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Old January 1st, 2014 (3:35 PM).
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Favorite Pokémon Tournament Finale ~ January 1 - 9

Welcome to the final round of the Favorite Pokémon Tournament here in Pokémon Voting Polls! It's taken more than six months worth of voting, and after narrowing it down from hundreds of Pokémon, we're down to our final 20 families. As always, this tournament has been used in hopes to rank the most popular Pokémon in the eyes of you- the members of the PokéCommunity!

NOTE: the Rules/FAQ have been updated for the final vote. If you haven't read them yet, feel free to give them a quick look!


  • You aren’t required to pick just one Pokémon- you can vote for as many as you like to ensure one of your favorites is named champion, and PokéCommunity's favorite Pokémon!
  • As before, the winning Pokémon will be featured in the forum splash of Pokémon Voting Polls after voting. Since there's no poll for a Pokémon to replace it next week, it will remain in the splash for the next couple of weeks.
  • In the event of more than 2 Pokémon tied at the end of the week's voting, Brendino will have the tie-breaking vote.
  • Furthermore, all members who voted and posted in at least 5 of the Favorite Pokémon Tournament threads will receive an emblem depicting the winning Pokémon!
  • If there are any questions that you need answered, feel free to leave a comment in this thread or send a VM to Brendino to get it sorted out.

Thank you all so much for helping make this tournament such a success. Depending on your location, voting will end on either January 8th or 9th, so make sure you don't wait!

The Finalists:



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Old January 1st, 2014 (3:37 PM).
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Again, I can't thank everybody enough for helping make this tournament a success! It's hard to believe that voting is finally going to end in less than a week, and we'll finally crown PokéCommunity's favorite Pokémon as voted by each of you. And if there's one thing I ask- try to not to make this a tie. I'd rather not be the one that has to break it when the dust clears :p

And for those of you that are stats junkies like I am, I'll be sure to post some fun facts about the tournament once the week is through. I took a couple of hours going through each of the previous 20 threads to come up with these, so you should see some surprising (and not-so surprising) numbers and facts!

Oh, I might just have one more thing to ask. Please make sure to share this poll with as many people at PokéCommunity as you can! I'd like this to be the most successful poll yet, to ensure that we get a true representation of the memberbase and their favorite Pokémon. Thanks, and happy voting!

Old January 1st, 2014 (3:44 PM).
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Wasn't here at the start, but glad I can be part of the finale. I voted the Zubat family, and Breloom. I actually have both of these Pokemon (Crobat) on my competitive Showdown team, and they have really unique strategies behind them. Design-wise, Zubat family is pretty plain, but that's not a bad thing. Breloom is a mushroom dude, no qualms there. Overall great Pokemon.
Old January 1st, 2014 (4:53 PM). Edited January 1st, 2014 by Knor.
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    I voted Gengar, Tyranitar, and Umbreon, with Gengar being my absolute favourite. Just my favourite to use, and even now, I just found out that its mega (and shiny mega) form is very good/cool-looking, haha. I hope Gengar takes the cake, but all of these are very deserving of the general "Favourite Pokémon".

    Glad to be a part of the past few months of these. :]

    EDIT: Looks like a picked myself a batch of oopsie daisies. Must've overlooked Ampharos as an option... Mr. Brendino, sir?
    Old January 1st, 2014 (7:58 PM).
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      Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
      Please make sure to share this poll with as many people at PokéCommunity as you can! I'd like this to be the most successful poll yet, to ensure that we get a true representation of the memberbase and their favorite Pokémon. Thanks, and happy voting!
      Guess what I did for you, Brendino! :)

      I voted for...well, I'm glad the poll was multiple choice! My first vote went to Dragonite, because I like the Dragon-typing and design. Then I voted for the Ralts family, because they're amazing Psychic-types and I like Gallade. I tossed a vote to Growlithe because they're doggies and Fire and fluffy.

      And of course, Lugia. One of my favorite Pokemon ever, and my favorite Legendary.
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      Umbreon is my favorite Pokemon, PERIOD. My one and only vote goes to it. I've loved it ever since I pulled a holo one in Neo Discovery. I never constructed a team in Pokemon Stadium 2 without it. I've used it countless times across every generation of Pokemon gaming. I have a plushie one next to me. I am going to stop before I sound obsessed.

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      Old January 1st, 2014 (8:37 PM).
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      Originally Posted by Knormageddon View Post
      Looks like a picked myself a batch of oopsie daisies. Must've overlooked Ampharos as an option... Mr. Brendino, sir?
      I've added an extra vote for Ampharos to the poll for you!

      Old January 1st, 2014 (11:25 PM).
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      I voted for the zubat, Gastly, Mewto, Umbreon, Heracross, Larvitar, Lugia, Treecko and Beldum lines. Why? Because they're awesome.
      Old January 2nd, 2014 (3:46 AM).
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        I voted for the following:

        1)Treecko & co. - I've always liked the Hoenn starters and I also found Grovyle pretty amazing. I picked this line mostly because of design and anime appearances. As you may all remember Ash's Treecko, I'm sure I needn't go any further.

        2)Lugia - It's always been awesome along with all the Johto legendary Pokémon, actually. If there's one thing Johto did right, it's legendary Pokémon. I love Lugia's signature move Aeroblast, and the design always struck a chord when I picked the legendary list. Though it isn't the most impressive of designs, the long body and the scales always looked cool. And the wings are pretty awesome. Heck, Lugia's a great Psychic-type. I've used Lugia a lot for defending my team as a whole.

        3)Arcanine & co. - I've also liked Arcanine a lot, mostly because of Growlithe. Growlithe always looked cute yet combined it with fierceness and learnt the best of moves. Arcanine also is a good battler and your number-two choice (after your starter) as a non-legendary fire Pokémon in your team. Also, I'll be understating myself if I don't mention the design of Arcanine, which always struck me as regal and indeed, Arcanine looks very legendary.

        4)Mewtwo- After the introduction of Mega Mewtwo Y, I got a liking towards Mewtwo and I must say he's climbed a lot in my favourite Pokémon list. Mewtwo is an impeccable battler, to say the least. As a mighty legendary Pokémon, his powerful strikes don't miss many. With his megas, we can even choose for him to be a physical or a special attacker. That's quite a handy trick to have up your sleeve, because the opponent wouldn't know what to expect. I liked Mega Mewtwo Y's design, too. Through that tail behind his head to the new headpiece, he always struck me as impressive.

        5)Gallade & co.- I'll admit that I never specially liked Ralts, Kirlia or Gardevoir. Though the designs were impressive, I was never compelled to use them anywhere. But then, Gallade happened. And fairy-type. Both these were plenty to hike up this family into my list. To start with, Gallade happens to have the most stylish of designs, and that's saying a lot since there's a lot of Pokémon in a 718. With such an impressive pair of blades comes a great battler. I've used him a lot in my Pokémon Pearl and he's never failed me. He even took down Tower Tycoon Palmer's whole team without getting finished himself! Though I admit that was because of a spot of luck, Gallade is spectacular nevertheless. Gardevoir also has new traits she could use because of the new fairy-type. This gives her more advantages than weaknesses, and, in my opinion, she's become a lot better now.

        6.Beldum & co.- There's seldom time for Beldum, is there? But strangely enough, I find Beldum quite cute and honestly, Metagross is quite a tough egg while it comes to battling. He has a nice moveset and great base stats, and that makes me rely on him a lot. Now, I'm not overly fond of Metagross, but the family is not a name you'd like to miss because of their uniqueness and strength.
        Old January 2nd, 2014 (3:59 AM).
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        I didn't vote a lot because most of the listed Pokemon aren't among my top picks (yeah too many Gen 1-2 Pokemon and I didn't warm up to those generations a lot) but I did vote these three:

        Ralts line - aka the Psychic-type representatives here. It's one of those Psychics I fell in love with quite quickly, even more after the line itself (barring Gallade) gained Fairy-type. Gardevoir has definitely been one of my fave Psychics for generations now, plus she looks so beautiful, especially the black dress her Mega's shiny coloring has. Gallade also has that diverse movepool making him quite fun to use.

        Mareep line - This line is representing Electric no doubt, and the type tends to have a lot of Pokemon I love. Mareep's line are just so adorable, Flaaffy's pink color is really cute as heck, and I love how beautiful Ampharos' Mega Evolution a lot. Dat hair <3333

        Togepi line - And of course, our Fairy-type representative had to get a mention from me. I always adored Togekiss for being cute and a powerful battler at the same time, and Fairy-type gives it some new uses in competitive play because she can now stop Dragons in its tracks. And who doesn't love how adorable Misty's Togepi is in the anime?
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        Old January 2nd, 2014 (5:17 AM).
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          I can't believe that it's been over half a year since this has started :o

          My first vote went to Metagross. It's my favorite of all the pseudo legendaries and was my one of my picks during the Steel type round. I like Metagross because it's based off of a supercomputer and one was featured in Destiny Deoxys.

          I also voted for Crobat. I voted for Crobat back when the Poison type round was current. Crobat gives meaning to the Zubat family and is a fairly useful Pokémon in the games. I would've never caught a Zubat in those caves if it weren't for Crobat.

          Last but not least, Ampharos. I remember voting for it in the second round and here I am voting for it again six months later. I've used Ampharos countless times in the games and it never disappoints. I just used one in my last XD playthrough and I can't wait to eventually transfer it to XY and mega evolve it!

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          Old January 2nd, 2014 (9:27 AM).
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            i just love the ralts family with gallade being my absolute favorite

            i also vote for the metagross family

            and the ampharos family
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            Old January 2nd, 2014 (3:17 PM).
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            Aw, no Zekrom?

            My votes went to the Dratini line, the Togepi line, the Ralts line, and Lugia.

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            Old January 2nd, 2014 (3:31 PM).
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              My votes went to... The Zubat Line, The Porygon Line, The Dratini Line, The Togepi Line, The Mareep Line, Heracross, The Ralts Line, The Snorunt Line and The Beldum line.

              I voted for (nearly) half the entries...
              Old January 2nd, 2014 (4:23 PM).
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              I'm definitely voting for the Larvitar line and the Ralts line. As far as I'm concerned, mostly everyone here knows how much I love them.
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              Old January 2nd, 2014 (5:33 PM).
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                My top 20 favorite pokemon are (excluding Kalos):
                Milotic, Vespiquen, Lilligant, Roserade, Froslass, Crobat, Arcanine, Rapidash, Serperior, Gardevoir, Lopunny, Lapras, Manetric, Jellicent, Samurott, Volcarona, Leavanny, Luxray, Liepard, and Kingdra

                So, I decided to vote for Froslass, Crobat, Arcanine, and Gardevoir granted they are included in this list of favorites. These four pokemon are some of my very favorites since they are regal, elegant, and sleek in their designs.
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                Old January 2nd, 2014 (6:04 PM).
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                I voted for Sandshrew and Pidgey! The former is my favourite Pokémon and the latter is my top nub's favourite Pokémon, so they seem like quite fitting choices. It's a shame to see they aren't getting much support but to me they're the cutest and coolest of the lot, so they win my votes ♥
                Old January 2nd, 2014 (7:13 PM).
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                Wanted to keep it to just five so I chose the following:

                - Porygon Line
                - Staryu Line
                - Mareep Line
                - Togepi Line
                - Lugia

                All of them I may or may not have voted for in previous threads so I don't really want to repeat myself to why I chose them. But all of them are up there in favorite Pokemon so. <3
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                Old January 2nd, 2014 (9:04 PM).
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                Can't believe that we're into the final round already, haha. Anyway, I voted for Breloom, Togekiss, Lugia, and Mewtwo. Breloom and Togekiss because I just love how useful they are in battling. If you're able to utilize them correctly, they should be able to take down your opponent's entire team all by themselves. Trust me; they're amazing. As for the latter two, they got voted because I'm a huge fan of their designs. They've also got movies focusing around them, which is a definite plus! Mewtwo and Lugia are two of my all-time favorite legendaries.
                Old January 3rd, 2014 (12:15 AM).
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                Everyone who knows me well knows that I voted for Treecko and it's evo family! No need to explain much, I just think it's so cool and it's been my favorite for 10 years. <3
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                Old January 3rd, 2014 (12:18 AM).
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                  I gotta vote for my grass types! :D

                  If you haven't guessed, Sceptile and Breloom are the two I voted for. I wish I could give more votes to Breloom. I just love that guy so much. It's a huge asset on my grass team and is my second favorite pokemon overall.
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                  Old January 3rd, 2014 (2:50 AM).
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                  I voted for the Pidgey line, Sandshrew line, Mewtwo and Lugia.

                  For anyone who knows me, I reckon the Pidgey line would be kinda self-explanatory, seeing as it's my all time favourite Pokemon. I don't think that many actually know the story behind why that is, but that's probably because it's as simple as it gets. Pidgey was the first Pokemon I ever caught myself and trained to level 100 myself. Blue was the very first game I ever owned, and I shared it with my brother, so I honestly didn't really have that much autonomy within it, as I couldn't really get to train any Pokemon for myself without him nudging in on it all, though to be fair, I got a lot of Pokemon to level 100 that way :p But yeah, Pidgey was the first one I got, and I managed to convince him to not use it, and while it may have gone a lot of the game without use for that exact reason, and thus making it difficult to actually train it to level 100, since things like the VS. Seeker and stuff didn't exist back then. But it happened! And I honestly don't know why I prefer Pidgey over Pidgeot, but that has just always been the case. And that's why it'll always remain my favourite :p Doesn't look like it's doing too well in this though :(

                  Sandshrew is entirely because it's Alex' favourite Pokemon, and I feel obligated to vote for it :D

                  I voted for Mewtwo entirely because it's still one of my favourite legendaries to date, however as time has gone by, it's kinda lost its popularity. It used to be the Pokemon all the kids were talking about on the playground, and every battle it just came in LIKE A WRECKING BALL (sorry), and it was just completely outmatched. I think my main issue with it was that it was too easy to catch compared to how strong it was, so that kinda made it feel less special, but eh, everyone still loved it anyways :p But yeah, it's been nerfed quite a bit since its glory days, and it isn't even considered the most powerful Pokemon in the world anymore due to Arceus making an appearance, but I guess nothing lasts forever :(

                  Lugia's because of a story I've told idek how many times now, seeing as it keeps popping up in votes all around the forum, and especially in clubs, so not gonna tell it yet another time! :( Basically, some guy totally wrecked my brother's team in his Gold version, which I'd always considered really powerful, with one single Lugia. And at the time, I knew the Pokemon obviously existed, since it appeared both on the cartridge as well as in the title menu of my Silver version, but I had no idea where it was, seeing as the location in which you could find it wasn't nearly as obvious as what Ho-oh got. But I guess that was pretty much because of its tower burning down. Poor Lugia :( But yeah, after seeing what a creature of massive destruction it was, I went searching for it. And I searched for such a long time. Like seriously, I'd already looked in the Whirl Isles prior to the time I actually found it, but apparently I didn't look hard enough! But yeah, I eventually caught it, and it was amazing, and it became my favourite Pokemon of that generation, as well as my favourite legendary ever, and I always used it. Also note that English isn't my first language, and I was like 5-6 at the time, and all the English I knew at the time was yes and no, so even though it was stated within the game where Lugia was located, I always just skipped over the stuff 'cause I couldn't read it!

                  oops guess I told the story anyways. Anyways, those are the reasons for my picks :)
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                  So it all boils down to this!

                  I couldn't choose just one as there are five Pokémon families that I have an equal liking of, they are Pidgey, Staryu, Beldum, Breloom & Snorunt.
                  Old January 3rd, 2014 (4:16 AM).
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                    Show some love for charizard! :/
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                    Old January 3rd, 2014 (5:00 AM).
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                    I was happy that the Ralts line was on the list, so it was natural for me to vote for it. Gardevoir and Gallade have been two of my favorite Pokemon since Gens III and IV, respectively. Gallade has the looks and the move pool. I also like Gardevoir's Mega Evolution, though I was sad that Gallade didn't get one.

                    I also voted for the Porygon, Gastly, Staryu and Togepi lines.


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