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Most of my IRL friends were on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and it was the platform I signed up for first (as like...tymew2000 or smth). But, I probably used MSN Messenger a lot more, as most of my online friends used it lmao. If I had to choose between the two, it'd probably be MSN.

Which platform did you prefer? Which did you use the most? (Or did you just use...a completely different platform like Yahoo Messenger)



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Well thas a good question tymew2000, the answer is MSN is superior and anyone who disagrees is wrong and very old (likely over 55)
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I grew up with AOL so it was AOL all the time. Once I got older I had both AOL and MSN.
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MSN was for the cool kids, everything else was used exclusively by nerds B)


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My first one was ICQ. I had MSN for a short while afterwards but dropped it mostly when the first Linux version of Discord was released.
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I think I just missed AOL because no one I knew used that, but I loved MSN so much I had this lmao

it lights up and flaps its wings when you get an MSN notification


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MSN/WLM is where i spent a vast majority of my early internet years so i'm going to go for that. barely used AIM at all, really.
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I started on AIM when I was 11 or so and we had dialup...dark days. My teens were spent on MSN and it was my main chat client for years, I had so many contacts and it felt so much easier to connect with people on it. WLM was trash. Like, worse than Skype trash.

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I don't remember AOL or it being a big thing. By the time I was growing up facebook chat was already out there, and that's how i kept in touch with everybody from school. I never felt the need to use anything else.


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I didn't use either of them? I used Skype, lmfao. By the time i used Aim it was literally dead, and MSN made me anxious because of the loud noises whenever you got you can't even pay me to use instant messaging services.
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Old times, I used yahoo messager and MSN messager because it only thing my friend ever used to communicate those were really common back in the days
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i was on multiple IM platforms to the point where i downloaded trillian to condense my resources down


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AIM is for those in need of a budget MSN ;D xD

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Anyone remember the MsgPlus addon for MSN/WLM? It added a bunch of awesome features like having colors in your display name, pinning contacts to your desktop, etc.


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Oh, fond memories of MSN.

That's how me and my life partner stayed in touched.
Staying up till 12am on webcam.
Spam-Nudging friends to the point of annoyance.

Kept in touch with my first few friends from Pokécommunity on MSN too.
I still speak to one of them through discord!
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Met my other half on AOL way back when, so I'mma pick that! <3
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omg memories. I used both a lot. MSN was my preferred since it had awesome customization... gosh I miss it. D':

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