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What made you smile/happy today?

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    Getting to be off work this weekend and spending time at my dad's house.

    This was found while spring cleaning. At the bottom of a comic book box.

    Must have belonged to an older sibling. I texted and they seem to not remember it. Soooo I now own it I suppose. It's a neat little gem. Still in fairly good condition. (we even have a gameboy color. lucky me)!

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    Is there a save file on the cart?
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    Getting to be off work this weekend and spending time at my dad's house.

    Is there a save file on the cart?

    Nope. It surprised me because I expected something to be on there.

    I texted my brother. His words were "I would hang onto that if I were you. It could sell that for quite a price. But remember that some things are worth more than a pretty penny".

    Then we spoke for a couple hours about Pokemon. And he told me about how that Gameboy Color has been in our family for a long time.
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    Watching Stephen King's The Mist with my Dad Sunday. It was a great movie, but I didn't like the ending- it was very
    Spoiler: The Mist Ending Spoiler

    Other than that, I liked the movie- it was a very interesting concept and the special effects and acting were all great.


    Iron Armour Forever
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    Last week I made a website to showcase my Pokemon collection, which I'm happy about. I don't care much for views but to just make it the best Aron collection there is. Now if only I could share the link here, I would.