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  1. League of Legends
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  5. Nintendo 3DS Discussion
  6. Underneath the Town Tree ♤ The Animal Crossing Club
  7. What's in your Top 10 3DS Activity Log?
  8. Objection! ~ The Ace Attorney Fan Club
  9. Rate the video game music above you!
  10. FNAF Fan Club (It's Me)
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  12. Chit-Chat: Back to the Grind(stone)
  13. [News] No more Flash/Daily Deals during Steam sales
  14. Games starring the bad guy
  15. [News] Activision buys MLG for $46 million
  16. Wanting a new twist on Skyrim
  17. [Article] Splatoon, Mario Maker celebrates original Pokémon games
  18. Guild Wars 2 : The Legacy of Pokécommunity
  19. [Article] Splatfest declares Pokémon Blue the very best
  20. [News] Smite comes to the PS4
  21. [News] Cross-Platform Gaming Now Possible Via Xbox Live
  22. IMPORTANT: Gaming Media is closing
  23. [News] Final Fantasy XV Launches September 30th, Demo Released Today
  24. [News] Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox
  25. [News] Nintendo NX Release of March 2017 Worldwide
  26. [News] Vac ban
  27. [News] There may be no more consoles in the future, according to an EA exec.
  28. [News] Final Fantasy XII Remaster Coming in 2017
  29. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  30. Gamer Obscurea; Games in Hiding
  31. The Video Game Screenshot Thread
  32. Warriors of Light: The Final Fantasy Club [2.0]
  33. [News] Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System launches again with 30 classic NES games
  34. The Video Game Quote game!
  35. [News] Pokemon Uranium download removed.
  36. Video Game Arcade Week! *Returns!*
  37. Android Games
  38. [News] Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Randomizer- Episode 1
  39. Animal Crossing New Leaf Club~
  40. # the friendly and bravery game louers# The clash of clan game fan club
  41. Year of Gaming #1: Crossy Road - The New Frogger!
  42. [Event] The Legend of PokéCommunity - Choose Your Hero!
  43. Year of Gaming #2: Jrump - Make The Galaxy Great Again!
  44. The 30 Days of Gaming Challenge, v2.0!
  45. Overwatch - Discussion Thread
  46. The PokéCommunity Minecraft Server [CLOSING]
  47. [Event] Golf With your Friends Tournament
  48. Let's (watch someone else) Play!
  49. Help Thread: Future of Gaming Events in PC's Video Games (Important: Please Read)
  50. [News] Nintendo Switch
  51. [News] Steam Halloween Sale!
  52. Sonic Series
  53. Create-A-Hero! [VOTING PHASE]
  54. Chit-Chat: DCC - Now with emoji DLC for $4.99! [VG DCC]
  55. [News] Mass Effect: Andromeda
  56. Animal Crossing New Leaf Update
  57. Favorite Fictional Weapons!
  58. One-Word-Off Video Games
  59. The Collector's Edition
  60. Visual Style
  61. [News] PSA: PAX East 2017 Tickets Are Available Onlline
  62. The Best of the Baddest - Video Game Villains!
  63. Any games like pokemon but more focus on combat?
  64. Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection (2016) - Game Discussion Thread
  65. PekoTAS' Ongoing Quest to Beat Every Game Boy Game
  66. You take Control: Best Controller 🎮
  67. Console Wars
  68. You can climb that mountain! - Open Worlds
  69. Does this BDU make me look fat? - Character Customization
  70. [Event] Create-A-Hero! [Submissions Thread] Week 1: Fire Emblem!
  71. Special Moves!
  72. One Shot, One kill
  73. Touhou: Series Discussion
  74. Livin' on the edge: Cliffhangers
  75. Rollercoaster Tycoon: Series discussion
  76. X or Circle?
  77. Project CARS is cool but are there any good car games in the nfs/burnout mold on PS4?
  78. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone
  79. Just a new coat of paint - Remastered games!
  80. Facerolling - When you simply "destroy" the game.
  81. Autosaving . . . Please wait.
  82. Can you feel the beat? - Game trailers with Music rating game!
  83. It's all in the act - Video Game Voice actors!
  84. [Event] Create-A-Hero [Submissions] Week 2: Overwatch!
  85. killed by the invisible camera
  86. Steam Fall Sale 2016 (waitwhat)
  87. You have to play it! - 'Classic' games!
  88. What would you ask a Game Dev?
  89. Lego Worlds (2017) - Game Discussion Thread
  90. [Event] The Advent Calendar!
  91. I need a vacation... - Video game locations
  92. [Event] Craft-a-Christmas! - Minecraft Building Contest [STARTED]
  93. "All I want for Christmas, is youuuu"
  94. There's something good up there! I know it! - Secret areas!
  95. Your "Role" in Video Games Discussion
  96. The Last of Us Part II (N/A) - Game Discussion Thread
  97. Marvel vs Capcom 4: Infinite
  98. [News] Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy announced
  99. 2016 - Achievements and Triumphs
  100. 2017 - Goals and Aspirations
  101. [Event] Secret Santa Steam Gift Exchange! [SIGNUPS CLOSED]
  102. [News] Assassins's Creed 3 is available on Uplay for free right now
  103. [News] Rumor: Smash 4 to be re-released on the Switch with additional content, Melee on VC
  104. PC PS4 party up?
  105. [News] Rocket League gets free new space arena in latest update
  106. [News] Nintendo Switch and Breath Of The Wild demoed on The Tonight Show
  107. Show off those battlestations!
  108. There's not really any good co-op horror games!
  110. [News] Nintendo Switch To Be Fully Revealed On The 12th Of January At 11PM Eastern
  111. Fact or Faction
  112. Assign a character to the above user!
  113. [News] 'Lost Odyssey' is free for all Xbox One/360 owners for a limited time.
  114. [News] Ubisoft is giving away 7 games for free
  115. Animal Crossing wishlist
  116. [Event] Abrupt game sesh - Planetside 2
  117. Batman: The Telltale Series Discussion Thread
  118. Favourite Gaming Protagonist
  119. Favourite Gaming Antagonist
  120. Trove Beta on Consoles
  121. Games that deserve a sequel
  122. [News] January 2017 GWG have been announced for Xbox owners
  123. The Steam Winter Sale begins!
  124. LOL S7 Ranked partners
  125. Runescape DMM tournament
  126. IMPORTANT: [FEEDBACK/SUGGESTIONS] - Events in Video Games
  127. recommendations needed
  128. Your favorite video game apparels (Clothing, Armor, etc)
  129. Your Top 10 (Or Less) Games Of The Year
  130. Should the Call of Duty franchise end?
  131. The 4 Warriors
  132. New 3DS Cover Plates
  133. Recent Gaming Purchases
  134. Is cheating acceptable on singleplayer?
  135. Horizon Zero Dawn - Discussion Thread
  136. [News] Splash of the Week: Pit People (Week of January 8th, 2017)
  137. [Unofficial] Discord Server Now Open!
  138. PokéCommunity Daily: Nintendo Treehouse Live Event Announced To Cover Nintendo Switch Games
  139. The Sims Series And What You Remember
  140. [Event] Awesome Games Done Quick! #AGDQ2017
  141. Which Gamertag is Better/Cuter?
  142. Fictional Video Game locations you would like to take a vacation in?
  143. Do gamesharks/action replay still exist?
  144. [News] Xbox exclusive 'Scalebound' cancelled
  145. Disposable short term entertainment & Long term heavy investments
  146. [Article] Nintendo Switch Discussion [OUT NOW!]
  147. Favourite Gaming Soundtrack
  148. Sequels
  149. Pay to Play
  150. [News] Yacht Club Games outlines 2017 track for 'Shovel Knight' updates
  151. Looking for game recommendations
  152. Ni no kuni 2: revenant kingdom
  153. [Event] Seifer vs. Sephiroth [GCC Week 1]
  154. If you could be good at speedrunning any game...
  155. Streaming your games
  156. Forum Info: Welcome to Video Games 🎮 Rules & Info
  157. Switch Spell The End Of The 3DS?
  158. Fire Emblem - Direct and titles
  159. [Let's Play] Skyrim Let's Play (Unmodded) RATED M
  160. What games do you want this year (or next)
  161. [News] Riot Games and the Big Ten Network Launching League of Legends Collegiate League
  162. [Event] Big Boss vs. Master Chief [GCC Week 2]
  163. What controller should I use?
  164. [News] Indie game banned from Twitch a year ago, dev still can't get a response
  165. [News] Dark Souls III: The Ringed City DLC announced, March 28th release
  166. Tales of Berseria - Game Discussion Thread
  167. Mobile gaming
  168. Remakes or Sequels?
  169. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) - Game Discussion Thread
  170. Any Tekken Fans?
  171. Monster Party! Guess the video game monster above you
  172. Final Fantasy - Series Discussion Thread
  173. Fallout - Series Discussion
  174. The Forest
  175. Your favorite year for personal advancement
  176. [Event] Mario vs. Sonic [GCC Week 3]
  177. [News] Namco founder Masaya Nakamura passes away at 91.
  178. Venatus Obscurum - Obscure Games Discussion!
  179. Retromania - Retro Gaming Discussion!
  180. Film adaptations
  181. If you could be a boss
  182. Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag - Literally the best thing to come out of the franchise
  183. Fire Emblem Heroes
  184. Persona - Game Series Discussion
  185. [News] FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Announced
  186. Devil May Cry [Spoilers]
  187. [Event] Overwatch 1v1 Tournament! [PC]
  188. Monster Hunter
  189. [News] Fallout Shelter free for Xbox One & W10 tomorrow Feb 7th
  190. [Event] Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda [GCC Week 4]
  191. Souls Series Discussion Thread
  192. Favorite Video Game Trailers
  193. [News] The End of Steam Greenlight
  194. Pet Peeves
  195. Serious Talk #1 - Gamestop's Circle of Life
  196. [Event] Samus Aran vs. Mega Man [GCC Week 5]
  197. Favorite Video Game Genre?
  199. Life influence from Videogames?
  200. A new pokemon ripoff mobile app (Monster Park)
  201. Halo Wars 2 Discussion Thread
  202. [Event] Ratchet & Clank vs. Jak & Daxter [GCC Week 6]
  203. [Let's Play] (Rated M) Revived Skyrim Let's Play
  204. Horizon Zero Dawn Discussion
  205. [News] Shadow of Mordor sequel leaked
  206. IMPORTANT: Help us improve VG! [Survey + Feedback]
  207. Your first videogame?
  208. [News] Twitch will soon start selling digital games
  209. [Let's Play] (RATED "M") Sir Codin Plays Resident Evil 7
  210. [Event] Sans vs. Papyrus - GCC [Week 7]
  211. [News] XBOX Announces "XBOX Game Pass"
  212. Doom WADs
  213. Titanfall 2
  214. Modded Skyrim Thread
  215. [News] Spike Chunsoft Localizing Legendary Visual Novel 428: Shibuya Scramble
  216. [Event] Nintendo Switch Friend Code Sharing Thread
  217. LoZ - Breath of the Wild
  218. Have you tasted a Nintendo Switch Cartridge yet???
  219. Help! Want to buy a game!
  220. PAX East 2017 - Gaming Festival!
  221. [Event] Tracer vs. Scout - GCC [Week 8]
  222. [Let's Play] NecrumWarrior Plays the Sonic Franchise (Some cursing)
  223. [Let's Play] Portal Stories: Mel with Necrum (Some Cursing)
  224. [News] New Rocket League game mode announced
  225. [Event] Luigi vs. Tails [GCC Weeks 9&10]
  226. Thoughts on Wii, 10 Years After
  227. Fixin The Switch; Topic on Custom Job ideas to improved the Nintendo Switch Design
  228. What was the last game you preordered?
  229. [News] Disney Afternoon Collection Announced
  230. What is the most important element of a video game to you?
  231. Mass Effect discussion thread
  232. Fire Emblem - Series discussion thread
  233. [News] Game Freak Files Job Listing For Modeler
  234. MY LOOT
  235. Do you still have my game from 10 years ago?
  236. [News] GameStop to close 150 stores due to poor sales
  237. Gaming Prices
  238. Your favorite game system box?
  239. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix
  240. [Event] Crash Bandicoot vs. Spyro the Dragon - GCC [Week 11]
  241. Call Of Duty: WWII
  242. Destiny 2
  243. [Let's Play] Necrambling and misc LPs by Necrum
  244. Does the Nintendo Switch compete with the PS4/XONE?
  245. [Let's Play] Well it's not so much Let's Plays but hey...
  246. I need some PC gaming advice here
  247. Rocket League Season 4 - Dropshot and Turbo Crates!
  248. [Event] 30-Day Gaming Challenge part...3!
  249. [News] Come on in...
  250. [News] VG Update