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What made you smile/happy today?

Connecticut's governor Ned Lamont has bought a billion dollars worth of medical debt from people in his state, and cancelled the debt. Hundreds of thousands of people who suffered medical emergencies don't have to worry about paying anything back now, they just need to focus on getting well. I don't live in that state, so the thousands of dollars I owe in medical bills aren't going anywhere, but it's still nice to be reminded of good things happening in the world right now.


Empress of Randomness
This was yesterday, but I'm still so happy about it. There was a black cat outside of my apartment that I've seen a few times before, but it always seemed a bit skittish around me. The cat walked up the stairs and rubbed itself against the walls and stuff, and then against me!! I almost started crying happy tears! I love cats so much :plead:

Delta Crowned Sword

Behemoth Blade
Observing a monkey drinking water from the container which I placed for animals and birds in our garden, and afterwards, he then took rest besides that container, and then went away quietly !!

How good animals and birds are; even though that monkey was wild, he didn't tried to harm me even though I was standing very close to him.