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  1. Suggestion: Closing Tab Warnings, Saving Post Drafts, and Timeout Warnings
  2. Banned from Discord server for no reason?
  3. Few questions about what users can and can't do on here
  4. Suggestion: Sharing smilies
  5. IMPORTANT: Scheduled Maintenence Planned - May 24, 2017
  6. Question: Did you create this forum and its coding?
  7. Forum tips (BB Codes, HTML Entities, and more)
  8. Question: Where to buy pokemon cards online
  9. Question: Legality questions
  10. Question: Where to post markup errors & coding improvement for the site?
  11. Question: How do I unpin a group?
  12. Question: Three short questions
  13. Question: Where do Fakémon bios with images, and original regions go?
  14. Question: Please identity this Pokemon
  15. Issue: I'm unable to download an older Rom
  16. Question: delete please
  17. Issue: testing a tester test
  18. Issue: Discord missing
  19. Issue: Is it possible to get my old account back?
  20. Issue: LOST ACCOUNT
  21. Feedback: Error on this page
  22. From The PokéCommunity Staff: PCXV Get-Together - Event Suggestions
  23. Issue: Profile privacy setting kept displaying as 'Everyone'
  24. Issue: Password changed without my knowledge
  25. Question: Shiny Randomizing
  26. Question: Possible to get permission to post link before 5 posts
  28. Question: Thread tags and polls
  29. Issue: Merging an Account?
  30. Issue: Posting Requires Moderator Approval (Pokemon Essentials Forums)
  31. Question: Last Activity: January 1st, 1970 12:00 AM?
  32. Feedback: The Pokemon community app
  33. Question: Music Help
  34. Issue: Help learning to use forums
  35. Issue: version not compatible
  36. Issue: Am I unpopular or something?
  37. Issue: Where is my Pokecoin from Gym?
  38. Issue: Can't link avatar
  39. Issue: Avatar Transparency Issue
  40. Changing thread categories
  41. Issue: Koga Kills my Game
  42. Issue: Reporting a blog post
  43. Question: Style / Theme
  44. Issue: Can't change Password
  45. From The PokéCommunity Staff: PCXV Get-Together - Event Host Signups
  46. Issue: Quote Button not quoting in Firefox
  47. How much can I sell this pocket monsters card for
  48. Issue: >
  49. Can a staff member help me recover my old account?
  50. Feedback: So about those double enters.
  51. Question: how long does it take for donation status to show up?
  52. I posted a Rom Hack Thread but it said the mods have to approve it how long does that take?
  53. Question: Fan game screenshots and or demo
  54. Are you Able to check your hacks pending to be approved?
  55. Text Written by Ignored Users Showing Up in Quotes
  56. Question: Are you able to save your thread as a draft before you submit?
  57. Issue: Randomly logged out
  58. Question: Why am I being Ignored?
  59. Issue: Sig alignment
  60. Question: Orange Achipelago
  61. Suggestion: Ever thought about embedable tweets?
  62. Issue: PC Discord Issue
  63. Technical question with this site
  64. What are the name of that thing
  65. sharing maps for feedback (rom-hacks)
  66. Question: Can someone please explain to me what is up with this??
  67. Question: How do you get an animated avatar?
  68. deleted
  69. Issue: House logo setting doesn't work
  70. Question: Get-Together Event RP Planned?
  71. Feedback: My Profile Picture?
  72. Where to post a rather specific topic?
  73. Pokecommunity houses forum style
  74. Suggestion: Some Suggestions...
  75. Question: Accounts purging.
  76. Question: Pikachu doesn't evolve
  77. Resolved: My posts are being sent twice, and I don't know why
  78. Question: Plans for mobile landing page?
  79. Question: Your own region?
  80. Yet Another Negative Change to the Section
  81. Thread question in ROM hacking
  82. Issue: Account Merging
  83. Waiting for a reply to be approved by a moderator
  84. Question: What i have to do to become a staf
  85. Problema combate doble pokemon essentials
  86. Question: Advertising rules?
  87. Question: Anyway to access old account
  88. Question: I can't upload my custom signature picture
  89. Question: please teach me step by step how to post pictures in VM, PM and posts?.
  90. Banned from Discord for no reason.
  91. Question: I can't customize my profile
  92. Question: Planning to get a free tier
  93. Suggestion: Case sensetive note in reset password validation
  94. Issue: refresher stuck
  95. Issue: Scroll bar in signature?
  96. Suggestion: Multiaccount preventions system
  97. Question: How do you write a Blog Entry?
  98. Suggestion: Automatic censoring of various website URLs
  99. Question: How to create a poll in the post?
  100. Issue: Bulleting Board and Daily sections gone
  101. Question: So what's my reputation here?
  102. Question: "Flagged for approval?"
  103. Issue: Forum styles off
  104. Issue: How will I get my other account back?
  105. Issue: CSS Table Code isn't working / No Dedicated Table BB Code
  106. Question: Pokemon Team rocket fire red hack
  108. Resolved: My post wasn't approved?
  110. since this is the subforum everyone is in right now for some reason
  111. Issue: Account deletion request
  112. Question: So... what now?
  113. Question: What's Going On/What Happened?
  114. Feedback: Serious opinion
  115. Resolved: Username change?
  116. Resolved: Footer text still says 2002-2016
  117. Feedback: Old gens
  118. Resolved: PokeCommunity Battle Server doesn't have PokeCommBot
  119. Question: I have several questions.
  120. Question: Ts
  121. Question: My username and Discord
  122. Question: Are the fonts broken or is it just me?
  123. Question: Trading
  124. Issue: Signature GIFs?
  125. Issue: Charizard evolves into charizard x but not y in oppsoing trainers team
  126. Question: Confused about game help threads...
  127. Feedback: Request - Monster Maker (Pokemon Essentials Remastered)
  128. Issue: An image is like a link?
  129. Question: How to change my username
  130. I need help getting back into an old account for which I forgot the email associated with it.