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  1. 3rd Gen Where are you Located right Now?
  2. 3rd Gen Poke'mon Emerald?..........
  3. 2nd Gen Huh?
  4. 3rd Gen Tv stuff
  5. 3rd Gen Transformation Cave???
  6. 3rd Gen Where can I find a Translation?
  7. 3rd Gen Some Questions
  8. 3rd Gen Swampert
  9. 3rd Gen luvdisc
  10. 3rd Gen Swampert Breeding
  11. 3rd Gen What Pokemon can be caught...
  12. 3rd Gen Meteorite
  13. 2nd Gen Team Rocket pictures!!
  14. 3rd Gen Omg
  15. 3rd Gen Firered or leafgreen!!please help me..
  16. 3rd Gen Berry Master Wife phrases
  17. 3rd Gen Cheated-Team Rating
  18. 1st Gen St. Anne truck and Mew
  19. 3rd Gen Leveling Up/Earning Money/Battle Tower
  20. 3rd Gen A few questions for Pokemon Sapphire.
  21. 2nd Gen yeah...HELP!!!
  22. 3rd Gen Action Replay Pokemon Saphire help!
  23. 3rd Gen Pokmon Emerald General Discussion and Speculation
  24. 3rd Gen New Deoxys Form
  25. 3rd Gen Name Rater.
  26. 3rd Gen Your Best Contest Conditions
  27. 3rd Gen The best group
  28. 3rd Gen Please Help
  29. 3rd Gen Wailord or Walrein?
  30. 3rd Gen Help!!! Islands!
  31. 3rd Gen Where is dig
  32. 3rd Gen Regis
  33. 3rd Gen what is your favourite pokemon in R/S
  34. 3rd Gen island 8 and 9 codebreaker codes
  35. 3rd Gen Battle Tower
  36. 3rd Gen a little help
  37. 3rd Gen Woundering
  38. 3rd Gen FR/LG wireless thingy
  39. 2nd Gen E4 in G/S/C are kinda weak...
  40. 3rd Gen Is the new DEOXYS form in FR/LG
  41. 3rd Gen Space Center
  42. 2nd Gen celebi
  43. 3rd Gen GS SP pokemon modifier codes
  44. 3rd Gen Anoter pokemon GaME?
  45. 3rd Gen Another pokemon GaME? Im SOLD!
  46. 3rd Gen Mirage Island
  47. 3rd Gen Trainer Card
  48. 2nd Gen Diamond
  49. 3rd Gen GSC Poekmon?
  50. 3rd Gen Um, where to start...ok, Absol
  51. 3rd Gen Serious help needed.
  52. 2nd Gen The totaly weirdest thing
  53. 3rd Gen ruby/sapphire trainer sprites and new card creating
  54. 3rd Gen Pokemon GBA Video
  55. 3rd Gen Gameshark Codes
  56. 3rd Gen Gameshark Codes
  57. 3rd Gen English Fire Red And Leaf Green!!
  58. 3rd Gen Guider
  59. 2nd Gen Cryystal help..
  60. 3rd Gen Has it come out yet?
  61. 3rd Gen Jirachi Catchable in Emerald
  62. 3rd Gen Help with gameshark codes
  63. 2nd Gen hey, hows my team?
  64. 3rd Gen I haven't played it....
  65. 3rd Gen Wally Question
  66. 2nd Gen Powerplant
  67. 2nd Gen Ditto's Location
  68. 3rd Gen i apologize for asking this question....
  69. 3rd Gen (Cartman):, I Need a Patch!!!!!!!!!
  70. 3rd Gen Fire Red on An Emulator???
  71. 3rd Gen Got action replay??
  72. 2nd Gen Pewter city
  73. 3rd Gen A Cool Program
  74. 3rd Gen AR Crypt
  75. 3rd Gen how do you hatch bad eggs?
  76. 3rd Gen how the HECK do you delete bad eggs than?
  77. 3rd Gen favorite pokemon in ruby or saphire?
  78. 3rd Gen wich pokemon is the beter one?
  79. 3rd Gen Different colored pokemon
  80. 2nd Gen My Yellow Team - just thought i'd put it in ^^
  81. 3rd Gen Flaws in Pokemon Ruby
  82. 3rd Gen Pokeinfo and stats for R/S game
  83. 3rd Gen What an annoying glitch!
  84. 3rd Gen no more remakes!
  85. 3rd Gen OK I have to ask this.....
  86. 2nd Gen Aerodactyl Question.
  87. 2nd Gen How many LV. 100s do you have?
  88. 3rd Gen Gah! Natures!
  89. 3rd Gen A Pokemon Virus???
  90. 3rd Gen pokemon: electric yellow?
  91. 3rd Gen Breeding pokemon
  92. 3rd Gen Feebas
  93. 3rd Gen Protect and Detect
  94. 3rd Gen Gettin Dragon Dance on T-Tar ???
  95. 3rd Gen I need help!!??!?
  96. 3rd Gen Action Replay/Gameshark SP codes plz
  97. 3rd Gen Anyone know any contest combos that can work with reigrock?
  98. 2nd Gen Purchasing Crystal
  99. 3rd Gen quick question...
  100. 3rd Gen dragon scale
  101. 2nd Gen Descrimination against girls.
  102. 3rd Gen Codebreaker Code Topic!
  103. 3rd Gen action replay or gameshark?
  104. 3rd Gen What's Your Strategy?
  105. 3rd Gen laugh
  106. 3rd Gen Pokemon Ruby Gameshark SP codes
  107. 3rd Gen Corrupt HoF
  108. 2nd Gen A little help here...
  109. 3rd Gen wat can be found on mirage island?
  110. 3rd Gen Free Pokemon?
  111. 3rd Gen How much will Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen be?
  112. 3rd Gen Can you get Mew on Firered and Leafgreen?
  113. 3rd Gen Problem at Ruby...
  114. 3rd Gen I am Playing Leafgreen
  115. 3rd Gen Can you catch all the pokemon on FR/LG?
  116. 2nd Gen Pokemon safarizone
  117. 3rd Gen Is there a transated version that i can download?
  118. 3rd Gen Is there a transated version of Leafgreen or Firered that i can download?
  119. 3rd Gen Problem with Pokemon League
  120. 2nd Gen Strength HM
  121. 3rd Gen EON Ticket question
  122. 3rd Gen my pokemon wont leave me
  123. 3rd Gen Surfing Glitch
  124. 3rd Gen Does anybody know a one line code for shinies on Pokemon Ruby?
  125. 3rd Gen The Chime & Cast
  126. 3rd Gen omg!i caught a mew!!!!!!!!
  127. 2nd Gen yellow team
  128. 3rd Gen Deoxys Code
  129. 3rd Gen i need help!!!..help me pleazzzz
  130. 3rd Gen Fortree City Gym.
  131. 3rd Gen grr..berrygiltch has caught up with me anyone know where to fix?
  132. 3rd Gen question about cheats
  133. 3rd Gen pokemon help!
  134. 3rd Gen Secret Base?
  135. 3rd Gen Where can I get the sprites?
  136. 3rd Gen FR/LG and Collseum
  137. 3rd Gen Rayquaza
  138. 3rd Gen wat does torchic learn?
  139. 3rd Gen Hardest Gym Leader. o.0
  140. 3rd Gen don't pre-order!
  141. 3rd Gen Charizard Evolves!?!
  142. 3rd Gen Youngster Archie and the shiny ?????
  143. 3rd Gen Pokemon Info
  144. 3rd Gen Happiness Evolutions?
  145. 2nd Gen fire stone
  146. 3rd Gen Don't Get mad at me!
  147. 3rd Gen Trading
  148. 3rd Gen A Few Questions
  149. 2nd Gen New to these Forums; Just restarted Silver
  150. 3rd Gen i need to know!
  151. 3rd Gen Pokedex Info for R/S
  152. 2nd Gen Which poketype/pokemon do you like best?
  153. 3rd Gen Best way to raise pokemon?... Need help please.
  154. 3rd Gen Best way to raise pokemon?....Need Help PLease
  155. 3rd Gen Silly things you see in R/S?
  156. 3rd Gen Base Stat FAQ v.1
  157. 2nd Gen Your pokemon teams
  158. 3rd Gen Ruby Vba
  159. 3rd Gen FR/LG worth getting?
  160. 3rd Gen Mirage Island??
  161. 3rd Gen Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen....Released or not?
  162. 3rd Gen trainer card.
  163. 3rd Gen help
  164. 3rd Gen Is it true?!?
  165. 3rd Gen What pokemon should I use?
  166. 3rd Gen pokemon leaf green freezes...
  167. 3rd Gen Interboard Pokemon Tournament
  168. 2nd Gen Pokemon InterBoard Tournament
  169. 3rd Gen Is it worth it?
  170. 3rd Gen Interboard Pokemon Battling Tournament!
  171. 2nd Gen ID numbers
  172. 3rd Gen still play your gameboy games?
  173. 3rd Gen gameshark sp codes please
  174. 3rd Gen Help
  175. 3rd Gen Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald info.
  176. 3rd Gen Trainer Card
  177. 3rd Gen How do I fix Natual Happening Bad Eggs?
  178. 3rd Gen pokerus.
  179. 3rd Gen Ditto Question
  180. 2nd Gen Help me how to hack pokemon red
  181. 2nd Gen Help
  182. 3rd Gen Is There A Baby Kyogre And Groudon In R/S?
  183. 3rd Gen Fire Pikachu
  184. 3rd Gen AR help needed here
  185. 3rd Gen pokemon leaf green/fire red questions
  186. 3rd Gen Fire Red in english is done.
  187. 3rd Gen saving problem
  188. 2nd Gen How to find the legandary dogs suicune entie and raikou.
  189. 3rd Gen Berry Growing
  190. 1st Gen mew cheat question
  191. 3rd Gen Skitty. Good are Not?
  192. 3rd Gen I got to play FR and LG today!!
  193. 3rd Gen xatu attacks.
  194. 3rd Gen What pokemons do you use in double battles?
  195. 3rd Gen What he's doing there?
  196. 3rd Gen skarmory. Good are not?
  197. 3rd Gen my pokemon
  198. 3rd Gen fake game? Ah, its a ROM.
  199. 2nd Gen is this true?
  200. 3rd Gen Where do I find Relicanth?
  201. 3rd Gen Training Methods
  202. 3rd Gen a hole page on FR
  203. 3rd Gen fire red and leaf green 12-digit master codes for Gameshark SP
  204. 3rd Gen I need help on Sapphire!
  205. 3rd Gen bye every one
  206. 3rd Gen venustoise code
  207. 2nd Gen How do you get the GS ball
  208. 3rd Gen silly question
  209. 2nd Gen celebi and GS ball
  210. 3rd Gen can some one help?
  211. 3rd Gen Game codes
  212. 3rd Gen Codes
  213. 3rd Gen GSSP codes PLZ!!!
  214. 2nd Gen where can i get programs for editing red/blue
  215. 2nd Gen will someone please tell me how to get the GS ball this is my third post on this
  216. 3rd Gen EON ticket
  217. 3rd Gen Finnaly but... ACK!
  218. 2nd Gen In need of a good GSC player!
  219. 3rd Gen blastoise move hydrocannon
  220. 3rd Gen Easy way to level up pokemon
  221. 3rd Gen Lvl Up
  222. 3rd Gen Pokenames what are yours
  223. 3rd Gen Pok'emon Sapphire GS-SP Codes.
  224. 3rd Gen Day.......... and Night
  225. 3rd Gen secret berries that you can only get one of
  226. 3rd Gen how to find a shiny pikachu easy!!!
  227. 3rd Gen who was the hardest out of the elite four for you
  228. 3rd Gen who was the hardest out of the elite four for you
  229. 3rd Gen how did all of you get the english FR and LG so fast
  230. 3rd Gen when are u able to fight your rival again after the elite four
  231. 3rd Gen most powerful move
  232. 3rd Gen what is the most powerful move most powerful move
  233. 3rd Gen who better latios or latias?
  234. 3rd Gen Have Heartscale....how to teach Swampert hydropump?
  235. 3rd Gen Does anybody have some codebreaker codes for Pokemon LeafGreen
  236. 3rd Gen whos your strongest pokemon
  237. 3rd Gen who look the coolest as a shiny
  238. 3rd Gen whos your favorite pokemon party
  239. 3rd Gen weakest pokemon
  240. 3rd Gen Who Do You Think Is Strongest Legendary Pokemon
  241. 1st Gen total no. of ledgandaries
  242. 3rd Gen how do you get to island 4 5 6 7 8 and 9?
  243. 3rd Gen Emerald Trailer!!
  244. 3rd Gen Rare Candies- Help!
  245. 3rd Gen generations
  246. 3rd Gen Island 5 Stone Altar...
  247. 3rd Gen Annoying thing.....
  248. 3rd Gen Big News!!!
  249. 3rd Gen am i supposed to hear this
  250. 3rd Gen Effort ribbon without rare candys