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In the Johto games you arrange to send a portion of your winnings back to mom, who will save up your pokedollars, and ocassionally go shopping with it, and use some of the money to surprise you with an item.

Did you ever store money at home with mom?

I use this option. I like the idea that I can carry money with me, but have it also kept in another place, and can withdraw money from the mom npc like a bank, when I need it. Sure, you can always save your money on your own while traveling, but if you let your mom save it then it requires less thought, money is just put aside automatically and consistently every time you earn some in a battle, and your savings have a way of adding up fast. I'm often surprised when I travel to see mom, and see how much money has been saved, and it guarantees that even if I overspend I'll always have a reserve to fall back on.

The coolest part though is that mom could find items that help the player like evolutionary stones and potions, berries and other held items that you might not have access to at your current stage in the game, so I thought it was worth leaving money with her to buy these things, even if just for that. The thing that I thought was most fun was when she bought room decor like Pokemon dolls. I loved the dolls for the room, though they served no purpose other than being cute, I like the idea of being able to decorate my space.

What about you? Did you like using this feature in Johto, or do you think it was not that useful?

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I don't use or like this feature. Find myself with a lack of money on hand whenever I have her save it.

Of course, I do miss out on the unique items she buys as a consequence.


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Used and enjoyed it because of the dolls. Appreciated the little bit of customization back in the day. Felt special due to being unable to buy them normally. Likely grew tired of saving after exhausting the guaranteed items. Awarded boring repeat items in Generation 2.
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I hated this because she would use the money I saved. So, in future playthroughs, I didn't let her save my money anymore since she shouldn't do that. She never really bought good items anyway, to be honest.
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I used it back in the day when Gen 2 was new. Never really questioned the feature at the time, so I just went with it. Later in life I stopped using it, I don't need a reserve of cash and her buying something good is rare anyway.
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Yep, use it every time I play through. It’s funny, I’ve never looked into how much money she takes from you each time, or a full list of items. For GSC I’d like when she buys the Snorlax/Charmander/Pikachu dolls. For HGSS, it’s a good way to access certain berries.
I dunno, it just feels right to finish a battle in a Johto game and see “Sent some to Mom!”.

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I only played the Crystal VC if that counts as gen 2.
I declined. I also declined back in HGSS which was my first Johto experience.

I did not even know she bought stuff with it.
I always decline, because prior to getting fly, fetching money from her is quite an inconvenience and I therefore don't consider it useful.

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Oh man, I forgot this was even a thing!! I remember if you accumulated enough cash, she would buy you different Pokémon dolls to decorate your room with. Freaking adorable - GSC Mom is best Mom.

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I did as a kid, yes! Loved the dolls she occasionally bought me and wish we had more use for them, and that a similar feature made its way over to future games. Decorating our room with dolls was cute. But later on when I replayed I disabled the feature since I was trying to zoom past the game and the 'sent some to mom' text made battles ever so slightly longer, lol.


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I always use it, since I never felt like I need that much money. I even forget to withdraw them sometimes at the end of the game.

Putting dolls in my rooms was cool feature. I remember that if you transfer your save to Stadium 2, you can view your room in 3D and see those dolls. But I don't use this feature that much nowadays.