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Inspired by a very tipsy and sentimental voice message I sent yesterday, I thought I'd bring this type of thread back! So have you ever met someone from PC in real life? If so, who and what did you guys get up to if you feel comfortable sharing? If not, are you open to the idea of meeting people from PC in the future/any plans to do so? I've always liked reading people's stories and realising what great friendships or relationships form out of PC into the real world. :D


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I had a friend on here who I exchanged personal phone numbers with, so we eventually called.

Meeting in person was bought up a couple times, but I had skepticism. It never happened.


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That's not so easy with me living in Australia, but I do plan to meet up with Revise/Meadow as soon as we can! <3 He was going to come see me around early June this year but then COVID happened, so. :(

I really long for us to start living together!

What I lowkey always wished for is a like, an entire community IRL get-together, where we all meet in person haha, that'd be fun!


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That's not so easy with me living in Australia.
Boy do I feel this. Almost everyone I talk to from PC is in Europe or North America.

Interestingly though, I technically have met Nica/Forever apparently. The catch was that it was years before I joined, or even knew about, PC and we didn't discover this until a decade later.
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Not yet. I do plan to travel in the future so it would be cool to have people I wanted to meet too instead of just locations to mark off a list during those journeys. Definitely a good few people that come to mind off the top of my head both in and out of the lower 48.


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Oh man.

Omicron, Kaori, Aizuke, Fairy & bf Nick who I guess also has an account on PC so he counts, Colours, Chibi-Chan, Ash, Mr. CatDog, Kura, Captain Fabio, Adventure, seeker, Patchisou Nick, Morkula & his housemate Nolafus, Christos and also another one I met in London whose face I'm perfectly seeing and who gave me an Espeon card I keep to this day right next to my game collection but whose username also evades me, I'm so sorry, I had a mukty night and my brain isn't the best right now.

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would be down if i wasn't hundreds of miles away from y'all lol
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Anyone in Nova Scotia HMU

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i met mr cat dog when i went to london to march in the new year's day parade and i met hiidoran when we were on our way to play against michigan state and stayed the night in indiana. it's always marching band that gets me to folks man lol
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I've met up with Ash multiple times and colours once, and we all hung out together at Disney World as well. Those were such fun times and I wish we can do it again sometime ;;


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Haven't met anyone from PC IRL, don't think I will anytime soon considering where I live lmao
There's a load of PCers from where you are.
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Never met any PCers irl, closest i've come is adding some PC friends on facebook :P there's not a lot around where I am. Plus idk how to be social irl so I probably wouldn't unless it was someone I was already very good friends with :')