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Welcome one and all to the newly instated Challenges Hall Of Fame! With the sad departure of the Challenges profile section, it seemed like there was a gap to fill. In the past people used signatures to list challenges, but this can often lead to over crowding and enlarged signatures. Instead we need a place where all challenge progress and completion can be recorded and shown off. The Challenges profile was nice while it lasted, but honestly it's hard to reference and link. This thread will allow for anyone who has participated in a challenge to compile all their Challenges in one place, and even be provided an easy to use hyperlink with each user's post!

How you organize your personal Hall of Fame is entirely up to you. You have far more freedom to be creative with it here, as you can embed links to your completion posts, create a fancy CSS background, whatever your little heart desires! I won't be checking all the time to make sure that listings are accurate, that would require a lot of inconvenient work on the part of me and you the players. It's more or less honor system just like everything else in this forum, but if I find that there is an issue I will make appropriate alterations, so please don't lie.

Finally I just want to take a moment to apologize for the delay, I know I said this would be up by New Year, but a cold can't be predicted and I am a terrible writer when sick. We have it now though, and I hope you all enjoy having this little space to present your challenges!

[Further space reserved for my personal challenge progress]

The Undisputed Era

Shock the System.

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The Undisputed Era's Hall of Fame

Solo Challenge




Black 2

X - 1

Monotype Challenge

Mono-Colour Challenges

FireRed, Gold & Emerald

Nuzlockes & Variations
Emerald - 2 Randomizer Nuzlockes
Sigma Emerald - Nuzlocke
Emerald - EliminationLocke
Emerald - Type Locke
Emerald - 2 Nuzlockes
Ruby - CommunityLocke

Other Challenges
Emerald Random Pokemon 1

Emerald Random Pokemon 2

Emerald Random Pokemon 3


Engineering Solutions

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Alright! Here is my starting list, which I will flesh out later:

Monotype Challenge:
All Types completed through Gen V

Monocolor Challenge:
All colors completed through Gen V.

Ultimate Solo Challenge:
Arcanine, Scyther, Girafarig, Dunsparce - all through Gen V

The Ones That Got Away:
Completed on Platinum, Sacred Gold

Favorite Challenge:
Completed x3

Beginning Letter Challenge: "N" on Blue


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Oh boy. A first page spot!

Solo: 1st gen: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Butterfree, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Raticate, Fearow, Arbok, Raichu, Sandslash, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Clefable, Ninetales, Wigglytuff, Golbat, Vileplume, Parasect, Venomoth, Dugtrio, Persian, Golduck, Primeape, Arcanine, Poliwhirl, Kadabra, Machoke, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Graveler, Rapidash, Slowbro, Magneton, Farfetch'd, Dodrio, Dewgong, Muk, Cloyster, Haunter, Onix, Hypno, Kingler, Electrode, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Exeggutor, Starmie, Lapras
2nd Gen: Ampharos

Completed Challenges in a series: These challenges have many different "versions" of the challenge you can play in the same game. I'll do them all eventually.



Gym Leader
Koga done on 1st gen

Body Style
Bipedal, tailed form on 1st gen

Trainer Class
Dragon Tamer done on 2nd gen

Events: These are challenges that our most benevolent of overlords, Syddy and Necrum, have put out here for us. Most of these are "done" if you participate, but I only listed the ones I finished.
St. Patrick's Day 2011, Christmas 2011

Other Challenges: Various other challenges that I've done here or there.
Basic (unevolved or single stage Pokemon): Blue
Bad Guy (Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/etc.): Blue
Nuzlocke: Yellow, Ruby
Rescue Team (Play on one of the Mystery Dungeon Games with additional rules!): Blue Rescue Team
Duo (Like Solo, but with double the power): Blue
Trio (Like Duo, but with 1.5 times the power!!!): Blue
First Route Challenge (The only catchable Pokemon must be obtained on the first route of the game!): Blue
Underestimate's Challenge (Use crappy Pokemon): Blue
Username Challenge (Use Pokemon that start with letters that spell out your username): Blue

On the bucket list: Finish off everything in the first category of challenges, along with the alphabet challenge (only use Pokemon that start with the letter 'C' for example) and Habitat Challenge (Only use Pokemon from the same Habitat, obviously). For solos, I intend on only using fully evolved minus trading Pokemon. I use the speed button too much to cancel evolutions, I don't want to stick them with everstones, but I'm on emulator and don't want to bother trading.
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Current challenges:

Trainer Examination Challenge: Platinum (2/8), Black (0/8)

Birthdate challenge: Black (8/8) (almost done)

Shiny Badge Quest: Platinum (0/8) (WHERE ARE YOU SHINY CHIMCHAR!!)

Monotypes: The Grass Pokémon of Kanto Red (0/8)

Solos: None


Eeveelution Relay Challenge Red (0/8), Crystal (0/8), Emerald (0/8), Platinum (0/8), Black (0/8), X (0/8), Moon (0/8)

Monthly Mini: None

Events: None

Completed challenges:

Monotypes: None

Solos: None

Ultimates: None

Monthly Mini: None

Events: None

Shiny Pokemon I have caught: Rapidash (SS), Linoone (E), Spinda (E), Bibarel (Pt), Weedle (FR), Garbodor (X), Chansey(x5) (X), Audino(x2) (X), Flechinder (Mn), Whiscash (Mn), Magby (Mn), Caterpie (X)

Hall of Fame Post
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Still not fully edited, but...

Completed Challenges:
Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge: Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon White, Pokemon Red Randomized 721 x2
The Time Warp Challenge:
Jurassic Jam (Black)
Medieval Era (Red Randomized 721):
Progressive Era (Red Randomized 721)
Hunger Games Challenge: District 4 (Emerald 650 Randomized), District 7 (Emerald 650 Randomized)
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Gonna reserve this post too. Just hope I can learn how to do fancy editing in a post for this along with doing even more challenges.

Solo Runs:
Gen 1: Raticate (Blue) (Mentioned in Ultimate Rodent Solo Run Challenge)

Randomized Nuzlockes:
Gen 1: Pokemon Blue #1: (Custom with Movesets Randomized, and More of An Unofficial Experiment): Slowbro, Vileplume, Clefable, Blastoise, Hypno, Electabuzz

Custom Ones I Created Myself:
The Ultimate Rodent Solo Run Challenge Marathon: (Solo Run The Gens With Rodent Pokemon!) (1/5)

Currently playing: The Ultimate Rodent Solo Run Challenge Marathon
Pokemon Blue Raticate Run: (8/8) (COMPLETED)
Pokemon Silver Furret Run: (16/16) (JOHTO + KANTO + RED COMPLETED)
Pokemon Sapphire Linoone Run: (8/8) (COMPLETED)
Pokemon Pearl Bibarel Run: (2/8)
Pokemon White Watchog Run: (N/A)



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Post reserved for moi
Completed PC Challenges:
Duo-Species Challenge:
Gallade/Froslass - Diamond (Freeplay because I hacked in HM Slaves)
Monotype Challenge:
Grass Ultimate (Wrap up Post) - FireRed, StormSilver, Emerald, Diamond, Black 2, Y

Pre-PC Challenges:
Diamond, Pearl, Emerald, Y
Randomized Nuzlocke:
Little Cup Run (must be unevolved and able to evolve):

Current Challenges:
Solo Run:
Gallade Ultimate - SoulSilver, Alpha Sapphire, Diamond (3/8), Black 2, Y
Anime-Style Challenge:
Y (0/8)
Challenges - TCG - Daily
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Random Challenge - Pokemon X

In Progress:

Monotype (Psychic) - Pokemon Ruby
Current Challenges:
Monotype Challenge - Psychic - Aqua Sapphire
Ultimate Monotype Challenge 2/6 - Grass - Emerald, Fire Red

Completed Challenges:
Random Challenge - X
Random Challenge - Leaf Green
Random Challenge - Liquid Crystal
Solo Challenge - Breloom - Emerald


The Flowering Pokemon

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I'll just list challenges by those completed and those in progress. (Color coded by type)

Completed Challenges

Red Grass Monotype
The Amazing Pokémon Race Grass Type White 2

White 2 Psychic Monotype
Alpha Sapphire Fairy Monotype
Y Grass Monotype

Challenges in progress

Leaf Green Blastoise Solo Challenge (4/8)
Heart Gold Grass Monotype(vs Red)
Currently playing - Omega Ruby Grass Monotype


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Janp's Hall of Fame

2020 Janp here. It has been a while since I updated visuals of this post. But since I'm getting more and more challenges done (even though I was feeling a little bit burned down of Pokémon games lately). I also finished those long-time Challenges like BINGO and Ultimate Dragon Monotype. Anyway, here's the Hall of Fame:

Current Challenges
The Time Warp Challenge Jurassic Jam Ultimate - Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Sapphire, Platinum, White 2, X and Ultra Moon
The Hardcore Nuzlocke in Black

Finished Challenges
Time Warp Challenge Egyptian Era in Fire Red -
Random Pokémon Challenge in Black -
Themed Challenge in Sapphire -
Random Pokémon Challenge in Diamond -
Monotype Challenge in Fire Red -
The Beach Challenge in Sapphire -
Date of the Birth Challenge in Emerald -
Ultimate Solo -
Solo in Fire Red -
The Random Pokemon Challenge in Red -
The Random Pokemon Challenge in Crystal -
Trainer Personality Examination (Reborn) - Absolute Goofball in Black 2 -

802 Challenge in Yellow -
802 Challenge in Fire Red -
Rainbow Challenge in Black 2 -
The Random Pokemon Challenge! in Diamond -
Crazy Clause Challenge - Pokemon that Anakin Skywalker would use in Y -
Pokémon Let's GO Challenge in Yellow -
The Random Pokémon Challenge! in Fire Red -
The Time Warp Challenge Industrial Challenge Ultimate in
Fire Red -
Sacred Gold -
Omega Ruby -
Diamond -
Black -
X -
Sun -
The Random Pokémon Challenge! in Soul Silver -
The Draft Challenge in X -
BINGO Challenge in
Solo Challenge in Silver -
White Monocolor in Y -
ELITE MASH UP in Emerald -
Trio-Species in Black -
Unusual Sighting in Pokémon Fire Red -
Brown Monocolor in Pokémon Yellow -
Rainbow Road in Pokémon Heart Gold -
Highest Stat SPEED in Pokémon Heart Gold -
Solo Challenge in Sapphire -
The Culinary Challenge in White 2 -
Flair of Flare in X -
Signature Move CURSE in Platinum -
Monotype Challenge in Sun -
Trio-Species in Fire Red -
Hit the Gym Challenge in Emerald -
The Wonderlocke Challenge in Ultra Moon -
Stone Alone Challenge in Black -
Sunny Days in Platinum -
Hit the Gym in X -
The Trainer Class Challenge in Ultra Moon -
The Character Challenge in Pearl -
End of BINGO Challenge
Monotype Ultimate in
Fire Red -
Heart Gold -
Emerald -
Platinum -
Black -
X -
Ultra Moon -
Random Pokémon Challenge in Sapphire -
The Ones That Got Away in Ultra Moon -

Finished Nuzlockes
The Randomized NuzlockeChallenge in Sapphire -
Wonderlocke in X
Nuzlocke in X
Apocalocke Challenge in Platinum - Tsunami
Rainbow Wedlocke Challenge in Diamond -
Potterlocke in Fire Red
Randomized Nuzlocke in Fire Red -
The Game of Thrones Locke House Baratheon in Heart Gold -
The Hardcore Nuzlocke Challenge in Fire Red -
Solo No Faint Challenge in Fire Red -
Solo No Faint Challenge in Black 2 -
Solo No Faint Challenge in Heart Gold -
Solo No Faint Challenge in Black 2 -
The Hardcore Nuzlocke in Heart Gold -
The Hardcore Nuzlocke in Sapphire -

Finished Events
21 Shiny Swablu in the Sky in White 2 -
Challeggs in Sapphire -
Trick 'r' Treat Challenge in Black -
21.2. Event Resolution Challenge in Black -
Mini-Monthly Challenge August
Mini-Monthly Challenge September
Lavender Festival in X -
CommunityLocke in Sapphire
A Foolish Challenge for April Fools in X -
Island Challenge in Ultra Moon -
Mansion Extravaganza in Ultra Moon -
Advent Calendar in Sapphire -
Rocket Hideout in Renegade Platinum -
PokeCommunity Sinnoh Wedlocke Event in Diamond -
Sweet Hearts in X -
Egglocke Extravaganza 2021 in Heart Gold -



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Oh, I remember suggesting something like this way back when I was still active in the Challenges form. I may have more time in the summer to pick up some challenges again, but I'd still like to post here all of my monotypes that I've completed. I'll work on adding in links to the completion post for each challenge when I get some free time.

// Ultimate Champion
✔Pokemon LeafGreen Version
✔Pokemon HeartGold Version
✔Pokemon Emerald Version
✔Pokemon Platinum Version
✔Pokemon Black 2 Version
✔Pokemon Y Version

✔Pokemon Yellow Version
✔Pokemon Silver Version
✔Pokemon Emerald Version
// Ultimate Champion
✔Pokemon Red Version
✔Pokemon Crystal Version
✔Pokemon Sapphire Version
✔Pokemon Pearl Version
✔Pokemon Black Version
✔Pokemon Y Version

✔Pokemon Blue Version
✔Pokemon Gold Version
✔Pokemon Emerald Version
✔Pokemon Diamond Version
✔Pokemon Black 2 Version

✔Pokemon Blue Version
✔Pokemon Silver Version
✔Pokemon Sapphire Version
✔Pokemon Diamond Version
✔Pokemon Black Version
// Ultimate Champion
✔Pokemon LeafGreen Version
✔Pokemon HeartGold Version
✔Pokemon Ruby Version
✔Pokemon Platinum Version
✔Pokemon Black Version
✔Pokemon X Version
// Ultimate Champion
✔Pokemon LeafGreen
✔Pokemon HeartGold
✔Pokemon Ruby
✔Pokemon Diamond
✔Pokemon Black
✔Pokemon Y

✔Pokemon LeafGreen Version
✔Pokemon Emerald Version
// Ultimate Champion
✔Pokemon HeartGold
✔Pokemon Ruby
✔Pokemon Pearl
✔Pokemon Black 2
✔Pokemon X
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I'll update this/look up what other challenges I already completed later (and improve the formatting), but reserving a post for the time being:

In Progress:

Monotype Challenge - Water (FireRed)
The Story Challenge (Red)
The Time Warp Challenge - Stone Age (TBD, gen I)
The Dex Holders' Challenge
The Persona Challenge - Gold ( - on hiatus


Solo Challenges:

Blastoise: Gens I-V
Pikachu: Gen I

Starting Letter Challenges:

T: Gen I (Tentacruel, Tauros, and Tangela)

The Time Warp Challenge:

Gen I: Jurassic Jam (Red), Ice Age (Blue)

Random Pokemon Challenges:

Gen I: Beedrill, Hitmonlee, Dodrio, Marowak ( post 1406)

The 719 Challenge:

Slowking, Misdraevus, Umbreon, Espeon, Murkrow, Jumpluff (

The Persona Challenge

Ruby: Pelipper, Shiftry, Manectric, Torkoal, Dusclops, Glalie (
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Ahri's Challenges Hall of Fame


21 Shiny Swablu in the Sky- Pokemon Emerald-
Challeggs- Pokemon Crystal-
Pokephobia Halloween Challenge- Pokemon X-


Pokemon Leaf Green-
Pokemon Emerald-

Pokemon Red-
Pokemon Crystal-

Time Warp


The Formulated Challenge- Pokemon Fire Red- -
Ultimate Gym Leader Challenge- Pokemon Fire Red- Erika-

Ahri Chibi credit- Ryuukeru on devart

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- Monotype -


- Event -

GT11 Challenge (Kalos, 2014), Five Nights at Challenges Challenge (Hoenn, 2015), 5 Year Challengeversary Challenge (Sinnoh, 2015), Trick 'r Treat Challenge (Unova, 2015).

- In Progress -

Ultimate Fire Monotype

Captain Gizmo

Legit Boss

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Challenges Completed

Monotype Challenges:
Normal: Y

Mono-Color Challenges:
Red: White 2
Blue: Diamond
Yellow: Diamond

Time Warp Challenge:
Jurassic Jam
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Completed Challenges

Solo Runs
Blue: Seaking, Rapidash
Crystal: Feraligatr

Monotype Runs
Fire Red: Poison, Fire
X: Grass

Nuzlocke & Variations
Wonderlocke: X

Current Challenges

Solo Runs
Fire Red: Hitmonchan (3/8)
Sheild: Incineroar (0/8)

Ultimate Solo Challenge: Houndoom Fire Red Complete, HeartGold Complete, Alpha Sapphire Complete, Platinum Complete, Black 2 (0/8), X (0/8), Sun (0/7)
Nidoking Fire Red (0/8) HeartGold (0/8), Alpha Sapphire (0/8), Platinum (0/8), Black 2 (0/8), X (0/8), Sun (0/7)