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  2. Club: find her yet? ✜ HOMESTUCK fanclub
  4. [Film] Last Movie You Watched?
  5. Club: Wibbly wobbly timey wimey... DOCTOR WHO Fan Club
  6. The Football Discussion Thread!
  7. [Music] PokeCommunity Radio Room
  8. Creative Media Showcase - Display Your Digital Work
  9. [TV] What are you watching?
  10. [News] Bruce Jenner to announce gender transition
  11. [News] Jon Stewart to leave the Daily Show
  12. [News] Rihanna drops new (hopefully) promo for #R8
  13. Club: BEWARB [Gravity Falls FC]
  14. [News] The WWE discussion thread
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  16. Club: "I am an eternal flame, baby!" [Steven Universe Fanclub]
  17. Featured Summer Playlist Collab '15
  18. [News] Diablo Movie
  19. [News] Caitlyn Jenner unveils herself
  20. Featured John Green
  21. [Books] What are you reading?
  22. [News] Bill Cosby was a liar all along
  23. [News] Harper Lee shockingly corrupts Atticus Finch
  24. [Music] What are YOU listening to?
  25. [News] Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad trailers hit the internet
  26. [News] Rest in peace, Mr. Iwata.
  27. [News] Formula One Driver, Jules Bianchi, Dies at 25
  28. Featured Critic reviews vs your enjoyment
  29. [News] Wes Craven dies at 76
  30. [Film] Return to Babylon
  31. [Music] Soundtracks and Scores
  32. [Music] WILD [Troye Sivan]
  33. [Music] How would you go about making your own music?
  34. [Music] Music that cheers you up when you're down?
  35. [Film] Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  36. [TV] The X Factor UK Discussion Thread
  37. [Film] The Perfect Guy Movie
  38. [Sports] 2015 Rugby World Cup discussion thread
  39. [Sports] Nuzlocke Challenge: Fantasy Football Edition
  40. [Film] Jurassic World 2
  41. [Film] Last movie you watched? Edition II
  42. [Music] What are you listening to? Edition VIII
  43. [Film] Lets talk about Mad Max Fury Road Movie
  44. [TV] Once Upon a Time Season 5 (Spoilers)
  45. Club: [v2.0] Friendship is Magic ~ The My Little Pony Fan Club
  46. [TV] Donald Duck Cartoon Question
  47. [Music] Any Jpop / Kpop Fans?
  48. [Books] Can someone help me remember these books?
  49. [TV] Scream Queens
  50. [TV] Heroes Reborn
  51. [TV] Arrow/Flash
  52. [Music] Halloween Music
  53. [Music] Ambient
  54. [TV] RWBY
  55. Club: 🍔 Grease Trap 🍟Bob's Burgers Fanclub 🍔
  56. [Music] Are you a musician?
  57. [Music] Troye Sivan
  58. [Film] Fancy something different this Halloween? I present: Judas Goat!
  60. [Music] That's The Spirit
  61. [Music] Your most played
  62. [Books] Favourite fairy tales?
  63. [TV] Guys did you like the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4?
  64. [Music] What are you listening to? Edition IX
  65. [Music] Songs that remind you of childhood?
  66. [TV] Jessica Jones
  67. [Music] Christmas songs you love and hate
  68. [TV] The Walking Dead midseason finale
  69. [TV] New Samurai Jack Series!
  70. [Music] Songs your relatives like… but you CAN'T STAND!
  71. [Music] PMD2 8-Bit Jukebox
  72. [Books] The reading club.
  73. [Film] Favorite Holiday Flick
  74. [TV] Rick and Morty
  75. [Music] Your least favourite 10s songs.
  76. [Film] what's your favorite pixar movie?
  77. [Music] a little question for you...
  78. [Film] Star Wars VII
  79. [Books] Books you actually read in school
  80. [Film] Stronger Than You (Pikachu Parody)
  81. [Music] Is it time the world gave Justin Bieber and One Direction a chance?
  82. [Music] Favorite Album?
  83. [TV] F is for Family
  84. [Film] The Revenant
  85. [Music] 2015 in Review: Your Favourite Albums/Songs of the Year
  86. [Film] Movies in other languages
  87. [Film] Film Elitism
  88. [Film] Let's Talk Animation
  89. [Music] Songs that motivate you!
  90. [TV] DC's Legends of Tomorrow
  91. [Sports] College football bowls
  92. [Music] Which album(s) for you is/are a 10/10?
  93. [Sports] Favorite sports teams
  94. [Film] Movies we want sequels to!
  95. [Music] what albums are you anticipating in 2016?
  96. [Music] Variety is the spice of life
  97. [TV] Does Sherlock's The Abominable Bride spoiler the series?
  98. [Sports] Motocross
  99. [TV] Star wars Rebels is missing something...
  100. [Books] Childhood Favorites!
  101. [Film] The Hateful Eight
  102. [News] Alan Rickman, Harry Potter's Severus Snape, dead at 69
  103. [Film] 2016 Oscar nominees announced
  104. [Music] What do you use to listen to music?
  105. [Music] Last album you listened to?
  106. [Music] Name an album you can't stop listening to.
  107. [Music] Favorite and Least Favorite Genre(s) of Music?
  108. [Sports] Australian Open
  109. [Music] How/Where Do You Usually Listen to Music?
  110. [News] High School Musical 10 Year Reunion
  111. Club: DC, Marvel and Dark Horse Fans Assemble! - The Comic Universe Fanclub -
  112. Club: Doctor Who Fanclub - NEW!
  113. [Music] Any gems that need to be shared?
  114. [Sports] Super Bowl 50
  115. [Film] Kung Fu Panda 3
  116. [TV] Pretty Little Liars
  117. [TV] Why does Adult Swim never air in Japan?
  118. [News] Oscars Controversy...borderline idiotic?
  119. [News] TheFineBros Licensing their React Series, Facing Tons of Backlash
  120. [Sports] Shouting out to all NHL fans!
  121. [TV] How To Get Away With Murder
  122. [Music] Perfect Albums
  123. [Music] Relaxing music
  124. [Film] Deadpool Movie
  125. [Music] Khalifa
  126. [Sports] Best Pro Wrestling Dance Moves?
  127. [TV] Puppymonkeybaby
  128. [Music] music streaming services help!!
  129. [Sports] general wrestling discussion thread
  130. [Film] ZOOLANDER 2
  131. [Music] Songs that make you move
  132. [Sports] nascar discussion thread
  133. [TV] what are you currently watching?
  134. [TV] Rick and Morty
  135. [Music] What are you listening to? Edition X
  136. [Music] Freddie Mercury and The Queen
  137. [Film] How many of you like the Spotlight Movie?
  138. [Music] Classic Rock
  139. [Music] official EDM chill thread
  140. [News] Harper Lee passes away, aged 89
  141. [News] Court rules that Kesha can't terminate her contract
  142. [TV] The Series Finale
  143. [TV] Game of Thrones / ASoIaF
  144. [Film] The Witch (2015)
  145. [Music] PokeCommunity Radio Rooms
  146. [Music] Singer needed for parody!!
  147. [Film] Oscars 2016 Feat. The Revenant Bear, hopefully less racism next year
  148. [TV] Fuller House
  149. [Music] Saosin
  150. [TV] Goodbye MythBusters
  151. [Film] Zootopia
  152. [Music] I hate your favourite artist. Give me three songs to change my mind.
  153. [Film] 10 Cloverfield Lane
  154. [Music] Discover Weekly by PC [WEEK 03 - POST #34]
  155. [TV] TV show gems that need to be shared?
  156. [Music] Guilty Pleasure Songs
  157. [Music] Generations of Pop Songs
  158. [News] Indiana Jones 5 is happening
  159. [Sports] 2016 March Madness
  160. [Music] How do you listen to music?
  161. [Music] Your Karaoke Anthems
  162. [Music] Covers better than the original
  163. [Books] Classics you don't rate
  164. [TV] What did you watch under 7 years old?
  165. [Music] Does it ever cross your mind to learn a piano? Do share your opinions!
  166. [TV] RuPaul's Drag Race [S8]
  167. [TV] Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
  168. [Music] The Last Shadow Puppets
  169. [Music] K-POP // ♥
  170. [Music] Zayn - Mind of Mine
  171. [Film] Sausage Party (2016)
  172. [Film] Your Favorite Movies
  173. [Film] How do reviews affect your enjoyment of a film?
  174. [Sports] 2016 MLB Season
  175. [Books] The library vs. your own books
  176. [Film] quotes quotes quotes
  177. [Film] Surprise (voice) actors?
  178. [TV] Blue's Clues
  179. [Music] '80s jams
  180. [Music] '90s bops
  181. [Music] '00s bangers
  182. [Film] PC Film Club.
  183. [Books] The Pokecommunity Library (Shhhhh!)
  184. [Sports] 2016 NBA Playoffs
  185. [Film] LEMONADE - 4/23 on HBO
  186. [Music] Fav Singer
  187. [Music] talk music
  188. [Books] DC or Marvel?
  189. Club: VIPER FAN CLUB
  190. [News] Prince dies at 57
  191. [Music] The One Week Music Challenge
  192. [TV] OitNB Season 4
  193. [Music] '70s slams
  194. [TV] The Voice
  195. [Music] Leaks
  196. [TV] Who's hotter: Skyla or Elesa?
  197. [TV] Archer
  198. [Music] Streaming
  199. [TV] The Night Manager
  200. [Music] desert island discs
  201. [News] Ghostbusters reboot trailer becomes most disliked trailer on YouTube
  202. Have you ever attended a Live Event?
  203. [Film] Sadako vs Kayako (The Ring vs The Grudge)
  204. [TV] Supernatural
  205. [TV] The 4400
  206. [Music] A Moon Shaped Pool
  207. [Film] itt bad movies with great scenes
  208. [Music] What are you listening to? Edition XI
  209. [Music] Remixes you've made!
  210. [TV] Any Survivor fans?
  211. [Music] Misadventures
  212. [Film] Darth Jar Jar
  213. [Music] Guitar Solos?
  214. Chit-Chat: DCC: Hail Frank Ocean
  215. [Music] Help Finding Instrumental Music!!
  216. [Music] Your playlist's screenshots
  217. [Books] Warriors series by Erin Hunter
  218. [TV] Bloodline Season 2 on Netflix May 27th
  219. [Sports] 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final (San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins)
  220. [Film] Special Effects
  221. [Music] The Lyrics Game
  222. [Film] Saturday Night Fever
  223. [TV] Binge Watching
  224. [TV] Mystery and Crime are like bread and butter
  225. [TV] Your top three favorite TV shows~
  226. [Music] What are your favorite albums?
  227. [News] Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dead At 74
  228. Club: ~俺の歌を聴け‼~ <J-Music Club>
  229. [Film] Movies that influenced you
  230. [Film] End of the Sequel-pocalypse?
  231. [Music] Summer Playlist Collab '16
  232. [TV] how to get away with murder
  233. [Music] Favourite lyrics
  234. [Music] Favorite era of music?
  235. [News] Anton Yelchin dead at 27
  236. [TV] Game of Thrones
  237. Club: Water, Earth, Fire, Air ~ The ATLA & LOK Fanclub
  238. [Music] How do you like your music volume?
  239. [Music] What are you listening to? Edition XII
  240. [TV] If The Powerpuff Girls had a favorite food each...
  241. [Film] First movie you watched?
  242. [TV] Gravity Falls
  243. [TV] Cartoons
  244. [Music] Post your playlists!
  245. [Music] Feathers and Flesh
  246. [Sports] 2016 Summer Olympics (Brazil)
  247. [Music] Anyone like Classical Music?
  248. [TV] Genres you're sick and tired of
  249. [Music] Why iPhones suck...
  250. [Film] Sausage Party