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Started by Palamon June 30th, 2022 7:19 PM
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To those who use TikTok: why do you use it?

For those who, don't, why?

Here's why I don't: I hate TikTok. People there will do anything to get popular, even if it makes a particular group look bad. Ie: people acting like mental illnesses make you "cute and quirky" and spread misinformation about them.


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In a similar vein to Twitter, hearing such negative stories surrounding TikTok makes me uninterested in even checking it out.

Also I remember when it was called musically. I thought the advertisements were obnoxious so that killed any intrigue immediately.


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I used to love TikTok but then I started to seriously hate it. I first downloaded TikTok when it wasn't a really popular thing yet in 2018. It was a cool app: there was some cringe stuff but you could see people were having fun and trends were funny: people dancing, lip-sync and so on. I didn't even have an account, I just had much fun by watching the short videos. Back to those days it didn't really seem that people were looking for clout. With the passing of time it got worse and it's now a more main stream social with all its consequences: there are diverse contents in the app, which isn't bad, but most of them are cringe and it also got very political. It basically lost that feeling of simple and random fun people had before and now it's an app where there are things that I personally don't find funny and even if some profiles have interesting content, I am really aware that you can't do much in that limited time given.
Other than that, there's ton of people doing everything to become famous, children that shouldn't be using the app (parents' fault tbh) and I would have a lot to say on the risks of children being on TikTok, and also some semi-sexual content that for some reason seems to be quite promoted by TikTok itself.

I deleted it back in early 2020 and I tried to re-use the app in the beginning of 2022, but after a month I just deleted again. I am just very sad for the fact that because of how TikTok manages its content, now more creators do very short things which are immediate and easy to follow for the public, but in my opinion they aren't exhaustive enough, especially if you're looking to learn something from them.

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I’ve used it for long enough that the algorithm just caters to my dumb sense of humour but there’s definite downsides to it. I think like any social media platform it depends largely on how you use it
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I feel like it's because of the pandemic Tiktok became the way it is now. But, I remember hearing early on people were doing outright dangerous and deadly challenges on there. Ie: tide pod challenge. Which is why I've always not liked it and refused to be apart of it.

I'll see some funny videos here & there posted to Twitter but the majority of people on Tiktok are definitely young teenagers who are impressionable.

Also, recently, I heard of an even worse app called Likee that's similar to tiktok but has a private message function. I never liked Vine either, by the way.

Maybe I've always been iffy of it because of the stories I hear about it. (tiktok) which who knows if are actually true.


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boy if I was told I'd be defending tiktok in 2018 I would not have believed it

I think 2018 was the height of TikTok cringe compilations and that was when it was really popular to hate on it because adults love to dunk on things kids like, so I'd definitely joined in on the 'ha ha look how cringey and stupid these kids are' trend. Funny enough that this is the era _confused_piplup_ misses the most, but I think this actually highlights something important - I think every social media platform has gone through all the stages described here in this thread. YouTube way back when was also just full of unpolished content of bored kids with blurry webcams doing random and silly things and just having fun, which is reminiscent of the content piplup said they missed on TikTok now. Back then, adults would also muk on YouTube and call that kind of content cringey and stupid, but it's since grown into a lot more than that and is a staple to old and young people alike.

I think TikTok is going through the same transitionary period or already has, since it's not growing as a platform during the same ancient wild west of the internet like YouTube grew in. It's grown exponentially in a much shorter time, because we are familiar with this already. People are learning they can make money on this platform much quicker than they realized this with YouTube, they know they can find fame and clout here already, because we've seen this kind of explosive growth already on all the similar platforms that came before it.

Yeah, people do dumb things on it but it's like any social media platform that exists to be used by millions and have a lot of kids on it. Faking mental illnesses or doing anything for attention is not unique to TikTok. The Tide pod challenge actually originated on YouTube, which I think is a good example that shows the problem isn't necessarily TikTok itself, it's dumb, impressionable kids and dangerous trends, and those unfortunately exist on every platform. I think what it does have is a uniquely powerful algorithm and an insanely wide reach that makes it really good at spreading the best and the worst of it.

On top of that, I think it has a really bad rap from still being known as/associated with and stuff like kids lip syncing to Justin Bieber next to their dying grandpa (this is a real video) but it's grown into a lot more than that, which, yes, includes people faking disorders for attention, but also good content of every genre, comedy, memes, tutorials, educational posts, cat videos, political content, giving new artists an opportunity to get out their original music (good and bad) and pretty much anything else you can think of. The algorithm is scary good at learning what you like, so if you just consistently don't watch the content you don't like, it will pretty quickly learn to just mostly show you the stuff you want to see.


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Two words: God, no.

I quit Twitter during the early pandemic precisely because of the mass amount of cross-postings from TikTok and the two communities becoming exactly as toxic as you described. Even watching cat videos that come from there gives me a pang of anxiety.

I think it's the musical selection and the tendency for videos to have overlaid text that turn me off - basically, the format itself. I have the same problem with most social media nowadays, though, which is why I'm not in any of them (not even Discord!).


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tiktok is an unparalleled rube goldberg brain damage machine and i admire some of the unique minds that exist as a result of it


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It pretty much flew past me. The only things I've seen are videos on Youtube talking about TikTok videos. I don't see the need to join it, either. I'm just more into long form content which doesn't seem compatible with TikTok's low attention span type of content.
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i'll watch tiktok links if they are sent to me but i will likely never register on the website or go out of my way to watch them


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I get my TikTok content curated by others :)

I don't like TikTok as an entity or phenomenon and there are some deep, deep issues with its algorithms and the way things are advertised and the rise of the individual as a commodity and even famous being forced to use TikTok by demands of their marketing teams... but a lot of that is just, y'know, coming to a head now in this time and space and TikTok is certainly not the creator of so many problems- just a platform that perpetuates and contributes to them.

But! I watch TikToks. I like video content, I like short-form video content in particular for comedy. Surprisingly, my account doesn't actually reflect that much (I rely on my friend to filter through the crap and find actually funny videos). I use TikTok much the same way as I use my tumblr- I exclusively follow people whose content I want to see and never look through tags or "for you" stuff. Most of the people I follow are semi-educational creators or like, dancers/singers/artists, and I usually find them through their content being reposted. If I don't like the majority of their content I stop following them. I don't spend much time using the app, either- I'll open it once a week or less, catch up with two or three creators I'm particularly interested in, and give a cursory scroll through my Following page. Ultra-curated, you know? It makes anything a much better time.
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It's Youtube for people with lower attention spans. Like everyone's said, the algorithm can cater to your specific wants so nowadays you could go a long long time without seeing any of those offensive Tiktoks. Personally I don't even care to install it because There's Youtube Shorts & Facebook Reels to fill me in on that style of video anyway. Being able to save the extra space on my phone does wonders for me.
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I use TikTok more than any other app to be quite honest. It’s just so easy to relax and scroll through Tiktok and watch silly videos. I consume a variety of different content via the app, everything from fashion and beauty to comedy.

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