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  1. Chroniclogical Mysteries: When do the Poke Movies take place?
  2. Pokemon 377, 397, 516 and 588.
  3. A little something ive noticed about the theme songs.
  4. Will Ash destroy Kotone's bike?
  5. The most violent thing a pokemon has done
  6. team rocket!!!
  7. anybody know a good place..........
  8. DP155 Discussion (Japanese Spoilers!)
  9. Rocketshippers?
  10. "Beating the Bustle and Hustle!" Review Thread
  11. Pokémon: Phantom Ruler Z
  12. Improvements in the anime?
  13. Episodes online?
  14. is dawn really improved her contest skill
  15. Pokemon: The Abridged Series
  16. will ash ever win a pokemon challenge or league
  17. Gary Oak episodes?
  18. Favorite Character
  19. when everyone will stop misheard butch
  20. when molly hale become a trainer or coordinator
  21. where can I watch an old anime episodes?
  22. is dawn really improved her contest skill
  23. How is going to end
  24. Pokemon Episode 3 Music help?
  25. Misty saying goodbye to Togetic
  26. What pokemon would you really like to see in the show?
  27. Your thoughts on Ash Ketchum
  28. Pokémon Christmas Bash, GOD, I can't even say that with a straight face
  29. about episode 018
  30. A spin-off series?
  31. your thoughts
  32. What do you want in the anime?
  33. Poor Young Trainers
  34. Your favorite pokemon opening
  35. wtf?
  36. wanna have a new pokemon theme?and new changes to anime
  37. Your the writer?
  38. is Dawn's skirt getting short
  39. Banned Episodes of Pokemon
  40. Ash's Monferno mght learn Feint
  41. Whats ash's strongest pokemon?
  42. alternative art pokerap
  43. DP season 13? Or a whole new generation?
  44. does anyone know?
  45. I just saw the newest opening of Pokemon DP and...
  46. Is Dawn becoming mature girl?
  47. Make your own episode thread. =D
  48. Have any of the main females met eachother?
  49. This is Too Funny!
  50. Gen 5? *scoffs* enough allready (also the old female protagonist appreciation thread)
  51. how many pokemon dvd's do you have?
  52. Character Discussion
  53. Watch all pokemon episodes online!
  54. Cant believe no PAL releases of early PokeMon series!
  55. Team Rocket: Jessie's Laugh
  56. Which of the Four Series is the best?
  57. Weird Things About Pokemon
  58. Review of pokemon dp 2009
  59. Do you want Dawn to leave?
  60. All the pokemon episodes ever made
  61. What characters should make a return appearance?
  62. Things that make you genuinely laugh
  63. Lugia song
  64. Most attractive main girl character (Revived)
  65. Lawrence III... Where does it say that's his name again?
  66. Character's ages.
  67. Has Paul become boring?
  68. New Pokémon Special(s)
  69. Will Ash part 1
  70. Banned Episodes Thread
  71. Worth watching?
  72. Brock speaks to Ash about Love; Pokemon Anime
  73. Ash or Satoshi?
  74. Would you and your team like to be in the anime?
  75. The Scream (Jesse!)
  76. Favorite Pokémon Movie ?
  77. Did you like the Advanced Generation? (Season 6-9)
  78. Will Kazunari Be Named Ethan
  79. Pokemon Spinoff With Misty?
  80. Pokemon season 13
  81. Who to pick?
  82. pokemon johto journey's season boxset
  83. Whats so bad about Johto?
  84. Brock
  85. Will ash part 2
  86. Pokemon:The rise of Darkrai Thread
  87. Most interesting Character
  88. Is it Me or Was Ash's Gliscor Here for One Minute and Gone the Next?
  89. Chimchar/monferno's Blaze
  90. When will Ash's voice start to mature?
  91. The Official Max Discussion!
  92. Ash Hurt?
  93. Whats the name of this episode?
  94. Episodes missing or dodgy copy and paste?
  95. 3-4 Pokemon contests every day?!?
  96. Anime and Movie Timeline
  97. Japanese Erasure Discussion Thread
  98. Gliscor's Voice
  99. Fuchsia City in the anime
  100. Do you think that evil Togepi should return?
  101. Whats your favourite Pokémon Episode?
  102. Pokemon's Voices
  103. Think about this
  104. WTF was I thinking?
  105. 10 Badges?!
  106. question about ash and pauls 6v6 battle!
  107. Epic Cameltoe...
  108. Mime Jr.?!!?!?
  109. Should Ash have been/should be scrapped
  110. Subliminal Messages in Pokemon
  111. Pokemon's ratings go up. Somehow.
  112. Most attractive guy character
  113. Should Volkner replace Brock?
  114. Intersting News about Pokemon Games in the Movies
  115. Pokemon at 7:00AM...?
  116. Two new Gym leaders as companions.
  117. What do you think of the use of CGI in the show?
  118. Ash: Biologically Immortal?
  119. Where can I find...
  120. Pokeballs...
  121. A theroy
  122. Celebi, Raikou, Entei and Suciune's Cries (What do you think?)
  123. Anyone who watched the Hoenn Episodes...
  124. Idea: Contest Themes?
  125. Team rocket aint that bad
  126. Pokemon: The Thirteenth Movie!
  127. Anyone know of a website were you can watch Pokemon online that will work on iPhone
  128. Is it true??
  129. What do you think of Buizel not evolving at this point?
  130. Pokemon TV Theme song cover
  131. Do think Brock will leave Generation 5?
  132. Ash's Roster Has Changed Once Again(WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS!)
  133. Is this creepy?
  134. Will Ash's Gible evolve?
  135. Do you think they'll shove another mascott down our throwts?
  136. Ghost Of Maiden's Peak Part 2?
  137. Misty's coming back . . . [Spoilers]
  138. It'd better be evil
  139. Do you think Lyra will return?
  140. Should Ash and Brock travel alone for a while?
  141. Pokemon Episodes on Wii?
  142. Pokemon Season 1 and 2 DVDs
  143. Why are they waiting so long to give Ash his 8th badge?
  144. Live Action Pokemon Movie is here!
  145. Ridiculous Pokemon Moments
  146. movie 13 and 2 new pokemon featured more info after i fifnish looking into it
  147. Cartoon Network Pokémon Marathon
  148. I ANGER
  149. Battle Frontier theme
  150. Which og Ashes old Pokemon would you like to make a one time appearance?
  151. Introducing a friend to Pokemon--What episode should I show?
  152. Missing Anime OST Track
  153. What should the next generation have?
  154. What will happen to the pokemon characters in 10 years?
  155. Poor Team Rocket :( I HATE ASH!
  156. What should the final episoe be like?
  157. Should Volkner get his own spin-off show?
  158. Oh my god
  159. "Mature" Pokemon
  160. Dawn has an evil twin/twins? o.O
  161. Pokemon Movie 12 US DVD Release Date? (help)
  162. does anyone know what episode this is from?
  163. About Ash
  164. pokemon show..
  165. What's your favourite Pokémon on Ash's Team V2
  166. Favorite Pokemon Movie?
  167. Did Ash ever meet back up with Pidgeot or Butterfree?
  168. Bye Bye Butterfree..
  169. Team rocket!
  170. Why is it always Ash...
  171. Name of the "Gym" song?
  172. Input Anybody?
  173. Pokemon theme songs.
  174. Do you think May should've won a Grand Festival before she left?
  175. What Region is Michina Town located?
  176. Lorelie
  177. the type you hate the most!!
  178. Father Of Ash Ketchum
  179. Anyone ever notice....
  180. Ash is stupid for....
  181. What Episode is This?
  182. The Animé: 13 years-old today
  183. Where can i watch the anime for free online?
  184. Rise Of Darkrai
  185. Which was your favourite movie?
  186. Dawns pokemon.
  187. where did ash get his tauros?
  188. What happened to tracy?
  189. Who ends up with Ash?
  190. Do you think Ash should've been the one to beat Gary in the Indigo League?
  191. Poor Polygon - Seizure not his Fault
  192. legandary telepathy
  193. The legend of Dratini
  194. Pick 6
  195. What happened to the respectable rivals?t
  196. Will Ash ever catch a legendary Pokemon (Ho-Oh a chance?)
  197. Which episode has lots of Pokemon being used?
  198. Ash vs. Gary vs. Paul vs. Ritchie
  199. Boomerang Adds Pokemon Anime in Cartoon List !
  200. Questions about the music played on TV.
  201. Does This Episode Exist...?
  202. [Revived] Who's your favorite character?
  203. UKers I need Anime Help!
  204. 5th Generation Anime Speculations
  205. What will happen in the very last episode?
  206. Are Pokémon named after their cries? Or vice versa?
  207. These doughnuts are great! Jelly filled are my favorite!
  208. What exactly is inside a Pokeball?
  209. 5th Generation Coming Soon! {Spoilers}
  210. What legendary Pokémon will Ash battle in the Sinnoh League?
  211. The end of Ash?
  212. Why Do Most People Hate Ash?
  213. The Original Series...
  214. Is it illegal to watch episodes online?
  215. If Brock does leave fifth Generation: will you be happy?
  216. why isnt rowan a tree?
  217. What should we do with the Picture Requests thread?
  218. Why do they need the trade machine?
  219. Will you be happy if we have an almost new cast?
  220. Ash/Paul rivalry: Discuss
  221. Worst Scene(s) Ever in the Pokemon saga
  222. Looking to buy Pokemon Season 3 Super Wallet box set...
  223. Next Brock Stopper?
  224. Should I get back into the Anime?
  225. Bruno vs. Agatha?
  226. Who will win the Sinnoh Grand Festival? *Spoilers Ahoy*
  227. "Mastering Current Events!" Review Thread
  228. [Anime] Shipping Debates
  229. This video made me want a Naruto/Pokemon Crossover
  230. Poketopia
  231. Heatran on Shamouti Island?
  232. Has anyone else cried during the 1st Pokemon movie? :/
  233. Brock's Happiny
  234. Magic Pokeballs?
  235. Why does Lyra call Dawn, Dane?
  236. Do you think Ash still carries Pikachu's Pokeball?
  237. Pokémon Animé Rules [Updated: 7/23] But who cares?
  238. After grand festival.....
  239. What's So important about Ho-Oh??
  240. Pokemon DP:Sinnoh League Victors
  241. Lego Dawn, Brock and Ash.
  242. Will Ash and Pikachu stay when the fifth generation TV show will be released?
  243. The Whirl Islands!
  244. Do you think Dawn will win the Grand Festival?
  245. TV/Movies with Lucario and Riolu in?
  246. If you could make a team out of Ash's Pokemon...
  247. "Electric Shock Battle! The Final Badge!!!" Episode Title Discussion!
  248. Another 4 years...?
  249. It's Really Not Funny Anymore
  250. what pokemon should ash, brock, ect. catch