of obligation it's just like. i get in the mood for them so much or i want to raise a specific team of pokemon or whatever. it's been a part of my life since i was 6...that's over 20 years. it's so...wild to think about my life without pokemon. so yeah. definitely my favorite series of games and even when i'm feeling less inclined to play them, i still say that bc of how full my life has been of pokemon.
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Posted 11 Hours Ago
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If we count the whole franchise + community, then yes, but if we count only the gaming part, then big no. Pokémon has been with me my whole life and just by looking at Challenges, you can see that I play these games a lot, but I never had a "5 more minutes and then I'll turn it off" or "one more turn and then I'm going to the bed" moment while playing them. I'm not even sure if it would get to the top 5 to be honest.


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Posted 7 Hours Ago
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14.5 Years
One of my favourite games yes, but not my absolute favourite. The games are still something I enjoy pretty frequently and will always have a place in my heart, but there are other games that I've enjoyed about as much, if not a bit more.


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Age 29
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Posted 11 Hours Ago
Pokemon used to be my favourite series, but no entries have ever been my favourite game. It stopped being my favourite series after Gen IV ended, and I've always had games I prefer to it on the various platforms it has been on.


Laverre City
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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8.4 Years
This.. is a surprisingly tough question. I don’t think I can give a definitive answer, but Pokémon’s at least in the top 5.


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Posted 1 Day Ago
2,971 posts
5.1 Years
nah, its not. but it holds a special place in my all-time best game series. idk, pokemon has its charms but eh, I think there are better games


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Posted 3 Weeks Ago
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I don't know about #1 favourite, but it's certainly up there. It's just hard to say because there are other games that I like just as much as I do Pokemon, if not even more. *shrug*
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Posted 6 Days Ago
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It was my absolute favourite media franchise as a kid and also one of my favourite gaming ones once I started playing the games, but it hasn't been one of my absolute favourites (today I'd still have trouble picking a single favourite franchise anyway) since gen V. As for individual games, I did spend a lot of time back then on FireRed, Emerald, and especially Diamond, but none of the three are any close to my gaming top 10 (again I don't think I could ever give a particular order for them), perhaps the only Pokémon game that'd make the cut is HeartGold/SoulSilver.



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Posted 13 Hours Ago
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Indeed, Pokemon is my favorite game series, because this franchise has been the base of my childhood since i was 6 years old. It has deep-rooted itself. I don't know what more to say, but yes, no other gaming franchises have grabbed my attention to this extent. Wish you all a good day!


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Kansas, USA
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Posted 2 Days Ago
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Pokemon has always been my reason for buying all of my handheld consoles, so you could say it's my favorite game series!

I also will play Zelda, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, and Tales when I have the right consoles, but Pokemon is my biggest motivation - the others are just bonuses, oops.

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