What’s a daily ritual of yours?

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Other than like, personal hygiene. Do you have any particular way you conduct certain things in your daily life?

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I get up at the same time, prepare stuff the same way every morning, go to work at the same time, the first hour at work is always the same, I always go back home at the same time, when at home I always go take a walk at the same, always walk the same way, always take the same amount of time, I have a specific order how do things in the evening, always read exactly one chapter of a book, always spend some time doing nothing until I get to sleep at the same time. I even wake up at night at the same time, well sometimes more and sometimes less, anyway.

That's my work week, anyway.
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I say good morning on a bunch of discord servers i'm in!



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Wake up, grab some coffee, do some daily logins to some of my games that give rewards -- even if I don't actually play them. I like the goods.

Used to be that checking this place was a daily ritual, maybe I should go back to that?

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My daily ritual is to wake up, get a cup of tea and praise the almighty cybernetic dragon

otherwise bad luck comes to me and im stuck in a fridge in a supermarket

that is no bueno let me tell you that it happened once and it gave me a free trial for Microsoft Powerpoint
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Feed my cats after I wake up.

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Feed my cats after I wake up.
this. in certain order and with certain little words d:


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If he wakes me up, that's how it indeed is.

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Watch cartoons as I eat breakfast before work. I may be a grown man now but I still need my cartoons!


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I usually stand for a bit after breakfast nowadays, just so I don't immediately go from sleeping in bed to sitting at computer. Only started doing that very recently lol.

having tea with a sweet is almost always part of my day too, though not always. I'd say at least 6 of 7 days a week I'll be having tea and something sweet with it. Occasionally coffee too, since I've started getting into lattes. :D

I floss nightly and always need something to watch or flossing is just. mindlessly boring. so when it's floss time I dip my floss into a small capful of mouthwash (recommended by my dental assistant to help prevent cavities between teeth), browse my YT subs for a video (or the YT main page), and start flossing.

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Every morning I like to play chess online for an hour or two (or three if I get carried away). I also listen to the radio on monday-friday.

At night I usually play video games from about 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM.


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I like to wake up and then wish for more sleep.
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It was not until someone else pointed it out, that I really do have a daily routine. For the week at least. For the week, I tend to get up early-ish in the morning. About 9:30 or 10, sometimes later depending on what time i went to bed the night before.

then once im up i start on schoolwork as soon as i wake up. usually takes me about an hour, sometimes longer to get schoolwork done. after that, i take a shower, and then after that do any chores or anything i have to do.

on the weekend i take that time to relax and not do the usual routine i'd do. i always make sure to get my schoolwork done before the weekend anyways.


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Every morning, I feed and take care of my cat. She really likes drinking water out of the faucet so I leave that running while I am getting ready for work. When I get home, I take care of her. She's a needy cat so she needs lots of attention. I don't blame her since she's alone all day. Other than being a cat lady, I don't have much of a routine besides shower/hygiene related stuff everyday. I try to eat breakfast, but that hardly works out. I bought a blender and make strawberry/blueberry smoothies about 2 or 3 days a week.


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Used to have a strict routine before COVID hit. But back then I would wake up at 6 a.m. to make breakfast, feed the cats, do a little workout, and get ready for work. I would come home at 6 p.m. for dinner, watch youtube, do homework, and be in bed by 11 p.m.
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On the weekdays it's wake up, let dogs out if sister hadn't prior, get ready for work, feed both cats and dogs, and then work. weekends it depends on when i wake, whether sister is off, and if the animals have already been fed/taken out haha.