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  1. Banned from Discord server for no reason?
  2. Few questions about what users can and can't do on here
  3. Suggestion: Sharing smilies
  4. IMPORTANT: Scheduled Maintenence Planned - May 24, 2017
  5. Question: Did you create this forum and its coding?
  6. Forum tips (BB Codes, HTML Entities, and more)
  7. Question: Where to buy pokemon cards online
  8. Question: Legality questions
  9. Question: Where to post markup errors & coding improvement for the site?
  10. Question: How do I unpin a group?
  11. Question: Three short questions
  12. Question: Where do Fakémon bios with images, and original regions go?
  13. Question: Please identity this Pokemon
  14. Issue: I'm unable to download an older Rom
  15. Question: delete please
  16. Issue: testing a tester test
  17. Issue: Discord missing
  18. Issue: Is it possible to get my old account back?
  19. Issue: LOST ACCOUNT
  20. Feedback: Error on this page
  21. From The PokéCommunity Staff: PCXV Get-Together - Event Suggestions
  22. Issue: Profile privacy setting kept displaying as 'Everyone'
  23. Issue: Password changed without my knowledge
  24. Question: Shiny Randomizing
  25. Question: Possible to get permission to post link before 5 posts
  27. Question: Thread tags and polls
  28. Issue: Merging an Account?
  29. Issue: Posting Requires Moderator Approval (Pokemon Essentials Forums)
  30. Question: Last Activity: January 1st, 1970 12:00 AM?
  31. Feedback: The Pokemon community app
  32. Question: Music Help
  33. Issue: Help learning to use forums
  34. Issue: version not compatible
  35. Issue: Am I unpopular or something?
  36. Issue: Where is my Pokecoin from Gym?
  37. Issue: Can't link avatar
  38. Issue: Avatar Transparency Issue
  39. Changing thread categories
  40. Issue: Koga Kills my Game
  41. Issue: Reporting a blog post
  42. Question: Style / Theme
  43. Issue: Can't change Password
  44. From The PokéCommunity Staff: PCXV Get-Together - Event Host Signups
  45. Issue: Quote Button not quoting in Firefox
  46. How much can I sell this pocket monsters card for
  47. Issue: >
  48. Can a staff member help me recover my old account?
  49. Feedback: So about those double enters.
  50. Question: how long does it take for donation status to show up?
  51. I posted a Rom Hack Thread but it said the mods have to approve it how long does that take?
  52. Question: Fan game screenshots and or demo
  53. Are you Able to check your hacks pending to be approved?
  54. Text Written by Ignored Users Showing Up in Quotes
  55. Question: Are you able to save your thread as a draft before you submit?
  56. Issue: Randomly logged out
  57. Question: Why am I being Ignored?
  58. Issue: Sig alignment
  59. Question: Orange Achipelago
  60. Suggestion: Ever thought about embedable tweets?
  61. Issue: PC Discord Issue
  62. Technical question with this site
  63. What are the name of that thing
  64. sharing maps for feedback (rom-hacks)
  65. Question: Can someone please explain to me what is up with this??
  66. Question: How do you get an animated avatar?
  67. deleted
  68. Issue: House logo setting doesn't work
  69. Question: Get-Together Event RP Planned?
  70. Feedback: My Profile Picture?
  71. Where to post a rather specific topic?
  72. Pokecommunity houses forum style
  73. Suggestion: Some Suggestions...
  74. Question: Accounts purging.
  75. Question: Pikachu doesn't evolve
  76. Resolved: My posts are being sent twice, and I don't know why
  77. Question: Plans for mobile landing page?
  78. Question: Your own region?
  79. Yet Another Negative Change to the Section
  80. Thread question in ROM hacking
  81. Issue: Account Merging
  82. Waiting for a reply to be approved by a moderator
  83. Question: What i have to do to become a staf
  84. Problema combate doble pokemon essentials
  85. Question: Advertising rules?
  86. Question: Anyway to access old account
  87. Question: I can't upload my custom signature picture
  88. Question: please teach me step by step how to post pictures in VM, PM and posts?.
  89. Banned from Discord for no reason.
  90. Question: I can't customize my profile
  91. Question: Planning to get a free tier
  92. Suggestion: Case sensetive note in reset password validation
  93. Issue: refresher stuck
  94. Issue: Scroll bar in signature?
  95. Suggestion: Multiaccount preventions system
  96. Question: How do you write a Blog Entry?
  97. Suggestion: Automatic censoring of various website URLs
  98. Question: How to create a poll in the post?
  99. Issue: Bulleting Board and Daily sections gone
  100. Question: So what's my reputation here?
  101. Question: "Flagged for approval?"
  102. Issue: Forum styles off
  103. Issue: How will I get my other account back?
  104. Issue: CSS Table Code isn't working / No Dedicated Table BB Code
  105. Question: Pokemon Team rocket fire red hack
  106. Resolved: My post wasn't approved?
  108. since this is the subforum everyone is in right now for some reason
  109. Question: So... what now?
  110. Question: What's Going On/What Happened?
  111. Feedback: Serious opinion
  112. Resolved: Username change?
  113. Resolved: Footer text still says 2002-2016
  114. Feedback: Old gens
  115. Resolved: PokeCommunity Battle Server doesn't have PokeCommBot
  116. Question: I have several questions.
  117. Question: Ts
  118. Question: My username and Discord
  119. Question: Are the fonts broken or is it just me?
  120. Question: Trading
  121. Issue: Signature GIFs?
  122. Issue: Charizard evolves into charizard x but not y in oppsoing trainers team
  123. Question: Confused about game help threads...
  124. Feedback: Request - Monster Maker (Pokemon Essentials Remastered)
  125. Issue: An image is like a link?
  126. Question: How to change my username
  127. I need help getting back into an old account for which I forgot the email associated with it.
  128. Issue: What is the offset for May's sprite, and the palette
  129. Question: Quick reply vs standard reply
  130. Time issue
  131. Issue: Video embedding
  132. Question: Where would I post music remixes I made (to show them off) that were made via rom hacking?
  133. Question: The forum mobile
  134. Question: forum
  135. Issue: theres no login button
  136. Username change requests (May)
  137. Question: whats the use of those houses
  138. Question: thread appoving time
  139. Issue: signature help
  140. Question
  141. Issue: Thread deletion request
  142. Question: Is it ok?
  143. Question: Underground is death
  144. Delete My Account?
  145. Issue: Can't Download
  146. Issue: It wont let me continue playing
  147. Question: How to remove the discord widget from the forum index?
  148. Question: Pokemon Adventure red chapter
  149. Issue: PC crashing
  150. Feedback: Privacy settings
  151. Question: Option to turn off Highlighted Words when searching a topic?
  152. Question: How to delete spammy blog comments
  153. Feedback: Broken option inside the "Edit Options" Section
  154. Issue: Ignore function not working?
  155. Question: Where do you download games?
  156. Change username
  157. Issue: Full Screen Blackout
  158. Question: Spoiler tags
  159. Issue: Image Tag not working
  160. pokemon dark energy
  161. Forum having issues with imgur?
  162. Question: How do I delete a thread?
  163. Question: So.... What IS an emblem?
  164. Issue: Booted out randomly
  165. Issue: Need help finding a Pokemon Emerald Rom download
  166. promblem with sprite import on nse 2
  167. Question: How do I add more pokemon to Pokemon Emerald?
  168. Question: How do you view a list of subscribed forums?
  169. Issue: Problem with fishing
  170. Question: How to post a blog draft?
  171. Question: Hacks keep saving over themselves?
  172. Question: Mobile version
  173. Issue: A Little Help?
  174. Issue: missing post
  175. Suggestions
  176. Reply needs to be approved?
  177. Question: Cloud white pokemon (hack room)
  178. Issue: Pokemon vega rynos lunchbox
  179. god stone evolution error
  180. Suggestion: Rename this Board “Forum Feedback&Support”
  181. Is it possible to request a name change?
  182. Feedback: Next time you change the Server...
  183. Question: Ads
  184. Question: Profile Picture Question
  185. Question: Problem with pokemon Sea temple
  186. Issue: Unable to upload attachment
  187. Suggestion: You’re free now
  188. Question: Is it possible to reclaim an orphaned post?
  189. Where To Put Comics?
  190. Issue: Stuck Notification
  191. Is this normal?
  192. Issue: Can't Access the Index
  193. Issue: Spam comment on my blog post
  194. Issue: can't access sub-forum indexes
  195. Suggestion: Tagging Feature
  196. Issue: Web Formatting/Rendering
  197. Question: How to edit a thread's title?
  198. Question: Popup Box Disabling?
  199. Issue: Abusing
  200. Resolved: Past Gen Section
  201. Issue: Cloned Pokémon Ban
  202. Issue: I am 13
  203. Question: How do I do this? :S
  204. Resolved: the mail server is timing out
  205. Issue: Again being Targeted by Staff Member !
  206. Issue: Malicious Ads
  207. Resolved: Own Thread + Post Reply + Waiting For Approval = Huh?