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I feel like I have random embarassing moments pop into my brain randomly at least once or twice every week. It's honestly tiring, but the brain does what it wants lol. In response I either cringe mentally or cringe physically by making a face. :')

What about you guys? Do you have these memories pop up often or not much?


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I'd say it happens between 2 to 10 times per week ^^"
Not that I have many memories, but all these moments left a mark on me T_T

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I can definitely relate, Janna! I have a decent amount of memories, even very vague ones, from embarrassing moments that come back at times - but both the moments themselves and the time they come up feels extremely random and instinctive. It hasn't happened just as often lately as it used to, and I'm lucky that it often happens when I'm alone, but everytime all I can really do - besides cringing, I guess - is ask myself "Why??" and try to move on.

And just so you know- there's a lot of events that might seem like nothing important, but that I end up beating myself over or making a big deal out of. Which probably explains this whole thing :'c

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It happens occasionally. But it doesn't happen too often. My life is probably way too repetitive and boring to let these things crop up regularly. It really just comes down to random events that make me remember old times where I did something that's just plain dumb. ^^"
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Occasionally. I can go weeks without it and then have a week where I remember a thing or two each day that I'd rather forget.
Pretty much a matter of whether or not my mind gets to wander in that direction or not =p

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Less often than I used to for sure. But it still happens sometimes. I am better about it though.


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Often! I have a fairly good memory for conversations or interactions with other people. Whilst this is nice, I tend to also always remember embarrassing moments so sometimes it'll pop into my head and I'll have to shut down the thought immediately. :D
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All the time, contributes to my poor self esteem.

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I don't remember my embarrassing moments(I have soooooomany of them) until I'm reminded of them in some way or the other.

Then it just starts a chain reaction where one memory leads to another and then I'm like, "Why am I like this and why are people even friends with me??" 😂


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It depends. Ones a long time ago? I don't tend to think about those. And if I do, it's a very fleeting thought. But recent things? Like within a month or so? Sometimes I'll think about that. I'm also not easily embarrassed so that might have something to do with it.
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Yes. Identifies no particular frequency. Believes not too often. Preoccupies itself with bad interactions more than embarrassing moments. Mixes those embarrassing moments with near-misses too.
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Not terribly frequently, but when I do it’ll stick like an annoying thorn in my side.

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I feel like my past is made up of 80% cringe during social situations, so whenever it flashes in my mind, I visibly cringe and think something like "I'm such an embarrassment"! 😅 It happens a few times a week, mostly when lying in bed and reflecting.

My flashes of trauma are a bit more common and I have to physically wince and shake my head to get rid of them... which attracts weird looks from people, since they happen at random, even in the busy public!
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Wait, you mean to say that most people can (occasionally) stop remembering embarrassing things?!

Basically, I think about everything I'm about to say three times over before I say it. There are too many moments where I've said the wrong thing at the wrong time or because I misunderstood the context. I think about my blunders quite often, but then I remind myself life would be so boring if I couldn't find the humour in mistaking someone is talking about their kid and not their dog and that someone just happened to be my boss.


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far more often than i'd like to


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Almost every night whilst I am in bed attempting to sleep.
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All day every day unless I'm deeply distracted by something. My brain never stops monologuing to itself, so it likes to ramble about people who have said nasty things to me. The current medication I use doesn't get rid of the thoughts, but it does make them hurt less. I can be constantly reminded of past events and I end up barely caring.

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More than I’d like to!
In random times in a day, I could be minding my own business, then all of a sudden, my brain is like: “Do you remember that time that you did this embarrassing thing? Yea, let’s just keep thinking about it and the millions of possibilities of things you could’ve done to avoid it that you couldn’t think at the moment.”
Also i think of this more often when I go to sleep, sooo…