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  1. B/W: The Generation Five Speculation Thread
  2. B/W: Current Generation Five Information Thread
  3. B/W: May 16 Pokémon Sunday update: Battle Scene footage!
  4. B/W: Parts and features you like to see in the final version
  5. B/W: Protagonists
  6. B/W: The Starter Discussion Thread
  7. B/W: Your opinions on the 3-D aspects of the game.
  8. B/W: Black or White: Which will you choose?
  9. B/W: Eeveelution Additions?
  10. B/W: Game difficulty
  11. B/W: The Isshu Region
  12. B/W: Hey, Look At That!
  13. B/W: What pokemon of the 493 do u want to see included in the gen 5 dex
  14. B/W: Old Pokemon, New Evolutions. Which do you want?
  15. B/W: No more legendaries! Please!
  16. B/W: What animals do you think there will be?
  17. B/W: Isshu Map????
  18. B/W: Battle Frontier v5.0
  19. B/W: PokeWalker... Or More?
  20. B/W: How will you experience the game?
  21. B/W: New formes
  22. B/W: A solution to the HMs
  23. B/W: "Follow Me" Feature
  24. B/W: What things do you want to change in Black/White?
  25. B/W: Connections To Past Regions?
  26. B/W: Will you use Zoroark?
  27. B/W: Ability Discussion
  28. B/W: Individual Pokemon Eggs
  29. B/W: Migration from ALL generations
  30. B/W: Overworld
  31. B/W: What do you hope to see in B&W?
  32. B/W: TMs, HMs and Attacks Discussion
  33. B/W: How do you think the touch screen will be used?
  34. B/W: Pokemon Black/White DLC
  35. B/W: Do you think they're running out of ideas?
  36. B/W: What Starter Will You Choose & Why?
  37. Featured: Unova Fanart Thread! [ HIGH BANDWIDTH WARNING ]
  38. B/W: Pokémon Contests, Pokéathlon, or...?
  39. B/W: Let's talk about Gym leaders.
  40. B/W: Finish the Phrase: Team...
  41. B/W: The Elite Four
  42. B/W: Found something Googling regarding 5th Gen
  43. B/W: NPCs, Towns... Pokemon lost its feel?
  44. B/W: Professors, Professors
  45. B/W: "Smell Ya Later!": The Rival Speculation Thread
  46. B/W: New Pokeballs?!
  47. B/W: New Terrains
  48. B/W: How do you think you will receive your starter?
  49. B/W: New Types?
  50. B/W: What do you think the new evil team of 5th Gen will do this time?
  51. B/W: Question relative to older Gens.
  52. B/W: New Moves Speculation Thread
  53. B/W: A Story...
  54. B/W: Bug Legendary's
  55. B/W: Event Pokemon and all the things that come with them.
  56. B/W: Legendaries
  57. B/W: The Legendaries?
  58. B/W: Guess! That! Name!
  59. B/W: Battle System Tweaks
  60. B/W: The Three Starters-Tsutaja, Pokabu, or Mijimaru?
  61. B/W: Ruby and Sapphire Remake Speculation Thread
  62. B/W: What if they make a manga of Black and White?
  63. B/W: Which tree....?
  64. B/W: What do YOU want to see in Black and White?
  65. B/W: The Safari Zone
  66. B/W: Pokemon B&W Playthrough
  67. B/W: Pokemon should evolve during battles
  68. B/W: Return of Old Features?
  69. B/W: The rival of Black and White.
  70. B/W: Two different regions for two different games?
  71. B/W: New Fast Paced Battles!?
  72. B/W: Location of the Isshu Region
  73. B/W: Are the new trainers American?
  74. B/W: Third Game
  75. B/W: Pokemon following you?
  76. B/W: A good idea for battling.
  77. B/W: Ditch Ash in the 5th Gen anime?
  78. B/W: Version name change for America?
  79. B/W: 151 - 251 - 386 - 493 - ???
  80. B/W: Game Freak needs to make Fire types!
  81. B/W: How will you feel if Gen V sucks?
  82. B/W: What are you most looking forward too in Pokemon Black & White?
  83. B/W: Pal Park?
  84. B/W: Final Evolved Starter Pokemon Base Stats?
  85. B/W: Voice acting, maybe?
  86. B/W: Possible New Ways to Evolve?
  87. B/W: Will they change the Flying and Surfing Icons?
  88. B/W: Disappointments with the 5th Gen Thus Far?
  89. B/W: Pokemon Type Combos you want to see?
  90. B/W: 5th Gen Games Geared to two audiences?
  91. B/W: New Type?
  92. B/W: What do you want to see in Pokemon Black and White?!
  93. B/W: Trainer Classes
  94. B/W: If it had a narrative
  95. B/W: Would you choose Pokabu?
  96. B/W: Music thread!
  97. B/W: What new transport will there be ?
  98. B/W: New Key items ????
  99. B/W: What new watch accessory e.g pokenav, pokesav
  100. B/W: More Unown?
  101. B/W: New Moves in Gen5
  102. B/W: Game Corner
  103. B/W: Delights with the Fifth-Generation thus far?
  104. B/W: Which Starter
  105. B/W: Sprites?
  106. B/W: New Battle System
  107. B/W: Did Isshu exist in RBY?
  108. B/W: New features?? What do you think there will be??(expectations/confirmations)
  109. B/W: NPC General Discussion + Cameos
  110. B/W: Black, White, watcha getting?
  111. B/W: PreviousLegendaries?
  112. B/W: Return of the Time Capsule?
  113. B/W: Third version name?
  114. B/W: Tsutaja sprites and overworlds!
  115. B/W: What Do YOU think Black and White will be like?
  116. B/W: Family Relations?
  117. B/W: New team of evil deeds.
  118. B/W: Hiding something?
  119. B/W: New Hm's in Black and White ??
  120. B/W: Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru ??
  121. B/W: Its going to be hard for ken :(
  122. B/W: Sprites.
  123. B/W: A bad feeling...
  124. B/W: What are you gonna name yourself.
  125. B/W: What nicknames are you gonna/would you give to the pokemon we know about?
  126. B/W: The Bike!
  127. B/W: What are you expecting at the Elite 4?
  128. B/W: it was announced here in europe
  129. B/W: Victini, Zekrom and Reshiram Discussion Thread
  130. B/W: Version Exclusives
  131. B/W: Charizard-like Pokémon in Gen V?
  132. B/W: which is better?
  133. B/W: In-Game Event Pokémon
  134. B/W: The Boxart
  135. B/W: Hiun City Camera Action!
  136. B/W: Version Legends.
  137. B/W: Black and White DSi Exclusive Features
  138. B/W: something that may happen in the near future.
  139. B/W: Please have more than one save file!
  140. B/W: Official Pre-Release Battle Videos
  141. B/W: Why Not Wait
  142. B/W: New Video!!
  143. B/W: Types for the legends?
  144. B/W: Expansion Packs
  145. B/W: Anyone going to Translate Pokemon Black Version To english!?
  146. B/W: Legendaries
  147. B/W: Do you think The name 'Black and White, is Racist?
  148. B/W: Reshiram or Zekrom
  149. B/W: Differences between the versions?
  150. B/W: Aerodynamics.
  151. B/W: Which of your Pokemon do you plan to transfer over to Black/White?
  152. B/W: What's Your Rival's name?
  153. B/W: What do you think about Black and White so far?
  154. B/W: Should the name be changed for US?
  155. B/W: game play
  156. B/W: What happened to the old simple Pokemon?
  157. B/W: How do you feel about the game being annouced so early in the United States?
  158. B/W: Japanese or English Black/White?
  159. B/W: Starter Pokemon?
  160. B/W: 2011?
  161. B/W: Duel-Types Gym Leaders?
  162. B/W: Multiple status problems
  163. B/W: New moves/HMs/Tms?
  164. B/W: If You know the new starters, come here
  165. B/W: Where will the starters end up?
  166. B/W: Zekrom Dragon/Electric?
  167. B/W: Dual-Type Attacks???
  168. B/W: starter pokemon
  170. B/W: Pokemon Sunday + corocoro info
  171. B/W: black and white discussion
  172. B/W: new pokemon
  173. B/W: new pokemon
  174. B/W: Pokemon Sunday Time?
  175. B/W: pokemon black and white
  176. B/W: More legendaries?
  177. B/W: New Pokemon Gen V!!! Leaked on CoroCoro!!!
  178. B/W: Alternate way to obtain shinies
  179. B/W: More than 6 Pokémon in your party?
  180. B/W: What If You Couldn't Catch the Legendaries
  181. B/W: Berries
  182. B/W: Actually training pokemon...
  183. B/W: So, what if there were wild pokemon that actually matched your pokemon's levels?
  184. B/W: Pokemon Black + White: Baby Pokemon
  185. B/W: Double Battles
  186. B/W: Team Rocket as Black and White Evil Team??
  187. B/W: Master Ball In Pokemart
  188. B/W: Pokemon Stadium style battles
  189. B/W: PC Box storage
  190. B/W: I want to keep my POKEMANZ!!!
  191. B/W: Hacking Pokemon B/W
  192. B/W: multiple sav files
  193. B/W: No HM's Only Tm's
  194. B/W: Glitches
  196. B/W: Full 5th Gen Pokemon List ?
  197. B/W: Secret base
  198. B/W: Ruuuuumors on 2ch!
  199. B/W: Achievement
  200. B/W: Connection of Regions
  201. B/W: Alternative legendaries
  202. B/W: Champion
  203. B/W: Pokeblocks, Poffins, Now what?
  204. B/W: What should be improved?
  205. B/W: Who Actually Isn't That Excited?
  206. B/W: Starter choose
  207. B/W: Black and White Pictures XD
  208. B/W: [New Pokémon - June 11] NEW Black and White Scans leaked
  209. B/W: Female Professor/Doctor!
  210. B/W: Black people
  211. B/W: The new pokedex
  212. B/W: Reshrim and Zerkom's Typing
  213. B/W: The Isshu Landscape *Pictures leaked*
  214. B/W: What can you make out from Isshu?
  215. B/W: Which of the new pokemon do you like the most?
  216. B/W: The Japanese version-question
  217. B/W: Songs that would make excellent battle music
  218. B/W: Will black and white work on my ds?
  219. B/W: New Rumours
  220. B/W: Professor Araragi
  221. B/W: New Weather?
  222. B/W: Evet POKEMON
  223. B/W: Kangaskhan should get an abortion
  224. B/W: Black and white English name speculation (NOT REAL NAMES!!!!)
  225. B/W: Has anyone else noticed this?
  226. B/W: Looks like the starters we saw won't be in the game...
  227. B/W: Who Actually IS Excited?
  228. B/W: Wi-Fi
  229. B/W: Zorua, an event only?
  230. B/W: Pokemon B&W New Battle System
  231. B/W: Giaru's Weight
  232. B/W: Confirmed Pokémon Discussion Thread
  233. B/W: Zoroa and Zoroark Incest?
  234. B/W: B&W official Japanese website updated
  235. B/W: How many legendaries?
  236. B/W: C-Gear Speculation
  237. B/W: Internet save file!
  238. B/W: The Isshu Pokedex
  239. B/W: Transfer Machine
  240. B/W: Will the AR work?
  241. B/W: Tons of Pokemon to be Released in August CoroCoro?
  242. B/W: Hihidaruma's Ability is amazingly Over Powered!
  243. B/W: BW Timeline vs other games
  244. B/W: Black and White - New Natures!
  245. B/W: Pokemon B/W American Release Date Announced?!
  246. B/W: So! Wireless functions!
  247. B/W: Life goes on (end-game DLC)
  248. B/W: The 3rd edition??
  249. B/W: Wacky Villains
  250. B/W: Thread Index