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We have a lot of fans in the community - some that first got into it at a young age, others that picked the series up in their teenage years, and people that didn’t start being fans until they were adults.

When did you first get into it?


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If memory serves me correct, the day I got my first starter was in in 2010. I was 7 at the time.
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I started watching the anime at 4 years of age!! I was in preschool. I didn’t get into the games until I was 7, however, and my first game was Pokémon Pearl.

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I was also about 7 years old when I first got into Pokemon, except I was 7 in the '90s and not the 21st century
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I got into Pokemon in 1999 before my birthday, so I was 10.

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I was 11 and in 5th grade when we got Pokemon here in the States and EVERYONE was playing it.
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Started with the cards way back in elementary school.
First game was Red then followed by Blue & Yellow. Pretty sure I played em not that long after release in 1999 at least. Which would make me either 7 or 8 years old at the time depending on when exactly (which is too hard to pin down by now xD)
Given that I already did cards before then 7 is a safe number though.

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I would have grown up with Gen 4 since I was around 8 years old when those were big. For some reason I was more into Gen 3 so that's primarily the age and games that I had played.

I could have played Black/White growing up, but I fell out of the series for a bit. We couldn't afford new games either.


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Around March 2007. I was 10 at the time. I feel like that's the normal age most people get into Pokemon, but who knows? Lol. But yeah, got into it during a time when "Pokemon is dead" or something.
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I was 6 when I started watching the anime. Some of the first episodes I watched were about how Ash obtained Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. I thought Squirtle was the coolest of the bunch. I got Pokemon Blue for Christmas in 1998.


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... good god i barely even remember. i think maybe five or six? i know i got into the anime and tcg before the games as i would keep up with both a lot back then. so i think around five or six seems appropriate.


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11 I believe. My cousins had DS's with Diamond and Pearl in them. They got bored with the game after sometime, but I got hooked.
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I was 8 when a friend brought this weird game that was all the rage in the US about a fire lizard who burnt small pigeons to death. We didn't understand a word of English so we couldn't get past the coffee guy in Viridian City. One year later I got Blue in Spanish and now I'm 31.