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Have you ever subscribed to a YouTube channel, and for some reason later on thought, "Do I really want to be subscribed here after all?"

Has something about a channel ever made you pack your bag and leave right away?

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Happens constantly. Some people I find interesting on one day and after going back a couple days later they seem boring to me. Why cling to channels that I end up not watching? I think it wouldn't be so bad if Youtube at least allowed to better manage the subscribtion feed.
I really don't need that thing to be stuffed with videos those people made years ago. On the off chance I do care about an older video of theirs I'll usually find them either by the recommended tab or through their playlists. The latter is usually very well structured

Removing them one by one from my subscribtion feed is very tedious. If I'm done with them unsubscribing is just way more time efficient. It also comes with the benefit of knowing how many I'm actually subscribed to.

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I remember being subscribed to like 35 different gaming channels that all offered literally the exact same content (not even kidding, aside from the different voices of the people talking, they were all literally the same channels). I try to minimize my youtube addiction these days, and now I think i'm down to just 20 unique channels that i'm sure i wanna keep watching stuff from. I think only two of them are even gaming anymore lol. My interests really seem to change overtime.
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Nope, not usually. However, if something scandalous happened to the user (or in rarer cases, the organization), then yes I would unsubscribe.

I really never check my subscriptions anyways. If it's a channel I support, I simply subscribe to show my support of their content.


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i read that title in trump's voice for some reason but I usually do not unsubscribe from youtubers I've previously subscribed unless they start constantly producing content that I'm not interested in or whatever


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Sometimes I’ll subscribe to a youtuber and just get tired of seeing all the new videos they post and unsubscribe. Other times I don’t want to unsubscribe because I’ve been subbed for so long and I don’t want to unsub, but I don’t watch their videos anymore...

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I was following a couple of the pro smash brothers players when the allegations of pedophilia started circulating.

Those were the only instances I can recall where I unsubscribed. It felt like betrayal, and I regret ever showing support.


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Usually I'll just slowly realize that I'm not watching the people I subscribe to anymore, and one day if they ever upload something I'd never consider watching I decide to unsubscribe. It's pretty rare that I subscribe to anyone in the first place, I'm basically a ghost on YouTube since I never like or comment on anything. I don't think there's ever been anything specific with channels I've subscribed to where I've felt like unsubscribing right away.
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I only unsubscribe to people if I accidentally subscribed, lmfao. I'm not really the type of person who unsubscribes to channels, even if I don't really watch their content anymore? But that's just me. :x
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if i find that i haven't watched a particular creator's content in weeks or months, then i think perhaps it's time for me to wonder if i'm ever really going to catch up or if i'm still interested. if i still can't get myself to watch their content due to being too busy or uninterested, then yeah, perhaps it might be time to unsub.

i say this though, and there's plenty of creators that i've subbed to that i haven't kept up with since last year or so that i don't want to unsub to because i like the general premise of their content and i keep telling myself "well, maybe someday i'll catch up".


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Not really? Most of the channels I end up subbing for are things I'm really interested in watching more of. I don't really hit the button until I've been consistently watching for a while. Most of my current subs are music based channels because I forget the names of the remixes or playlists I end up liking a lot. I think the only thing I've ever really intentionally unsubbed from would be game grumps, and KYRSP33DY since I just watched them for BO2 montages way back when.


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Pretty rarely, usually only if they shift what content they are making, and Nappy, for obvious reasons.
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Sometimes I'll have subscribed to someone a long time ago, then not realize much later on that they were even on my sub feed. But when I do, I'll go, "woah, I really wanted to see more of this?", and tidy my subscription feed up a bit.


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Yeah. Sometimes when I subscribe, I do it as a way to show support for the content creator. But when I end up browsing through my Subscriptions tab and it's cluttered with videos from that creator that I'm not interested in, I end up unsubscribing.


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I don't subscribe very often, but I do check who I'm subscribed to at least once per year and unsubscribe from channels I'm not interested anymore.
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