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Did you use the very first Pokémon you caught?

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    ...Probably? Would have been Rattata or Pidgey. Remembers avoiding catching Pidgey in Generation 2 because of using it in Generation 1.

    Runs into one major problem here. Owned one copy of Red. Shared it with a sibling. Recalls Raticate on their team. How exactly did the whole sharing thing work? Never started a new game on Red. Likely agreed on Squirtle. Who did what back then? Also, how much are memories of Yellow messing with this?
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    Nope. The first Pokémon I caught was a Caterpie in Yellow, I was either 6 or 7. At most I might've grinded it up to Metapod, but at that age I would've had no patience for Metapod lol.

    I remember struggling with Brock; I didn't understand that Geodude/Onix were Rock/Ground, and I didn't understand that Ground was immune to Electric.
    My friend at the time just told me to grind up in Viridian Forest. Since then I've learned that grinding Caterpie would've given me Butterfree with Confusion, but instead I grinded my two Nidoran until they learned Double Kick.


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    The first Pokemon game I ever played was Yellow technically, but I was so young that I never even got the first Gym badge. (was like 4 at the time lol) But if we're counting the first Pokemon game that I played when I actually knew what a video game even was, that would be Fire Red, and yes, I did use the Pidgey I caught on the first route I entered after getting Pokeballs. I made that damn bird a champion lol. :p (even if most of the game was actually won with just my Charizard lol)


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    My first team in HeartGold consisted of my starter, the mascot legendary, a random high levelled mon I caught lategame, and a couple of other random late or mid game mons. So no, I'm sure I didn't use the first mon I caught, whom I have no clue who that even was.


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    My first capture in Pokémon Blue was likely Pidgey. I'm sure I used it as my flier, but I don't recall keeping Pidgeot on my late-game team. I likely replaced Pidgeot with Aerodactyl or one of the Kanto legendary birds.
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    Yes. It was a Pidgey in Leaf Green. Named with random letters because I wasn't yet literate. Renamed 'speedbird' and taken to the elite four as I got older and figured out what I was doing.
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    Yes, my starly became a strong staraptor through my playthrough in diamond. I started to change my training techniques and started to train everything I caught starting in black 2, but fell off. X is where I trained all my pokemon including random shinies I caught to level 92-96 from a Caterpie to zygarde. There are only few that I haven't trained up to these levels, but that was before I had any Internet to trade with people who had y or oras. Recently tried to max out the levels of all the original 151 pokemon of Pokemon yellow, but I'm a bit depressed about the 3ds servers shutting down and eventually pokemon bank.
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    i borrowed someone else's GBC i never got to keep my first Pokèmon :sadwick:

    Like everyone else in RBY probably a Pidgey. i would have kept Pidgey on my party until a more leveled Pokèmon showed up.
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    It was a a Bidoof in Diamond Version. Yes, I used until around the 4th gym, then shover it into the PC Box and never used it again
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    Pretty sure I boxed it. No recollection of it being on my Hall of Fame team or having even evolved it, which is a shame because now I really like Furret.

    Granted, Furret's later sprites were significantly cuter.

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    To be honest, I don't even remember the very first Pokémon I caught. It was probably a Lilipup or a Patrat. I probably did use it for a little while until I found better options.