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Ahri's Challenges Hall of Fame


21 Shiny Swablu in the Sky- Pokemon Emerald-
Challeggs- Pokemon Crystal-
Pokephobia Halloween Challenge- Pokemon X-


Pokemon Leaf Green-
Pokemon Emerald-

Pokemon Red-
Pokemon Crystal-

Time Warp


The Formulated Challenge- Pokemon Fire Red- -
Ultimate Gym Leader Challenge- Pokemon Fire Red- Erika-

In progress

The Time Warp Challenge
Pokemon Blue- Ice Age
Pokemon White 2- Mobster Mania

The Monotype Challenge
- Single
Pokemon Yellow
- Ultimate
Pokemon Platinum

Mono-Colour Challenge
Purple- Ultimate
Pokemon Red

The Duo-Species Challenge
Pokemon Y-

The Sun & Moon Challenge
Pokemon X

Ahri Chibi credit- Ryuukeru on devart

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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