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  1. Suggestion: Emulation Approval
  2. Question: Animated Avatars
  3. Question: Do yellow card infractions do anything?
  4. Issue: Double Signature.
  5. Question: CSS codes
  6. Shop Question
  7. Suggestion: Community Quick Questions Thread
  8. Question: Can you put Pokemon Games on PSP?
  9. Question: ?? WHAT ??
  10. Issue: Notifications
  11. Question: Questions about donating Through Paypal
  12. Question: How Do I Upload Gif Images?
  13. Suggestion: Some signatures can be kind of annoying...
  14. I thought it was legal now..
  15. Suggestion: Pokemon fonts in font options
  16. Suggestion: Stroke on text
  17. Question: regarding locked topics (because of wrong forum)
  18. My profile
  19. Question: profile picture
  20. Issue: 403 error while trying to access this forum.
  21. Question: What Happened to Social Clubs/Groups
  22. Question: Is a permanent ban on the first offense ever warranted?
  23. Question: Any way to change my username?
  24. Suggestion: Chat features
  25. Question: Are their any hacks for the DS games that let you . .
  26. Question: Virus?
  27. Question: Closed
  28. Issue: Firefox freezes every time I visit here
  29. Suggestion: Disable smilies
  30. Why is it illegal to post on a thread that is more than a month old?
  31. Question: Dont know if this goes here but oh well
  32. Question: Where can i find pokemon animation sprites?
  33. Question: Wat
  34. Free Pokemon Section?
  35. Chat not working?
  36. Question: Do all sections have a Moderator?
  37. Question: Stickies
  38. Question: PC App?
  39. Very important suggestion for making forum run a lot faster
  40. Question: Internet Explorer cannot open this Web Page
  41. Question: where would I go to find a Pokwmon Yellow ROM?
  42. Style Feedback: Skin Rip
  43. Question: When is Pokemon Shiny Gold Beta 6 coming out?
  44. Question: Why do i see so many shinies in master balls?
  45. Suggestion: Megavideo tag
  46. Feedback: Emblem typo.
  47. Suggestion: Little pics in User Titles
  48. Question: PokeCommunity kinda slow last couple of days (I don't mean page loading speeds)
  49. Are we allowed to advertise at blog posts ?
  50. Possible Newsletter / Magazine
  51. Username Change
  52. GIF as an avatar?
  53. HELP ME :(
  54. What in Kanto is a "pair"?
  55. Suggestion: commission sub-forum in art
  56. Issue: Pornographic Ads?
  57. How's My New Look?
  58. Question: How do i create this?
  59. Avatar w/ transparent bg?
  60. Suggestion: Filters should apply to twitter boxes too....
  61. Feedback: I grew to LOVE PokeCommunity Forums
  62. Question: Pokemon claim?
  63. Question: New account
  64. Issue: Unresponsive Script
  65. newbie
  66. Suggestion: Show off your Emblems
  67. Issue: same quick reply posted twice and they megred together
  68. Issue: Usually unable to access site without proxy
  69. Issue: browser blank white page problems today
  70. Question: cbf searching
  71. Suggestion: Pair Postbit
  72. Question: Accidentally hit Report button
  73. PC Magazine Release
  74. Resolved: Ad Blocker
  75. Disabling Smileys
  76. Issue: weird glitch
  77. Question: How do this?
  78. PBR?
  79. Question: Does PC have like a rival or something?
  80. Suggestion: kingsnivy.pokecommunity.com
  81. Question: Best ROM hack?
  82. Suggestion: Shrink Userbars?
  83. Question: How come I cant post my hack?
  84. Nitpick with the Advanced Search
  85. Suggestion: Minor nitpicks with reports
  86. Question: Why?
  87. Question: Edit fail
  88. how do i make signatures
  89. Suggestion: Booted Out Explinations
  90. How to block another user from contacting you?
  91. Issue: I'm not a Beginning Trainer!
  92. Issue: I'm being picked by a certain moderator
  93. Suggestion: Member report button
  94. Archive
  95. Issue: Quotes
  96. HTML?
  97. Question: What happened to the [jq] tag?
  98. Question: Changing thread titles?
  99. Question: What are the specialties of PC Supporters?
  100. Missing Threads???
  101. Question: what is a referral
  102. hey is this legit?
  103. Suggestion: User link BBCode
  104. Suggestion: Signature font sizes
  105. Suggestion: About Me Custom Subcategories?
  106. Suggestion: Trade Corner clutter problem.
  107. Suggestion: Infractions
  108. Question: all times are UTC. where's that at?
  109. Issue: I'm a supporter but my username is not...
  110. What's the rule on swearing?
  111. Question: Is there any way to delete threads you've created?
  112. Suggestion: official Pokemon dream thread
  113. Curiosity eats me up.
  114. Question: Background changing?
  115. Question: How did I get a negative rep comment?
  116. Paypal
  117. How do I make a blog?
  118. Suggestion: Auto-locking threads over a month old
  119. Suggestion: Ask the Staff!
  120. Suggestion: Pokemon downloads section/thread
  121. Question: How do I use this BB code?
  122. Issue: Pokecommunity freezing Firefox?
  123. Issue: Problem with drop down menus?
  124. Question: Mods Inactive?
  125. Issue: Auto Disable Smileys on Mobile
  126. My Signature Isn't Showing Up?
  127. katy perry
  128. Question: How do i make cool signatures with links.
  129. Question: Deleting an Account?
  130. How to delete blog post?
  131. Question: Username Change?
  132. Question: Signature question
  133. Question: how do i post
  134. Suggestion: Thread Description?
  135. Signature Question
  136. An Idea
  137. Claims?
  138. Suggestion: Posts related to hacking
  139. Issue: topic totally disappeared
  140. Question: Pokemon Rijon Adventures
  141. Question: why is there always WAY more guests online than members?
  142. Question: video on meh profile
  143. this may be conspiracy but
  144. Question: Advertising in Posts
  145. Question: Can you advertise a PokeCommunity page?
  146. Issue: Pokemon Online Down?
  147. Help deciding- Silver or SoulSilver
  148. Issue: PC Server Destroying Image Quality
  149. Question: Emblem Without Desciption
  150. Issue: Profile Image Won't show up?
  151. threads being closed
  152. Issue: Vs. Recorder?
  153. This is Weird...
  154. Issue: The curse... of the archeops14?
  155. Issue: Time Zone?
  156. Issue: Profile Privacy problem
  157. Issue: Can't Edit Certain Posts?
  158. Suggestion: Forum Linking
  159. Suggestion: you've only posted a few times here on PokéCommunity. Not sure what to do next?
  160. Issue: A stunfisk landed on page 27 of the LGBT thread.
  161. Question: deleting my account
  162. Suggestion: most active topic / most active fourm under user stats
  163. Question: what is a PokeCommunity emblem?
  164. Issue: the connection was reset... must reload page... every time I vistit PC
  165. Issue: A poll claims I already voted, but I didn't and the answer it claims I voted for has0
  166. Question: What's a Stunfisk?
  167. Question: Reporting Threads/Posts
  168. Question: Contacting mod about a wrongfully locked thread/deleted post
  169. Issue: URLs to other sites? What?
  170. Sent Mail inbox problem
  171. Suggestion: Hide Locked Threads?
  172. Suggestion: An Anime-Style-Battling League
  173. Issue: marked forums read, then somehow they were unmarked read
  174. Question: Emblem distribution
  175. Question: help with pc forums!
  176. Question: Alternate Accounts?
  177. Hey the postbits can break tables.
  178. Question: Blogs?
  179. Question: Name question!!
  180. Suggestion: A slight modification to the User Registration page
  181. help! old account
  182. Question: CSS AutoAdd
  183. Issue: Posting Problem
  184. Pokemon hacked ROM suggestions
  185. Feedback: Youtube... it hit the fan...
  186. Suggestion: tag usernames in posts
  187. Issue: posting a visitor message on someone's profile issue
  188. Question: vb_test
  189. Question: youtube videos on your profile...?
  190. Issue: Broken Twitter Feeds
  191. Question: Pairs?
  192. Question: Polls
  193. Question: Signature question for mods!
  194. Issue: PokeCommunity causing Firefox to crash
  195. Question: How come...?
  196. Suggestion: after you make a new thread...
  197. Issue: my birthday age is displaying wrong
  198. Issue: I am having this issue again!!!!!!!!!!!
  199. Issue: Profile customization glitch?!
  200. Question: Username changes?
  201. Issue: User title and other information missing?
  202. Multiple Sig pictures
  203. Paid Subscription
  204. Adding more than one picture to my signature
  205. Question: Multiquote?
  206. text when hovering over text
  207. Question: why don't people fix their disabled signature?
  208. Feedback: my WOT (Web of Trust) rating for PokeCommunity...
  209. Suggestion: Pokemon League(s)
  210. Hacked Charizard
  211. Question: music player in signature?
  212. Hello Moderators, Need A Favor.
  213. I Am Frustrated
  214. Question: Refferals
  215. Question: PC Family
  216. Question: Help Cursor
  217. Question: Hyperlink underline Color
  218. Why am i still a pending member?
  219. Suggestion: Homebrew Section
  220. Pokecommunity makes safari crash.
  221. Issue: Server Busy Message
  222. Pokemon Images
  223. Issue: I didn't get a notification of a accepted friend
  224. Suggestion: Member of the month
  225. Question: More than 1 signature pic
  226. Questions
  227. I accidentally submitted a thread in the wrong section
  228. Question: How does one become an event organizer?
  229. Question: how is it even possible to revive year old threads?
  230. Profile videos
  231. Suggestion: Liking a post
  232. What's your three favorite pokemon? :D
  233. Issue: PokeCommunity takes 5+ minutes to load
  234. Disable images doesn't work with [image] tags
  235. Question: How do you delete a poll?
  236. Issue: Lag-spike when loading a page resource
  237. Question: quite a few...
  238. Question: About supporters...
  239. PC Wiki
  240. Question: why does the 'trivia' sections don't add to post count?
  241. Question: Code for disabled signature?
  242. PokeChrome ~ A PokeCommunity Theme
  243. Suggestion: Help Section in C&T?
  244. Registration Fails
  245. Why am I Not listed in today's birthdays?
  246. can i have a step by step walkthough of how to change your signature
  247. Question: Block a member
  248. Suggestion: Multiquote function within the blogs
  249. Issue: Stubborn Notification
  250. Question!