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  1. Question Reguarding Flash fire and Synchronize.
  2. Issue: Sent PMs not showing up
  3. Question: Can I improve my pokemon sapphire team?
  4. Suggestion: Entertainment Trivia
  5. Issue: Post count went down??? Error erased my post?
  6. Steam Network User ID URL no longer valid
  7. Where do I post...
  8. Suggestion: Blog Entry Subscriptions
  9. Gaming Section - Interested?
  10. Wario
  11. Resolved: Wario Removal >:D
  12. Suggestion: Bring back the Scrapbox!
  13. Pokecommunity Bug
  14. Question: Mobile skin removed?
  15. Make linked text visible
  16. The Staff Feedback Thread! [read the first post!]
  17. I need a mentor
  18. Question: Where to post a question
  19. Question: Uhh...why the anonomousity?
  20. Help.
  21. New thread email notification for forum subscriptions
  22. Suggestion: Liking Blog Comments
  23. User Appreciation Thread + Others..
  24. Question: Donating [Subscription]
  25. Question: Discussion Master Emblem
  26. Question: Donation [Amazon GC]
  27. [sig-reason] tag should be 350 pixels; still says 300 pixels.
  28. Feedback: YouTube Video Embeds
  29. Feedback: How To Make #thepokecommunity More Active?
  30. Style Feedback: I have some smileys/spites for PC
  31. Issue: Style Selector
  32. Suggestion: A Mention System
  33. Issue: 'show all smileys' loads a blank page
  34. Pokemon Battle Fire?
  35. Question: Pokemon sprites?
  36. blog background image link
  37. Issue: Like Button Problem
  38. emulator
  39. Suggestion: PC Marriage
  40. Deleting Blogs?
  41. Question: Where Are 2013 Claim Threads?
  42. Suggestion: option to disable viewing of blog page customisations
  43. Suggestion: Club Notification
  44. What the poop is this?
  45. Issue: small problem with the like system
  46. Suggestion: Copy Blog CSS
  47. Forum Styles Issue
  48. Suggestion: Video Game / Arcade... Nights?
  49. Question: Uploading
  50. happy2.gif
  51. I Can't Add a Pic to My Signature...
  52. Question: Changing or removing Poll
  53. Feedback: Moderators not doing ANYTHING about people harassing me
  54. Issue: The like button isn't working
  55. Suggestion: Search filter to sort results by length of posts (ie. character count)
  56. Suggestion: Multiquote Blog replies
  57. Issue: Can't post threads
  58. Feedback: Overmoderation
  59. Issue: can ONLY post in Bold
  61. Issue: Did we flip the table?
  62. want to take moderator position over letsplay section
  63. Question: WYSIWYG Editor
  64. Issue: Internet Speed
  65. Involvement with the Forum
  66. Issue: Post titles no longer display
  67. Member interaction center
  68. Problems in making a new acc.
  69. Suggestion: PC Youtube Channel?
  70. How to not mini-mod: A detailed illustration on preventing mini-modding!
  71. Feedback: Can't send messages
  72. Issue: Profile Video on Auto-play
  73. Suggestion: Loads of Suggestion if you can do them!
  74. Merging Double Posts
  75. Official Feedback Request: Unused/underused features!
  76. Issue: Smilies show up when disabled
  77. These downtimes
  78. Issue: INverse Generation Problems
  79. What exactly is this?
  80. Question: rare cards?
  81. Threads & Posts?
  82. Blog comment
  83. Issue: The Joltiks are preventing me from logging in
  84. Style Feedback: missing/broken things
  85. Smiley codes
  86. Question: Mobile Version for Pokécommunity
  87. Question: Mobile Version for Pokécommunity
  88. It's Joltik City!
  89. ummmmmmmmmm
  90. Suggestion: PC Cam Chatroom
  91. Suggestion: Swap out avatar thumbnails for the real thing
  92. Is there a list of archived sections?
  93. Feedback: PokéCommunity Get-Together 10: Pick a date!
  94. Suggestion: Auto-Save feature
  95. Issue: Double post has been automatically merged.
  96. Things you'd change?
  97. Suggestion: List of new members
  98. Question: How Do I Cancel Subscription?
  99. A few suggestions (some about cloudflare)
  100. Suggestion: Forum Rearrangement
  101. I'm feeling alone
  102. Issue: Video Autoplay?
  103. Question: On what good a limit on avatar changes would do, if any.
  104. ROM Hacking Tasker Thread
  105. Issue: Avatar with transparent background
  106. I was wondering if i could sell tcg online codes here
  107. Question: was without internet for awhile, are my claims still valid???
  108. Feedback: closing of my topics when they aren't breaking rules UNCALLED FOR
  109. Feedback: Pokécommunity should make better use of the HTML header system.
  110. Question: How do we make a background for a game thread or any thread?
  111. Suggestion: Tier 5 Supporter added benefit
  112. Question: How to get more people to help with your Hack?
  113. Question: CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  114. Question: I want to delete this account
  115. Issue: Links at page bottom to PS & TOS pages don't work
  116. Issue: Microsoft Internet Explorer & PC Issue
  117. Can Someone Explain "Claims" To Me?
  118. BC's Community Day 10 starts at 8 AM (EST) on Saturday, June 1st (click)!
  119. Issue: Do Not Have Permission To VM Someone?
  120. Suggestion: Need a good ground type in HeartGold
  121. I do not know what these cards are??
  122. "video player is too small"
  123. Question: Pokemon Stadium Games
  124. Question: Where would i post for help for...
  125. Custom CSS
  126. Question: Forums Username
  127. Issue: Sydna & I Found A Weird Thing
  128. Suggestion: Post Hijack
  129. Where to find the option to blog?
  130. Issue: must resubmit post multiple times before they show up on PC
  131. Question: What Is This?
  132. What are these 'Bishie's' and other 'Claims' stuff?
  133. Suggestion: Ability to have an empty user title
  134. Question: Regular GFx or Pixel Art???
  135. Suggestion: Shorter report cooloff
  136. Issue: Notification Problem
  137. Suggestion: Report Blog Comments
  138. Style Feedback: "Modern"
  139. Question: Is It Gen 2 Month?
  140. Issue: jfkasfads locked myself out of my account (again)
  141. Important!: FAQ Reworking
  142. Question: how could i take pkmn from pokedit
  143. Feedback: Youtube tag is taxing
  144. Issue: These smileys don't make me smiley!!!
  145. Question: Where do I go to see all my threads?
  146. Pokemon victory fire version 2.28 gpsphone beta 8
  147. Question: Is this sig braking the rules?
  148. two questions
  149. Suggestion: tables
  150. Issue: 1 notification - then it is gone
  151. Feedback: bullying on PC NEEDS to stop
  152. Where to ask Pokemon ROM Hack Question
  153. Where Does this Thread Belong?
  154. Suggestion: 2 Forum related questions/suggestions
  155. Question: So why are people such d.ckheads?
  156. New Deck help
  157. Question: any advice for someone who wants to role play
  158. Issue: Event Organisers lack text version of mini version of their 'user rank display'
  159. Pokemon tcg online redeem codes
  160. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  161. Hide user comments in User CP
  162. Improvement suggestion for direct linking to posts
  163. Suggestion: Android WiFi battles
  164. Message Tracking
  165. Where would I post this?
  166. Question: is this ok to do?
  167. Suggestion: group PMs
  168. Question: What exactly is CI&D?
  169. Question: Just a random question about likes
  170. Who is the 1st Member of PokeCommunity?
  171. Issue: issue with one of my threads
  172. Issue: Is this a problem??? Or is this a new thing?
  173. Question: Has Pokémon General died down a bit?
  174. Issue: My supporter status has been removed
  175. Won't let me make a new thread in Progressing Hacks
  176. Suggestion: PokéCommunity General section or forum
  177. Question: So, what happened to Toujours?
  178. Youtube link issue
  179. Issue: not receiving notifications of new PMs
  180. Is this forum slow for anyone else?
  181. How to script pokemon rom?
  182. Issue: Signature Separator always left
  183. community games.
  184. infraction abuse!!!!!
  185. HELP!!!!!
  186. Psting on profiles
  187. Where do I send a complaint?
  188. Suggestion: Cap guest connections
  189. Wondering
  190. Question: “One More Step”
  191. Feedback: Give reasons for bans
  192. looking to trade.
  193. Question: Multiple PC E-mails through donation
  194. Suggestion: Anime Style Battling.
  195. Issue: missing forums section
  196. Question: 123 members active and 1567 guests???
  197. Where is the like button?
  198. Issue: user customization on my profile I DID NOT put there!!!!!
  199. Issue: MS IE -Make Link Button (Signature)
  200. Issue: Access Denied EVERY TIME I view conversations on my profile
  201. Hey im new to PokeCommunity
  202. Possibly bootleg copies of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?
  203. Why don't my GBA Pokemon games work?
  204. Suggestion: News.
  205. Issue: Username
  206. Question: Am I in the minority here?
  207. Arguments against the idiotic merge of the Pokémon manga section and Pokémon General
  208. How Do I Make Text a Link for My Sig?
  209. Suggestion: Change 'emblems' into 'badges'
  210. Question: You have unliked this post. [username] will be sad. :(
  211. Feedback: WHY WAS MY POST DELETED???!!!
  212. Suggestion: Proper credits given to artists
  213. Question: What Is the best way to describe this site?
  214. Feedback: I have to admit, this forum has been BY FAR the MOST patient with me
  215. Issue: Invisible YouTube video problem?
  216. Discussions and Debates
  217. Battle Center go home, you are drunk.
  218. Why is there no transgender option to select when creating profiles???
  219. Issue: Transgender/Genderqueer don't display properly on postbit for guests
  220. Question: Uh, Survey What?
  221. Question: Why is the control panel bar right in the middle of the page on my 3DS browser?
  222. A Tribute to you, PC Members and Staff
  223. Question: Posts that count.
  224. idea for a game?
  225. Issue: Forum has momental amnesia?
  226. Unusable Chat and Strange, vast PM Inbox.
  227. Span tag
  228. Issue: need typo corrected by Mod
  229. Feedback: New Slogan?
  230. Pokemon Claims
  231. Question: Where to post Fan Dub Pokémon videos
  232. Issue: Frequent 520 Unknown Error While Accessing PokéCommunity
  233. Question: Guest posts
  234. Issue: Anonymous Comments on Post Activity
  236. Suggestion: Facebook sharing
  237. Issue: search in mobile
  238. Suggestion: Individual Sub Forums
  239. Question: Transfering of emblems
  240. Is there somewhere I could post an X/Y analysis?
  241. Question: Signatures
  242. Signature question
  243. Suggestion: Making more use of the [user] tag
  244. What's up with CSS?
  245. Question: Forum Activity Percentages Gone?
  246. Question: Stance on bumping a thread with no replies?
  247. Location Question
  248. Suggestion: Pokemon Manga Forum
  249. Feedback: Great work PokeCommunity.
  250. Post Notifications.