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all nighters

Started by Sheep 2 Weeks Ago 5:03 PM
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have you ever/how often have you pulled an all nighter?

i pulled an all nighter only once in uni to cram a last-minute study session for a group presentation and completely crashed by the time i got home from class in the afternoon
never again :<

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I have sleep issues so over the years all nighters have not been uncommon, sometimes several in a row.


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Posted 4 Hours Ago
very rarely, I just straight up pass out at times trying to pull one off, so the system wont allow me to have an all-nighter


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The last time I pulled a real all-nighter I was in 10th grade. I had no real reason to do it, other than the fact that I was awake until almost 6:30 am. It was a bad experience for me and I'd never pulled one since.

Closest I've come in recent years were after doing midnight releases for Pokémon games and being awake until 4 am, but that was it.
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For study, once only. It was for a computer class.
For pleasure where I watched a complete series and didn't sleep a wink, maybe less than 5 times.

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Constantly. I just pulled an all-nighter last night -- didn't fall asleep until 5 AM. There have been times for weeks in a row that I didn't sleep until 9 AM, or later. I prefer being up during the night, usually.
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for drawing, by accident, i didn't realize it was already 5am when i was finishing up a piece
for study, never, procrastination is key


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It's rather consistent given my work schedule, sports and other things...

But there are innocent times where it wasn't intentional... I know one day I started watching YouTube at 9pm, by the time I shut everything down it was 10am.... Woo -__-; (I had no clock at the time and my light cancelling shades blocked out the sun so.... Yeah


New Horizons
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When I went on vacation earlier this year, a combination of going straight from work to the airport, staying there overnight, and not being able to sleep on planes, I was up from 8 AM (GMT-8) on Jan 1st until 8 PM (GMT+9) on Jan 3rd, so technically I pulled a double all nighter. Sure, there's the whole time zone thing (which meant I was only up 43 hours, not 60), but as someone who loves sleep, I wouldn't recommend it.


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I did a few all nighters when in college. One was finishing a group report on my own (my two other partners were busy with their own assignments) and another an essay.

The only other time I did an all nighter was I think three years ago writing one of my fanfics. Stayed up until over 2am then.

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I only pull all-nighters if I literally cannot sleep due to a migraine, a cold, or some other illness that physically prevents me from sleeping. I've never been one to stay up all night; there's nothing so important that it can't wait until tomorrow morning...I'm up early enough anyway.


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Tampa, FL
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Forgot to mention in my above post though that I guess I did an all-nighter in 2018?? was awake from about 4:30 am December 26th til about 3:30 am December 27th because of traveling 800 miles home after Christmas. Caffeine kept me awake in that instance, though!


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perhaps when i was younger, but now... i can barely make it to 2am.

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Occasionally I will be forced to pull an all nighter due to my insomnia. Most nights I am awake until 2 or 3 AM anyways. The nights when I cannot get any sleep, I feel a lot of physical changes, like higher heart rate, adrenaline rush, etc. Then there is this threshold where the adrenaline fades and I feel like normal again and can usually sleep by about 7-10 AM.
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Quite often, because my sleep schedule has been messed up for some time now due to insomnia and allergy medication, which both seem to trigger afternoon naps that last longer than expected. Then when nighttime rolls around, I'm not tired at all.

I think it's a vicious cycle that results in more lengthy afternoon naps and sleepless nights. I do have an anime convention this weekend, so a few days without an afternoon nap might (at least temporarily) put my sleep schedule back on track.

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i very often pull all nighters or almost all nighters. i have always had problems with sleep and it's just gotten worse as the years have gone by. i sleep about four hours a night now and im constantly tired but i just can't fall asleep for some reason.

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