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Seventh Generation What was your starter

Started by Jayzco January 12th, 2018 12:47 PM
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I picked Popplio once more, because I tend to go by the base stats and potential movepool of the final evolutions, rather than looks. Primarina just has a lot going for it, despite the fact it may lack physical defense and be on the slow side.

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Posted August 11th, 2019
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In my main Ultra Sun, I went with Litten because I had already chose Popplio when I first played through the original Sun, and I had literally only used Litten once before then (in a Dark Monotype). Then in a challenge I'm doing on Ultra Moon currently I went with Rowlet, and my secondary Ultra Sun has me doing a Water Monotype with Popplio. So I've had at least one run within Ultra so far where I use all three starters.
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I don't understand why people get both Sun and Moon, they're basically the same.[
Except that both versions have Pokemon that can be obtained in one version, but not in the other. For example, Passimian can be obtained in Sun, but not in Moon. For Oranguru, it's vice versa.
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I don't understand why people get both Sun and Moon, they're basically the same.[
There's also how some people like to have one version for a causal playthrough and another one for for challenge runs (Nuzlocke, Mono type runs, etc).

For Ultra Sun, I chose Rowlet since I did Popplio in Moon and I prefer Decidueye and Primarina's design than Incineroar. If I were to do another run I might chose Litten next, though.

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Both games I picked Litten, my favorite starter this generation
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Posted February 20th, 2018
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I picked Litten, because it's a cat so I had to. >:3

But it wasn't that long ago (sadly XD) that I learned that Decidueye is part ghost, if I had known this I would have definitely picked Rowlett. :'(

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Popplio just like in normal Moon but several levels after he reached his final form I decided that I wanted to use something new so I boxed it in favour of a Skill link Cloyster I got from Wondertrade. Still like this starter line though.


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I used Rowlet in UM! I've used Popplio so many times before so I had to change it up a bit.
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