How did you survive the quarantine?

Started by luckypenguin June 8th, 2021 12:06 AM
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I barely even noticed it honestly. I'd already hardly been able to leave the house because of illness for years beforehand :')
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I was interning at a news station for the first three months before COVID decided to cancel the program, however, my supervisor offered me to complete the internship from home and later offered a freelancing opportunity. I also returned home to my parents (dad had covid before my arrival) and stayed for about two months before Texas began its phased reopening (also stayed because I was also infected and didn't want to travel sick). Never went out of the house as much as I wanted to. I bought a car that year and it's barely used sometimes because a lot of the stuff I did (school, work, working out, food) was from home and it sucked. I was still grateful I had a job that at least paid the bills, and that both my parents survived COVID, but damn, I may be an introvert but for the first time in my life I missed seeing actual people. lmao
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There was almost no change at all for me, so pretty much business as usual. Just got to put on a face mask when I go to stores...

Work went on uninterrupted, just with face masks at the depot and stores. Heck, work only got busier and busier because of it.
I have no social contacts so same old same old there too.

The price increasing at the supermarket has been noticeable, but with all my extra work time since this mess started, it balances out (heck I make slightly more atm despite the price increase).


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It was sort of rough. I lost my best friend a week before covid took off in the U.S. I was unable to adapt to the online learning and my GPA plummeted. But there were positives, I got into different hobbies and spent some time discovering new songs. Also it was neat seeing certain users on Pokecommunity come around over the year, like roni for example was one I really enjoyed speaking with.


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It took a toll on my mental health, but I'm improving slowly. We can visit family now, at least.
We likely have more quarantines in the future, guys, COVID isn't going anywhere.

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I did the best I could to adapt! My entire 1st year of university was online after the first 3 weeks. I found it difficult to stay disciplined enough but I at least kept up. I didn't meet anyone I would call a close friend but I had friends I was super close with in HS so I was happy enough with keeping in contact with them. I'm already a very reserved person so I think luckily I was OK in the end at adapting to the social aspect of quarantine. Quarantine if anything pushed me to try being more social since I've always been a lot more comfortable texting. I chatted to a girl I had liked during HS for a few months last year after finding out she was also in the LGBT community and I would have never done it otherwise but I didn't feel like I had anything to lose in quarantine. We got along super well but I was too nervous to go any further. Quarantine also reminded me I should try to get involved with PC again in terms of at least chatting to new people, it was out of my comfort zone after having not been properly active on the forum in years but it was great seeing people from the past + meeting new friends through joining in where I could with events like the GT.

There were times where there was loneliness but I liked having more time to focus on myself - I got super into reading, movies and also picked up hiking/running properly last year and between this and university, I felt like time passed fast. My grandma was here all of last year so I spent most of 2020 away from people so I could make sure she stayed safe until she flew back to China. Luckily life is essentially back to normal in Australia but I definitely came out of quarantine a bit more reserved overall.
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My life basically didn't change at all aside from finding the site Instacart, which was nice sometimes if I was feeling lazy. Everything else was the same.
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It wasn’t really anything new seeing as I don’t have friends and never left the house anyways. But even as an introvert, after a while I started to get lonely and stir crazy.
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the anxiety of people being too close in proximity, walking past me maskless outdoors, and coughing nearby were all things i never could have expected in my lifetime. it's amazing how much one can take for granted until its gone, hm?
that being said i did family-related travel once, visited my partner a couple times in another city, moved to said city, kept going out in public, working in the public...and can say confidently i haven't caught COVID or any other illness. i've been a very careful boy it would seem.

in-before the inevitable time in the future where we are able to be maskless and start catching the common cold left and right from each other. all these sanitization practices are gonna wreak havoc once the worry is less!